Behind the Sunset

13 Aussie Sunsets For the FAAAAABULOUS and Divine Ms J, who didn’t get to see nearly enough sunsets but sure made the most of the ones she did. 
Safe journey, my friend!
The sun’s slow burn singes the edge of the darkness
And the radiant blaze salutes as you pass behind the sunset
Where your journey begins. But it’s ended for me
 As the fire burns out and the sky turns to lead.
A sky full of colours but I’m always in dark as
a day, another then another day passes with affront of brilliant end,
and mistaken symmetry. Why didn’t earth’s axis tilt
When you reached the other side behind the sunset?
Red light sears through cloud; red heat burns the gloom
and my cold heart’s thawed by bright fire. And burning
behind the sunset the fire’s welcome glow lights the dark
where you watch in its warmth. And you wait.
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  • I am so very sorry for your loss. This is a beautiful tribute to your dear friend!

  • ps – I have just read the story behind your sunset calendar over on Red Bubble. What a glorious tribute to your dear friend.

  • Everyone loves a sunset – and these are brilliant. We had some pretty good sunsets too on our trip to South Australia recently. Happy travels.

  • Those are some of the best sunset/rise pictures I’ve ever seen – perfect!! Well done!

  • what glorious sunset captures!
    love all of them!

    exceedingly divine!


  • This is the finest series of sunsets I’ve seen Red, a stunning calendar indeed!

  • Wonderful colors. The 8th shot gave me goosebumps. Australian and Arizona sunsets are the best:) Lovely series full of that thought provoking sunset:)

  • I love sunset photos, yours are very beautiful!

  • beautiful sunsets and sunrises Red — tonight with the fires and the smoke — the sky had another amazing and somewhat eerie colour to it.

  • What truly gorgeous shots!

  • I am really a fan of sunset. Those pictures of sunset are all stunning. You did a great job!

  • @Iris – Thank you! But do they beat the toilets as a calendar subject??!!
    @Fun60 – Then my work is done!
    @Joanne – Thank you!
    @Jill – I never used to take THAT much notice until I started photographing them!!! It certainly opens your eyes, yes?!
    @Pauline – The 3rd last one is looking over the lake to the town of Narrabri with Mt Kaputar in the distance! Does that ring any bells?? SO agree with what you said about blog land!!!
    @diane – I bet you’ve seen a few in your time as well!
    @River – Thank you!! I hope you enjoy it as much as the toilets!!!
    @Friko – I’m sure my friend was somehow behind it all …
    @Sharon – Thank you!! I’m hoping my friend can see and appreciate how much we all miss her.
    @Sami – Thank you!!
    @TMWH – Thank you, my friend, for that beautiful quote. Entering the night is the start of an exciting new journey – no matter how sad it may seem to those who remain on this side …
    @Noraida – I’m so glad you dropped in – thank you so much for your kind and beautiful words.

  • @Andrew – Haha, you’re right – I HAVE seen a lot of sunsets! With any luck I’ll get to see a lot more … but I promise not to show you the boring ones!!!
    @Joop – Thank you! It was hard to choose only a few – I guess I’m lucky to have seen so many GREAT sunsets!
    @whiteangel – I’d be hard pressed to pick a favourite too – luckily I don’t have to!!!
    @Carole – Sadly, I can’t claim responsibility for the skies – although I’m quite happy to take credit for the photos!
    @Rose – Thank you. It’s the least I can do!
    @FruitCake – A world of sad moments … but this is how I’ve worked through it! It also explains my lack of appearance on everyone else’s blogs …
    @eileeninmd – Thank you, and I hope your week went well too!
    @Bob – You have 12 LANE HIGHWAYS???!!! Only kidding … I have actually heard of them, haha!! This is why you’ll always find that sunsets outweigh the sunrises on my blog – the hours are WAY more civilised!!!

  • awesome work capturing full detail of sunset, seeing beauty through your eyes, wonderful

  • Great sunset pictures!

  • When I saw these lovely pictures, the quote that came to mind: “We have loved the stars too fondly to be fearful of the night.” This was a touching tribute, Red.

  • What a beautiful and touching tribute!

  • These really are the most spectacular visions.

  • stunning stunning – there certainly is something magical about a sunset that lights up the sky

  • I do love the photos of the sunsets they are all so pretty

  • Beautiful sunsets and of course I bought one.

  • What a brilliant series of sunsets.

  • Great sunsets, like the boat in the foreground.

  • Thank heavens for blog world – I would never have seen those sunsets! The third last one takes me back to somewhere, not sure where, it will come to me when I least expect it. I think it may be the shape of the mountain in the background, or it may be the buildings by the lake… It’s beautiful, wherever it is!

  • I saw the most tremendously beautiful sunrise this morning but stopping on the 12 lane highway I take to work did not seem like a good idea. I’m glad you provided me with a little inspiration to leave early and catch the sunset.

  • super skies Red; wel done

  • Lovely sunsets you have been able to capture…..I like them all.

  • Gorgeous and colorful skies! Lovely images! Have a happy day, Red!

  • It seems there has been a sad moment in your life recently. This post is a truly beautiful tribute.

  • G’day Red,
    The images are as beautiful as the gesture for the profits from Behind the Sunset. 🙂

  • BEAUTIFUL moments with lovely colors…..thanks for these lovely colored photo’s.

    Greetings and a nice week


  • It is not a comment on your age, but you have seen many sunsets. I like the one 5 colours.

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