Code RED, Competition and the Creative Artisan – Bendigo, Victoria!

Through the Conservatory Window ... Fight Scene Statue in Rosalind Park, Bendigo, Victoria

Through the Conservatory Window … Fight Scene Statue in Rosalind Park, Bendigo, Victoria

Playing the tourist on a 3 day Bendigo bender re-awakened my latent gold-mining tendencies, suppressed for too long following a total lack of disappointing result in the creek running through our property.

But the Bendigo region’s got the golden goods!  The world’s biggest alluvial gold nugget – the Welcome Stranger – was found nearby. With a 71+ kg (3123 oz) record to beat, the stakes AND incentives are high!

So while strolling through the excellent Bendigo CBD’s Rosalind Park, finding a hunk of melodramatic marble (albeit beautifully sculpted) instead of a large gold nugget was somewhat anticlimactic. Apparently a previous mayor thought a statue of a thinly clad youth fighting off two wild creatures yet to be found in the Aussie bush would make a fitting reward for the citizens of Bendigo.

Fight Scene Statue Detail, Bendigo, Victoria

Fight Scene Statue Detail, Bendigo, Victoria

Although the marble monolith was superbly disguised as a gift, I for one would have preferred a more practical present – like a share of the gold revenue, or a complimentary gold nugget! Or even a selection of the wonderfully artistic and creative Journey Jottings products I spotted in Bendigo’s Visitor Information Centre.

And as if she’d read my mind, my favourite Creative Artisan, the FAAAAABULOUS Linda, owner and creator of Journey Jottings Map Journals and Accessories donated a prize pack of her all-Aussie products for one lucky reader to win!!

Journey Jottings Product PRIZE Pack!  See below for entry details ...

Journey Jottings Product PRIZE Pack!  See below for entry details …

All because Bendigo is just one of SIX Aussie HOT Spots featuring in my most recent guest post on Linda’s Blog (yes folks, she’s a sucker for punishment …).

Australia Notebook Detail

Australia Notebook Detail

SO … to be in the running to win 2 Notebooks (pix below), a Puzzle Postcard and a Sydney Map Magnet, all you have to do is:

  • Read my guest post on Linda’s Blog HERE; and
  • Return back here to THIS post on MY blog; and
  • Leave a comment telling me a) which of the 6 destinations you’d most like to visit AND b) why you’d like to win!

The entry that makes me laugh the most will win – from anywhere in the world!!

You have until midnight, Wednesday, 8th May (Australian Eastern Standard Time).


South East OZ Notebook Detail

South East OZ Notebook Detail

All I need to do now is disguise my Google details so I can win it for myself …

But that would be wrong …

Because there can be only ONE winner!

The competition is now over, but the Journey Jottings FINE products are still available on

Why not treat yourself – AND solve all your Birthday & Christmas gift dilemmas at the same time!!

Be a winner either way with Journey Jottings and RedzAustralia!

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  • JourneyJottings

    Congratulations Iris ~
    Do hope you enjoy using the Journey Jottings prize –
    I’m thinking you should have had the Notebook with Exmouth on the cover what with your hilarious story of when you were last there…
    Next time!! 🙂

  • Red, yay!!! 🙂 Thank you so much! That´s just great!!!

  • @BlossomFlowerGirl – Hahaha, very creative!! I never thought of a flying carpet – just pick me up along the way when you find one!!
    @Tina – Hahaha, if only they’d hired ME to select their sculptures!!!
    @River – Hahaha, haven’t seen a penny for a VERY long while!!
    @Jesh – HHHMMMmmm… I wonder where they could have hidden it?!
    @Jidhu – Thanx!
    @Buck – Yeah, we’re spoiled for choice vacation-wise down here!!! But what do you expect with inspirational ‘art’ like this?!
    @Iris – Hahahahahahahaha! Congratulations, you are the winner!!!

  • @eileeninmd – Hahaha, it’d be more effective if it showed actual Aussie dangerous animals!
    @PDP – Wouldn’t be surprised if you’d seen JJ products – they were in a lot of WA spots!! As for the unclad Frenchman – I’ll keep my fingers crossed for you!
    @Kath – Yeah, it’s more along the lines of ‘family jewels’ than gold!!!!
    @Beach Bum, – Yep, it’s all class down here!!
    @Anita – Thank you! Come back ANYTIME!
    @Annie – Oh, VERY good!!! A few of my favourite things!!

  • @Tanya Breese – I admire the skill in its execution, but it still makes me laugh!!!
    @SFlaGuy – What was that? Did somebody call?? Hang on, what’s that gold thing sticking out of the ground?? Wait – it’s WAAAAAAY too big to dig out by hand … gotta go, mate – something’s come up!!!
    @Filip – Keep the maps in mind if you ever come down here. As for the sculpture – it’s more like what you have up there, right?!
    @FruitCake – Hahaha, I wondered what the OZ connection was!!!
    @Sallie – You’re welcome to laugh at me with that statue … maybe it’s an elaborate cultural joke that I just don’t get!!!
    @Kris – Thank you! I just looked out the window and there it was! Too easy!!
    @LONDONLULU – That’s autumn down south for you!!

  • Great post 🙂
    Guess I´d pick Cape Range National Park, maybe I find my left contact lens that fell to the ground near Exmouth in 1999 (I´m optimistic, right?). While I was on my knees trying to find it, the Ranger came. With his dog. And the dog thought it´s a fun idea to join me.
    And that was that with my contact lens. In Port Headland, at Laubmann & Pank, I ordered a new one that was send to Broome. In Broome I realised the size is wrong, but the optometrist said, give it a try. In Darwin finally I got a correct lens.
    And now I´m wearing glasses only 😉

    Why I´d like to win? In 1995 in Sydney in the deep garage where the traveler car-market is we got free maps. We didn´t dot but line our journey.
    Plus: With the help of my diary from 1999 I could do it on that map with dots, if the dots are small enough, a postcard may do the job?

  • An interesting statue; I like the light in the photo. We have a few of those ‘hey, we need culture so putt a statue here’ things and it’s always fun to imagine why someone chose that particular statue… Looked at Linda’s blog and Australia is amazing. Who could choose? I’m glad the Murray is flowing again.

  • great

  • Jesh St Germain

    The sculpture is amazing! But where is the gold nugget? Have a great adventure this weekend:)

  • Nice post over at Journey Jottings! I like Linda’s notebooks and stuff, I’ll have to visit her site.
    The place I would most like to visit?
    Well, it’s a toss up between the Murray Mouth at Goolwa because it’s close to home so would be a great “first adventure” trip, and the Cape Range National Park, because that’s as far west as a person can get without actually leaving that country.
    I’d flip a penny, but they’re out of circulation now.

  • Cruising along and heading for Hay,
    My driver was lusting for a pie.
    Straight to the bakery we drove.
    Into our mouths we did shove,
    Delicious pies with red sauce,
    While spying Linda’s wares on display
    At the Tourist Info Centre in Hay.

  • Cruising along and heading for Hay,
    My driver was lusting for a pie.
    Straight to the bakery we drove.
    Into our mouths we did shove,
    Delicious pies with red sauce,
    While spying Linda’s wares on display
    At the Tourist Info Centre in Hay.

  • Tina´s PicStory

    great sculpture! but it isn´t red 🙂

  • BlossomFlowerGirl

    Amazing sculpture and fantastic photos Red. Read your post on “Journey Jottings”. Which would I choose? Hmm, well it wouldn’t be Hay because a woman I knew years ago was from there, I’m hard put choosing between Cape Range National Park Exmouth in WA and Nitmiluk National Park, Katherine in the NT. I suppose I should choose Cape Reinga because I haven’t been there, but I’d have to go with Nitmiluk NP in Katherine because I went there in 2006 in my pre-digital camera days and the photos I took were lousy. (I still take lousy photos, digital cameras haven’t improve me that much!) I’d love to go back and have another shot. Not least because it really is a beautiful place drifting along the Gorge. Now there’s just the question of getting there …… hmm anybody have a flying carpet? Where’s that genie when you need him?

  • Koo kooo:-) 🙂 :-)Hello:-) 🙂 :-)What a gooodblog youhave:-) 🙂 :-)LOVE IT:-) 🙂 🙂

  • Nice statue, at least I can make sense of it. I like art just like the next person but there are times I can’t tell the difference between someone’s work and a fancy park bench.

  • I remember having a good chuckle at that statue too – it’s exhausting just looking at it and I’m quite convinced that the lion is doing his best to grab the poor bloke’s goolies….. what it’s got to do with gold panning is anyone’s guess!

  • Exquisite statue and captures of it! I love the lush, lush light bathing everything:)

  • Nice composition of the first photo!

  • I would make the same comment as my state-mate SW FL guy above, only he did it so much better! So not entering, but still glad I came to see yet another fascinating OZ area. That statue is pretty funny, one does wonder what people are thinking of sometimes (and I’m laughing with you not at you here; we’ve seen an awful lot of wildly inappropriate public art in our travels throughout the states.

  • PerthDailyPhoto

    I couldn’t swear to it Red, but i do think I may have seen Journey Jottings in some of the smaller quirky shops here in Perth. The statue in Bendigo must fit right in with its location hahaha! What the heck was the former mayor thinking! and then…..I was totally distracted by the ‘what the
    Frenchman wore under his sarong’ hmmmmm! not much by the sound of it, nice! Wonder what my chances of running into a half naked Frenchman in the bush would be?

  • Wow, a golden nugget, now that would be a great find. Is the statue suppose to scare the young people from going into the bush? Great post!

  • Thanks to you, Red, after all these years I have finally sighted Victoria’s elusive “big cat”!

  • Filip and Kristel

    These maps are very detailed and I like the sculpture.


  • I don’t know if I could stand to win then stand on a Florida beach knowing it would be as close as I’m going to be to a visit downunder….. unless there is a sizable cash prize component so far undisclosed!!! Yes – that’s what’s needed here – quick – find that nugget of gold to assist me in funding my adventures!…. Red?!? Hello Red!…. Is this internet on?

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