RED Alert #8: A Double-half of RED!

Last Updated on May 6, 2021 by Red Nomad OZ

Culture in the Box!
Culture in the Box!

Be honest. If YOU saw a blog called Double-half or One Ten without Ham you’d just HAVE to check it out, right?

I first saw Iris’ blog name in the sidebar of one of the blogs I followed so, unable to resist, I took the link. And that’s how I ‘met’ Iris! Although she’s on the other side of the world in Germany, she’s a BIG fan of Australia so we virtually visit each other via our blogs quite frequently!

The photos on her blog are full of RED – so my brilliant analytical mind immediately deduced that this could be one of her favourite colours! Which, as I’m sure you’ll agree, makes her the obvious choice for RED Alert Guest #8!

RED : Welcome, and thank you for agreeing to be my next RED Alert guest! You’ve travelled to Australia twice in the 1990’s. What are your favourite memories?

IRIS: I´m so thankful my parents made it possible for me to travel your beautiful place for 6 and later another 7 months. Whenever I feel bad I think of the clear-blue sky at night, the Southern Cross. Western Australia is my fave.

RED : You’ve probably seen more of OZ than many Aussies! What are your 3 TOP places to visit?

IRIS: Perth, Broome, Carnarvon. Seems like I’m a bit stuck in WA! Loved the Outback, the driving, the stars at night. But I have sweet and funny memories of the rest, too! A retiree who obviously thought “Oh! Guys from WA – and they won´t fit in the deep-garage!!!!” He gestured like crazy, we knew we had about 2-3cm left. Still makes me laugh. Mean, I am, huh?

RED : And your least favourite Australian place?

IRIS: I guess that was Hervey Bay – the (free) showers were awfully cold. I didn´t give Adelaide or Melbourne much of a chance, either, sadly (time-problem).

RED : That’s what ‘next time’ is for, right?  What is your favourite colour?

IRIS: It is indeed RED . And green!

COOL Red Keyboard!
COOL Red Keyboard!

RED : Good answer! How do I get one of those cool RED keyboards?

IRIS: Go to Saturn! 🙂 No really!!! Aren´t keyboards like that available in your place? I can send you one!

Red Card
Red Card

RED : Haha! I wonder will we ever get to go to Saturn for real in our lifetime … That’s a cute card! What do the words mean?

IRIS: The card says “There are days full of happiness. Think back to them when things arent just good right now”. And in RED – “everything will be ok”.

RED : It’s nice to be reminded of happiness. What makes you happy?

IRIS: Health, love and good weather! Family!

RED : Is this card at work or home?

IRIS: At home. At work I have the last birthday card, it shows a beach and my boss wished me “fun at work”!

RED : He must have a great sense of humour!! What does the colour RED mean to you?

IRISRED is a symbol for love. RED is powerful, fast. It can be warm as well as funky.

RED : That table is SO COOL! But what’s on it?

IRIS: My purse – with pics of my partner Ingo… and Elmo, last one

RED , like the purse (am I childish? Aww, well!)

Cool Table ... with RED Purse!
Cool Table … with RED Purse!

RED : Being childish is not a bad thing, is it? If so, then I’m in BIIIIIG trouble! Is Ingo happy to be next to a photo of Elmo?

IRIS: About 18 years ago (oh, help!) Elmo somehow ended up being a mascot for us – he was always with us, also throughout Australia, so, yes, I think Ingo is happy with it 🙂 We were the only adults without kids in “Elmo in Grouchland” in Kalgoorlie…

RED : I know that feeling! That’s a cool RED box with the frog (top photo). What is it?

IRIS: It means “Culture in the tent” and it’s an “emergency-suitcase” for an event I never went to so far, cause I missed it the one time I was interested! My friend put it in the advent-calendar she makes me since my Dad´s passing.

RED : What is in your emergency suitcase?

IRIS: In our real emergency suitcase is the stuff packed by the producer, oh, how lame this answer is! We never had to open it!  It can be hot. Or cold. Rainy with mozzies (Autan). There is rhythm, that´s what the egg is for.

Emergency Box Contents
Emergency Box Contents

RED : Did you ever need an emergency suitcase in Australia?

IRIS: It may be a wonder: No! We gathered firewood with bare hands in 1995… Yes. That IS stupid, dang stupid.

RED: Sadly, I’ve seen a lot worse from my fellow Australians … What was the worst problem you had in Australia?

IRIS: Insects! Ewww. And I needed to go to the hospital in Wyndham, but the doc fixed me in a sec (back-problems) and did´t want any money, either! And he gave us tips where to go next.

RED : That’s just what us Aussies are like!! Well … some of us, anyway! When are you coming back to Australia?

IRIS: That is hard to answer! I´d love to hop in a plane right now, but being realistic… it can be a while. But one day I will be back!

RED : Bring on retirement, huh?! This is just one corner of your condo and it’s full of RED ! What are all these things?

IRIS: I love IKEA, at times. I need to put real pics in that photo-thingy! The pink suitcase is for my Niece, the “stuff” goes in there in time. The “stones” are for my parents. The first says, “when time ends, eternity begins”, the other “You left our lives, but you stay in our hearts”. I miss them so much! My Dad died 11 years ago, my Mum just recently. Cancer.

RED : I’m sorry to hear that. They are beautiful thoughts for your parents. The knife guy (below photo) is deadly – what would you MOST like him to destroy?

IRIS: Cancer.

Red Stuff!
Red Stuff!

RED: Most people I know have been affected by cancer in some way, so you will have a lot of support for that wish. There’s a lot of RED in your condo – Why?

IRIS: 13 years of weekend-relationship may be the cause. Our apartments since living together have been colorful! Another wall is orange, there is a green wall and a green “chamber”. Colors make us happy.

RED : The knife guy is surrounded by interesting things! Tell us about them!

IRIS: Our kitchen is too small, so this “knife-guy” lives here. With RED . And green. And a frog ;-). And with the Australian flag 🙂 OH!!!! No relation between those two!! Sigh! Sometimes you see things different through a lens, right? And yes, I love frogs…

RED : What is your most precious RED thing?

IRIS:  A heart Ingo gave me I wear it on a “necklace” of leather!

RED : I’m jealous!  I want one!! What is the meaning of your blog’s name?

IRIS: Originally it was “Double half” only – having everything twice due to a weekends-only relationship (with Partner Ingo), and feeling like a half from Mon-Fri. Then when we moved in together in my place I had to give up on my occasional favourite Pizza in my hometown. I don´t know the name so called it “Ten without Ham” because it´s been my favourite since I was 12 or 14 (I bet they changed the menu-card), it used to be #10 and I don´t like the ham on it. The guys know me and even my Mum ordered a “Zehn ohne Schinken” to surprise me. The Pizza guy, Nico, said, “ah, for Braunschweig!” So “One Ten without Ham”!

Knife Guy
Knife Guy

RED : What is the best thing about blogging?

IRIS: Keeping the memories, reflect on your life more – and making new friends! And when your Spouse says, “nah, it wasn´t like that!”, you may have prove you´re right (or he is! Aw, well…)

RED : Who are your favourite bloggers?

IRIS: Well, yours is one of them 🙂

RED : HHHMMMmmm… Good answer!!!

IRIS: In general I like to come back to Australia via blogs at least, so these are great, too (just a few!):

And although I don’t have kids, I also love family blogs, especially these:

RED : I look forward to reading them! Do you have a favourite quote?

IRIS: Despite not liking sweets I love the quote used in Forrest Gump, “Life is like a box of chocolate – you never know what you get.” I´m glad for not knowing, life would be awful at times!

RED : Do you have any RED words of wisdom for my readers?

IRIS: I do! Visit the beautiful RED places in Australia! And don´t wear white clothes doing so 😉

RED :  Hahaha!  Couldn’t have put it better myself!  Thank you Iris!  If YOU have some RED photos and would like to be my next victim guest on RED Alert, let me know!  I’m sure you won’t regret it … no, REALLY!

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  1. @TMWH – The knife guy is a resounding favourite! The colours of Iris just make me feel so dull …
    @George – It’ll be interesting to see if Saturn get an upsurge in business after this!! I’ll be demanding a cut if they do!!
    @ladyfi – I don’t know if it’s just the interview process, but I often feel quite close to my victims afterwards, even if we don’t have much in common!
    @Sallie – One does one’s poor best … I wish my kitchen looked as good!
    @Ann ODyne – Always a pleasure to hear from you!! It’s amazing where blogland has taken me over the last 3+ years!!!

  2. a ‘110 without ham’ sounds like a menu item to me.
    the title would have made me look at the blog too, and I am glad you did. what fun. keep it up. X X

  3. @Iris – It was SO my pleasure!!! And you can’t go wrong with Chris’ blog – also check out my RED Alert interview with him – it’s #5!
    @Barb – Thank you! In some ways, the black knife holder is more appropriate!!!
    @Mary – Haha, the pizza guy could make a killing with that marketing strategy! And there’s something to be said for the ‘less is more’ approach to relationships …
    @PDP – I think you are responsible for me discovering Iris’ blog – it IS fun, n’est ce pas?!
    @FruitCake – Hell, even though I’m a RED lover, MY tastes are bland compared to Iris!!
    @Filip – So far, that’s the favourite with EVERYONE!

  4. @Andrew – Hahaha, one of the BEST things about one’s memories of the good old days is rearranging them!!!
    @Fun60 – My my, you DO get around!! Hope there’s room in that itinerary of yours for another trip downunder!
    @Kath – Looks like I’ll see you on Saturn then …
    @CA – HAha Ich liebe das Messer Mann am besten auch! Es passt zu meinem gruseligen Sinn für Humor! I hope Google translate nicht ein Durcheinander meiner Antwort gemacht …
    @Saucy Kod – I sincerely apologise on behalf of Blogger – I kept getting messages saying my draft couldn’t be saved, then couldn’t be published – looks like it actually published every time I tried!! I guess one major stuff up like this in 3+ years isn’t too bad a record …

  5. This has been an interesting way to meet one of your regulars, Red!
    Iris, your love of colour has just made me realise how bland my tastes are. I’ll have to meditate on this!

  6. I have a knive holder like that!! Mine is black, I passed up the chance to buy a red one because I was too tight. Regretted it the next day. My house is red too. And black and grey…

    I like the interveiw.


  7. I read Ten without Ham & thought of a Jewish get-together. Oh well. & yes, I’d have to read the blog with that name. Truth is, I’d prefer a weekend relationship to a 7 day a week one. ~Mary

  8. OK when I pick on post to open (any 6 of them) it goes to and page of numbers and letters opens up. All six posts are the same and at first I thought two the same were odd, but when I closed out and reopened, there were six posts from you all the same – haven’t got to read it yet by the way.

  9. Not quite sure what is up with this post behaviour – it came into my mailbox 6 times this morning and when I opened it, all I had was a page of numbers. Actually had to locate you at home page to read post??

  10. Those links are going to keep you busy for a while.

    ‘And when your Spouse says, “nah, it wasn´t like that!”, you may have prove you´re right (or he is! Aw, well…)’ My partner does not read my blog as he remembers things differently to what I do.

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