RedHeads ROCK the Liebster Award!

She travels.

She’s a REDHEAD!

She’s a LOT like me!!

SO … what’s NOT to love about Vicki of fame?

Especially now that she’s passed me the poisoned chalice of the LIEBSTER Award …

It seems that the origins of this blog-lovin’ award that recognises blogging fabulousness (well, I got it, didn’t I?) by highlighting selected blogs and profiling the bloggers who made them happen have been lost in the mists of time!

So, today I’m sticking with Vicki’s rules – here’s how to play!

  1. Share 11 Random Facts about yourself
  2. Answer Vicki’s 11 questions
  3. Share the pain joy by nominating another 11 bloggers. Give them your own 11 questions to answer; and tell them you’ve nominated them!

Red Nomad Revealed: 11 Random Facts about ME!

  • My left eye is blue and my right eye is black. I’ve scared a lot of young children by pretending I’m an alien …
Red & Pilchard at Mt Kosciuszko Summit - Highest Point in Australia!
Red & Pilchard at Mt Kosciuszko Summit – Highest Point in Australia!
  • … which technically I am. I was born in New Zealand! But if you want to observe a real, live deportation, you’ll be disappointed. I’m an Australian citizen!!
  • AND … a loud and proud Aussie traveller. Just don’t ask me where my favourite place is – I’m so fickle it’s generally the last place I’ve been to! At this point, that makes it the Snowy Mountains …
  • …where the highest I’ve ever been (without flying) is 2228 metres – the top of Mt Kosciuszko, highest point in Australia …
  •  … which I climbed to celebrate a significant birthday. I’ll leave you to guess which one!


BLACK Sunset at Lake Pamamaroo, Menindee Lakes, New South Wales
BLACK Sunset at Lake Pamamaroo, Menindee Lakes, New South Wales
  • BLACK is my favourite colour. But for those pedants purists who insist it’s NOT a colour, RED comes a very close second …


What's NOT to love about RED? When it looks like this Eucalypt bark in the Snowy Mountains, that is!
What’s NOT to love about RED? When it looks like this Eucalypt bark in the Snowy Mountains, that is!
  • … closely followed by other colours like Blue. And Green! Actually, ALL the colours of the Rainbow – so I’ve started some Pinterest boards to capture the Colours of OZ!
  • But RED features prominently in many parts of OZ – including my choice for quintessential Aussie landscape photo!
Dingo at Ormiston Gorge, Central Australia
Dingo at Ormiston Gorge, Central Australia
  • I’m loudly and proudly an amateur photographer! My photos complement my diary as a visual record of what I actually see on my travels …
Sugar Pines near Batlow, New South Wales
Sugar Pines near Batlow, New South Wales
  • … which means I rarely leave the house without my ‘camera equipment’ (aka one point and click camera) …
  • … and I leave creating art by post-production photographic manipulation to the experts! If my camera doesn’t do it, it doesn’t happen SO … this is as good as it gets for me!

RED HOT: The GRILL – from Vicki:

My answers to Vicki’s questions:

1 What is your favourite Ice Cream Flavour?

I’ve been told not to bother turning up to dinner parties unless I bring my own concoction involving fresh cherries, cranberries, brandy, nuts, lemon juice, brown sugar and ginger swirled through a homemade vanilla ice cream base and covered in chocolate sauce. OMG I love my own cooking …

2 What is something you wish you could do really well?

Oldest Bakery in Australia - Gundagai, New South Wales
Oldest Bakery in Australia – Gundagai, New South Wales

Lose weight! But … that’s probably not going to happen in THIS lifetime with so many as yet undiscovered Aussie bakeries just waiting for a Red Nomad OZ visit!

3 If you had the chance to have lunch with one person (living or dead) who would it be?

That would depend on the lunch location.

So for example, it it’s in the Outback, I’d choose Aussie poet Andrew ‘Banjo’ Paterson or Eulo Queen Hotel publican Isabel Robinson. In Central Australia, I’d choose activist for Aboriginal rights Olive Pink or Aboriginal artist Albert Namatjira. In the Riverland, I’d choose Aussie author Nancy Cato or explorer Captain Charles Sturt.

But for lunch on top of Australia’s highest mountain Mt Kosciuszko? There’s only ONE choice!! Pilchard’s the man!

The Big Trout, Adaminaby, New South Wales
The Big Trout, Adaminaby, New South Wales

4 What makes you smile?

The anticipation of finding another Aussie BIG Thing! Or a cool Travel Sign!!

5 What activity recharges your energy?

Apart from travelling and eating?

That frisson of excitement when landscape, experience, colour, texture and novelty amalgamate into an instant of such staggering perfection I gasp involuntarily. And try to photograph it!

6 What is the best Festival you’ve ever been to?

I’m an each-way bet kinda gal. So it’s a toss up between the Bedourie Camel Races and the Kununurra Agricultural Show!

Camel Racing at Bedourie, Outback Queensland
Camel Racing at Bedourie, Outback Queensland

How DO you decide between a) eating a plateful of Cocky’s joy while watching the boys from the bush clear the racetrack after a whole mess of camels have thundered down it; or b) watching your very first Cane Toad race while sucking down a frozen chocolate coated banana with a mango smoothie chaser??

A little diversion before the race - Thommo's strange way with Cane Toads ...
A little diversion before the race – Thommo’s strange way with Cane Toads …

7 What social network do you use the most?

The ‘actual’ one. You can’t beat talking to real, live ‘people’ – even better if they’re literal ‘friends’ – using actual ‘words’ in a ‘conversation’.

Old Pub sign, Hamilton Hotel via Winton
Old Pub sign, Hamilton Hotel via Winton

But its also gr8 2 cre8 Twttr msg 4u with linx 2 cool #OZ #travel stuff & killer #Aussie pix 2 make u ask OZ? YNOT? All in ONLY 140 chrctrs!

For a piece of THAT action, visit @RedNomadOZ!

8 Why did you start your travel blog?

The short version? To share the best of OZ with the world.

The long version? Check out my first post HERE!

9 Where did you get your first passport stamp?

HHHMMMmmm … too young to remember. Quite possibly Fiji – but I was on my Mum’s passport then. Does that count?

Arty Sunset Shot - Boab tree at Derby, the Kimberley, Western Australia
Arty Sunset Shot – Boab tree at Derby, the Kimberley, Western Australia

10 What one item do you never travel without?

It’s a tough choice between good maps, travel insurance and ear-plugs. In fact, I can’t decide. So YOU tell ME – which is the most important?!?!

Snake on the road, Mt William, Grampians, Victoria
Snake on the road, Mt William, Grampians, Victoria

11 Dogs or cats?

Neither. A mongoose is the ONLY choice for an Ophidiophobic.

Poplars at Lake Jindabyne, Snowy Mountains New South Wales
Poplars at Lake Jindabyne, Snowy Mountains New South Wales

And as I leave you with this gratuitous arty shot of Poplars reflected on Lake Jindabyne, I hope you’ve enjoyed the Liebster as much as I have!

Share the Liebster LOVE:

And here are the lucky(!) bloggers I’ve nominated (in no particular order) …

  1. Saucy Kod at Saucy Kodz Blog
  2. Glen at Glens Life
  3. Beach Bum at Life and Times of a Carolina Parrothead
Your questions, should you choose to participate, are as follows:
  • What’s your favourite colour?
  • What is the absolute BEST thing to eat?
  • You’re on a deserted island and you can choose one person to join you. Who is it?
  • What scares you rigid?
  • What’s your favourite way to pass the time on a long journey?
  • Where are you going for your next holiday?
  • If you were to visit and/or travel in Australia, what would you most like to see?
  • What’s your all-time favourite book?
  • What’s your most popular blog post (define that however you like!)?
  • What was your most embarrassing moment?
  • What’s your favourite quote?
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  1. Lovely fun. I’m not so sure I’d be putting random things in my mouth:) Yuck!:) I’m with you on maps and I’d add camelbacks for those hot days which I’m sure you’ve had your fill of right now:) Really fantastic photos! Weight is my issue as well…..there are too many wonderful private diners to try out!:)

  2. Haha, Spouse has a coloboma on the left eye. He keeps telling people as a kid he wanted to step over a wired fence, which he had to push down. He´d slipped off and the wire hit him in the eye. This nonesense usually gives people a little shock 😉
    Is the Big Trout some kind of slide?
    Ok, I´m off now to visit some new blogs 🙂
    Congrats to the award! Oh, and did you know that Liebster also means (male) darling – a woman would be called Liebste.

  3. Congratulations on the blog award and *gorgeous* photos! I love the sound of your own ice cream concoction too (who cares about losing weight when you’ve got that:)

  4. I nearly got to the snowy mountains last October but snow forced us back. You pics make me want to go even more. Hope to get there later in the year with daughter No.1. I have been there skiing as a teenager and once in summer but too long ago. Gotta go again

  5. Very enjoyable shots! Would love to go to the camel races, and have to admit i had never even considered that before seeing your post. Am you newest follower after visiting from Filip and Kristels TRAVEL AND BALLROOM.

  6. You were born in NZ? 30 years ago I would have asked you if there was any difference. 15 years ago I wouldn’t have dared asking something like that in case it was not PC. Now I am not quite sure, I think I liked my younger days’ ignorance and innocence 🙂 hahaha

    Happy Easter, good to learn what kind of stuff you put in ice cream!


  7. Congrats on that momentous occasion sharing the Kosciuszko Summit with your man Red. Tks for adding me to your list but ooops, I’ve a little sign on my blog ‘awards free …’ (have done Leibster twice over). I think I’m kind of Leibster’d out nowadays, or am I just holding back the good bits? I love your responses and especially the text and Twittering references

  8. G’day Red, no doubt about it girl, you do a g.r.e.a.t post – humour, verbal excellence and photos to entice one to travel. However, you nearly did me in with Thommos can toad tricks. -gag-
    Aha, the rules seemed to have changed somewhat with this award!! There was never any questions – once upon a time. Good Lord M, I couldn’t believe it when you placed “moi” on the list. You’ve almost got Buckleys of my participation – I’m an observer, stalker extraordinaire, (chuffed none-the-less) 😉
    Absolutely adored the photo of you and Pilchard on the Mt K summit, and don’t give the weight thing a thought Red, there’s still too many great bakeries to discover!
    Stay warm!

  9. Very nice learning a little more about my favorite Red Head Aussie Blogger!!! LOVE the BLACK Sunset picture taken at Lake Pamamaroo.

  10. Awesome post, it is nice to learn more about you too. Australia is on my bucket list. I love visiting your travel blog and I am learning so much. Thanks for sharing, have a happy weekend.

  11. Hi Red, a great post; interesting to read your first post; a joy to revisit the dingo at Ormiston Gorge; nauseating to revisit the cane toad races; delightful to find my new word of the day; and great to learn a little more about you.
    Who says Australia isn’t fun?

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