The Travelling Stones Roll On … Goolwa Beach, South Australia

The Travelling Stones at Goolwa Beach, South Australia

The Travelling Stones at Goolwa Beach, South Australia

I see a lot more crowds in the Travelling Stones’ future!

But that’s because I know something that only two of you don’t – YET!

So for their last day in Australia – on this visit, anyway – I gave the stones the gift of Australia’s Magnificent Emptiness!

Goolwa Beach, looking towards the Murray Mouth

Goolwa Beach, looking towards the Murray Mouth

And an experience that many overseas – and local – tourists never have.

Apart from a 4WD mostly obscured by the sea spray and mists of the Great Southern Ocean right down the end of Goolwa Beach on a mind-blowingly awesome South Australian summer day, we were alone. Just Pilchard, me and the two Travelling Stones.

The Travelling Stones at Goolwa Beach, South Australia

The Travelling Stones at Goolwa Beach, South Australia

That’s if you don’t count the pelicans. Or the seagulls!

But behind the dunes, the narrow neck of the Sir Richard Peninsula separates the ocean from the mighty Murray River, as it nears the end of the long journey from its headwaters near Mt Kosciuszko, Australia’s highest mountain.

And at the end of the beach is the Murray mouth – at times one of the most controversial places in a country where state and territory water rights are a political battlefield that ends in the driest state of the driest continent on earth.

The Murray River Mouth, via Goolwa, South Australia

The Murray River Mouth, via Goolwa, South Australia

Watching the politicians line up to wring their hands and bleat about the dying river system during every drought; or at election time; or as a launching pad for climate change policy would be comical if it weren’t so tragically predictable.

But thankfully, there are no politicians in sight on this bright February day. And as we farewell these tiny dots in the vast and empty panorama of Goolwa Beach, the Travelling Stones spend their last moments together.

The Travelling Stones

The Travelling Stones

For now.

Because the purple stone is already winging its way to Solitary Wanderer Aleah in the Philippines, where she’ll be taking it to India!

And the pink pearl is en route to Texas where Not Just Another Mother Blogger Tina is ready and waiting, with great plans afoot!!

Where will they go next? Who will they visit?? Will they return to Australia??? And – most significantly – will they EVER meet up again????

Crossing the Sir Richard Peninsula dunes, en route to Goolwa Beach, South Australia

Crossing the Sir Richard Peninsula dunes, en route to Goolwa Beach, South Australia

For the answers to these and other questions, follow the Travelling Stones’ journey on their very own blog – The Traveling Stones – where each host gets to add a post about the latest stage of the Stones’ adventures.

Keep checking Aleah’s and Tina’s blogs – once the stones reach their destinations, they’ll be blogging about them and requesting new hosts before posting on The Traveling Stones.

Looking towards infinity, Goowa Beach, South Australia

Looking towards infinity, Goowa Beach, South Australia

Meanwhile, farewell from Australia – and if you ever get to host the stones, you’ll know where those tiny grains of sand came from …

Stay tuned for the next instalment!

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  • @PDP – I’m always amazed at how amazed others always are at the desertion-level of our beaches!!! But of course I steer clear of the crowded ones …
    @Jill – The Fleurieu peninsula is worth several visits!! It’s ALL good – and chocker with amazing bakeries …
    @Ella Rich – Well, what is stopping you from sharing it with all your friends?!?!

  • magnificent beach views. I agree, how lucky are we to be able to walk on a beach like this without the crowds. We will be over in SA later this year, I will need to add this spot to my list.
    Thanks Red for another great post.

  • All the beach views are really amazing and beautiful .I am glad that I came across this blog I really enjoyed this and would like to share with all my friends.

  • Ditto all above Red, the beaches are spectacular, how lucky we are. The ‘traveling stones’ have a long and exciting life ahead of them, will watch their journey with interest.

  • What a journey they’ve been on…and what shots! Oh, the beauty there never ceases to astound!

  • Fantastic photos of a very lonely beach – you made it look idyllic. The story of the Travelling Stones really grabbed me, and had me giggling too – you really brought them to life, Red! I’m interested now to see what happens to them 🙂

  • @TMWH – Bakeries? Well … why do you think we needed an infinity-sized walk along the beach?!?!?! I look forward to your reaction when you get your package!
    @ladyfi – And most of the year that’s what they look like!
    @Aleah – I’m guessing the beach will be a bit of a contrast to India!!!
    @Jo – It was easy to make it look idyllic – because it IS idyllic! Follow the stones on their blog and all will be revealed!!
    @LONDONLULU – I haven’t even scratched the surface!!!!

  • @Saucy Kod – Hey, hope you’re getting better girlfriend!! I’m continually amazed by the similarities between your end of the earth & mine (although there are plenty of differences too). Look forward to more REDS on your blog!
    @SFlaGuy – HHHMMMmmm… Infinity vs Hot Girls! Sounds like a tough choice!!! I can see why you chose what you chose …
    @Sallie – Well, I guess they’re as happy as inanimate objects can be! I look forward to seeing what happens next too!
    @Fun60 – Yes, although I chose it just for them, I kinda enjoyed it too!!!!
    @Are We There Yet – We’re having a late summer heatwave. So the beach really IS the best place to be!!!
    @Hilda – It’s not hard to take good pics in a place like that – you just stand there and snap!!! I’ll be following their adventures with you!!

  • @eileeninmd – It’ll be SO cool to see where they end up!! I tried to show them a good time downunder …
    @MJWC – Hahaha! That’s hilarious!! My ex-workmate had a stuffed tiger that was ‘kidnapped’ and held for ransom by some other workmates – but your experience tops that!!!
    @darlin – I tried to choose two VERY different destinations! But you’ll just have to follow the stones’ example and roll on yourself!!
    @River – The best thing about heading down south of Adelaide is that it’s USUALLY several degrees cooler!! And staggeringly beautiful …
    @Dianne – OMG – I took these last week too!! We might have even been there on the same day!!!!! Spooky, huh?!
    @Rose – They’ve really captured my imagination too – I can’t wait to see where they go next & who they get to visit!! And I bet they come back to Australia someday too – who wouldn’t?!?!?!

  • Lovely lovely beach and so peaceful, with nothing but you and the sea and the sky, and of course, the stones too! Can’t wait for my purple one to arrive!

  • What amazing, gorgeous vistas!

    That Travelling Stones project sounds like a lot of fun.

  • You are having your summer now I think. That is why the beaches look so warm and inviting. I can’t wait for summer here…

  • What an adventure those stones are having. That beach was a great place to give them the send off they deserve.

  • Those deserted beaches are gorgeous!

  • I am so looking forward to receiving my special package from the land of Oz! Our spring break comes up in March, and we’ll be doing some traveling ourselves!

    Walking toward infinity would get a bit boring, wouldn’t it? After all, there don’t seem to be any bakeries on that beach!

  • How fun is that — the stones look happy in their solitude on that beautiful beach. (‘d be happy too). I’ll follow their further adventures!

  • Wow, I’m jealous of these stones, it should have been me traveling along with the stones after seeing the two stops they’ve already made! lol

    Fantastic photos and thanks Red, you’ve been an amazing host and it’s been fun getting this all sorted and up and running! I’m looking forward to seeing where they’re at next! India and Texas, bring it on! 🙂

    Have a wonderful weekend! Cheers.

  • Well that explains where you have been the last few days. I don’t see many places to jack in to the internet in those photos. I’m guessing wifi is as rare as water – the drinkable kind. There have been many a day lately I would like to be right there in nothingness land. Since we don’t have a lot of that here, I’ve instead surrounded myself in mud, fire, and pretty girls. I await your witty commentary.

  • What a wonderful send off to the travelling stones Red. The adventure is just beginning – it will be most interesting to be updated on their travels and just where in the world they might end up. I’ll bet they go for a camel ride somewhere. he,he
    Received your note, and just had surgery and healing – happy you liked the photo. That was your Valentine’s Day poster, olde photo from calendar and then re-photographed, retouched and run through some tweaks n stuff on my program – just playing about and having a bit of fun. I figured you would like the “REDS” – anyway, gotta go heal some more. Cheers
    Love the photos and beaches – aah, to dip my toes in that beautiful sand and surf.

  • G’day Red, sensational post and pics of course! I just love these travelling stones!
    Happy wanders!

  • Rolling stones gather no moss …. that’s why these stones are a Rollin on!
    I had to smile Red because a photography friend and I were down at Goolwa last week and walked that rickedy track across the sandhills….what a beautiful sight seeing the beach that goes on forever and feeling that cool sea breeze. I took a hat but no sunscreen and the tops if my feet were burnt. Ouch!

  • It’s a beautiful beach, so spacious. I must get down there myself and look towards infinity.

  • My Journey With Candida

    What fun they will have with the traveling stones. One time, I stole a gnome from my sisters garden. I took it all over the place taking pictures and sending them to her. To this day, she is not sure who took her gnome. I did take it back and hide it at her house where she eventually found it. I had a lot of fun doing it.

  • Lovely shots of the beach and your last time traveling with the stones. Sounds like a great adventure in store for the Traveling Stones. I will be following their travel stories. It is fun! Have a happy weekend!

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