Adelaide Hills Introspection!

2012 Adelaide Hills Dam, Parra Wirra Reserve, South Australia

2012 Adelaide Hills Dam, Parra Wirra Reserve, South Australia

I’ve got a low boredom threshold.

So ever since I got a new toy camera for Christmas 2011 (read about how I lost my old camera HERE), I’ve been putting it through its paces.

But I wasn’t consciously experimenting with technique!


SO … can somebody PLEASE explain why the above January 2012 shot, among the first taken with my new camera on a sunny Australian summer morning, looks like ordinary reflections on an Adelaide Hills dam …

BUT … the January 2013 shot, taken in the same spot almost a year to the day later, looks like THIS?

2013 Adelaide Hills Dam, Parra Wirra Reserve, South Australia

2013 Adelaide Hills Dam, Parra Wirra Reserve, South Australia

The Belly Button Festival invites the City Daily Photo Community to an introspective photo challenge: 12 months, 2 photos, 100 words. Visit the City Daily Photo Theme Meme for other participants!

But of course rules were made to be broken …

So my third photo – also January 2013 at the same location – shows just what can be done by pushing a couple of extra buttons.  And waiting for the right moment, of course!!

2013 - Adelaide Hills Dam, Para Wirra Reserve, South Australia

2013 – Adelaide Hills Dam, Para Wirra Reserve, South Australia


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  • The last photo is very beautiful.
    Painter’s real painting 😉
    Céline & Philippe

  • Quite the photographic skill enhancement. I’ve noticed in my own photos, nature stays the same but my ability to capture it changes over time. I like your method of actually getting better at it.

  • I like it too Red and I’m glad you added it. Your photos are always excellent even before you lost your camera (?) I truly believe that it’s in the eye of the taker rather than the equipment used..

  • Being the introspective (and always slightly confused) person that I am, I loved the pictures and the story and the idea of a belly-button festival. Yup. I could do that.

  • This sounds like a fun event! One of the things I loved about Adelaide is there was always some type of a festival going on and it was so much fun taking in as many of them as I could while I was there.

    My best guess on the difference in your shots is you’ve grown as a photographer and I’m going to guess you’ve invested in a polarizer and you’ve learned how to enhance your photos and I love what you’ve done with the second one! Excellent work Red!

    Have a wonderful weekend!

  • Wow – that’s some camera! Great images. (And now I have to go and google “Belly Button Festival” – the curiosity is driving me crazy!)

  • First of all, I like all your photos. Secondly, I’ve decided your camera must have more buttons than mine does. Thirdly, I have no idea what any of this has to do with Belly Buttons.

  • That camera is the most amazing toy and you got it do gorgeous work for you! Beautiful reflections on every level, even if it’s all a bit of a mystery:))

  • Oh, love those bright reflections!

  • I like water abstracts too. With natural ripples and colors. 🙂

  • Super reflections, very artistic.


  • Hello Red. Thank you for participating in the Festival of the Belly Button on the City Daily Photo portal. I think the change in your photography has perhaps little to do with the way in which you TAKE the photo, but more with the way in which you PROCESS the photo. You have done a splendid job with this processing even though you may have nudged the saturation button a bit high for Andrew’s liking. The ripple effect is quite neat, and mimics the sort of effect that a gentle breeze may have on the surface of the dam.

    Once again, thanks for participating in our first Festival.

  • The refections in the last photo take on an impressionistic view. Wonderful. Belly button festival! Don’t understand the title, as usual. Do the words belly button have another meaning than the obvious?

  • Maybe you(or your camera) are going thru a Dali phase?~Mary

  • Wow! That must be one awesome camera! Does it cook dinner, too? Because that would make it perfect, I think!

  • They’re all beautiful shots.

  • My Journey With Candida

    I have to admit, I wondered what the heck a belly button festival would possibly be about. LOL>…… Your new camera takes such clear pictures. Maybe you lost the old one on purpose so you could get a new one.

  • I would say you just caught the reflection at a different angle, like left out the actual trees and caught only the reflection at a beach angle – Kinda neat photo. I like your abstract – sweet

  • wonderful pics! 🙂

  • Hard to believe they are in the same place. Light and time of day make a difference, also your more creative composition.

  • Clarity. Several posts ago I was commenting on your camera, hence the reality quality of your photos. You said it was just a point and shoot, etc but it must have a little photo genie inside to capture such clarity.

  • Lovely the pretty reflections, great captures. I am not sure what I was expecting maybe photos of belly buttons. Hope you have a happy day!

  • Maybe you held the camera upside down?
    Did you take the shot while para-sailing overhead?
    I somehow thought the Belly Button Festival would have photos of belly buttons.

  • No one could tell the difference and it would be so much nicer if you could call it a billabong. Who would know differently. Regardless, dam or billabong, I have not seen blue water in either.

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