A Travelling Stone Gathers no Moss …

The Travelling Stones

The Travelling Stones

Clocking up 30,000+ road kilometres took me nearly all of 2012.

But in 2012 these stones have well and truly trounced me – in air miles!

Starting their journey in Canada in October, they travelled 7,000+ km to Scotland then another 16,000+ km to Australia in late December for a well earned Christmas break.

In 2013, they’ll potentially outdo me – and a whole lot of other travellers besides – because now they’re ready to hit the road – or skies – again!

In a South Australian Paddock ...

In a South Australian Paddock …

The stones’ magical mystery tour – for they never know where they are going next – started with darlin when they came in to her possession at a dinner. Once she decided to send them out into the world to seek – well, if not their fortune, at least some new friends, landscapes and experiences.

And perhaps a little fame!

So far, after leaving darlin in Canada, they’ve visited Dormy Saz in Scotland – where Saz added a friendly little 10p piece to keep them company – before they arrived in the Adelaide Hills of South Australia.

Somewhere in the Adelaide Hills, the stones against a dry, summer backdrop ...

Somewhere in the Adelaide Hills, the stones against a dry, summer backdrop …

Once I’ve found them a new host, I’ll be adding a souvenir from Australia!

But – you won’t find out what it is until they reach their next destination!

SO … where will the stones show up next?

WELL … that’s up to you!

If YOU would like to host the stones in the next leg of their journey, let me know in the comments below.

Meanwhile, the travelling stones await! And we all know what happens to stones that wait too long …

On a lonely fence-post somewhere in South Australia ...

On a lonely fence-post somewhere in South Australia …

The Travelling Stones will shortly have their own blog, then the next lucky host will be announced.  Meanwhile, the Stones await their next destination!

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  • I can’t be trusted not to lose them.

  • Oh my gosh Red get those things in the mail to somebody ASAP! They’re not meant to be in one place for too long. We used to be like that myself, but we got old(er). Let me know if they want to come to Florida, but I think probably after being at your place, they probably want to go somewhere it’s cool and snowy.

  • Wonderful !

  • Dear Red, I’ve heard of the movie “The Traveling Pants” and the “Rolling Stones,” but never the traveling stones until now. What ideas. You have the brain that never rests. Drum roll…..Keep us informed on the good story.

  • That’s really nice, Red. I’m backpacking in India for 3 weeks in March. Would love to bring the stones with me 😀

  • Sounds like fun, the traveling stones have added so many miles in a short time. I would like to follow their travels, where will they go next?

  • Do they fancy a trip to Geneva? It’s snowing as I’m writing this!

  • What a cool story! Reminds me very much of a traveling letter project that I remember from childhood. Love the pictures you took, and looking forward to see where these stones go next!

  • Ahhhh glad they got there safe! With my trust 10p piece. (: Can’t wait to see where they go to next! It’s so exciting watching these little stones travel the world. (:

  • Nice how you take super pictures of a simple subject.


  • Here’s a suggestion, if you want to separate these stones and send them to two others why not? Just a thought.

  • Wow Red, this is amazing! It was on January 23 of 2012 I landed in Adelaide where I would spend the better part of 4+ months. Too see the stones reach the hills is phenomenal! I only wish I could have carried the stones there myself as we are in the midst of winter and even though it’s been so hot there, I much prefer heat and beaches, to cold and parkas! The day I left Edmonton it was -30c, when I landed in Adeliade 28 hours later, two days later with the time difference, it was +32! Quite the contrast I must say… but I quickly adapted.

    Thanks so much for sharing this post and photos of these two stones, who would have thought they would have traveled this far in such a short period of time.

    Happy trails! Cheers.

  • What a great idea. Something similar was done with an Hawaiian shirt and you had to photograph yourself wearing it before sending it on to the next person.

  • What a great idea Red. Would love to have taken part whilst travelling at the end of 2012. But you never know I will be in Florida and New York in May.

  • That is such a great idea. I’m searching for a crate big enough for myself right now. What’s your address….. and your FedEx number?

  • What a lovely idea! If you think they’d survive it, Texas would be happy to host the travelling stones.

  • My Journey With Candida

    You always come up with fantastic ideas!!! Love the stone, it looks like something my Hubs would use for a card marker.

  • This is really a neat story Red and it reminds me of many years ago that my Mum gave me a dollar bill and told me to always keep it in my wallet. It travelled the world with me and still is travelling with me. Its unique for paper version retired and now we have a coin version called “Loonie” – RIGHT? Anyway, I still have my paper version of $1.00 and I think the travelling stones n tenpence are brilliant. Too bad they have already been in Canada and started their journey here, however they might enjoy a journey to Atlantic Canada after they have moved about your way a bit more.Anticipating where they will travel next Red – I liked this post.

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