A Few of My Fave RED OZ Things #4

Love RED? Love OZ? Love PoetryDoggerel?

Yes? Then this is for YOU!

If you’re alone, sing along to the tune of My Favourite Things* – but Sound of Music devotees be warned! MY version has NO girls in white dresses or whiskers on kittens … and it’s ALL about OZ!

Kununurra Landmark the Sleeping Buddha; Western Australia

RED Buddha sleeping;
RED Morning Sky, Sultana Point, South Australia
RED sky in the morning;
Red Mud Crab, Roebuck Bay, Western Australia

Little RED Mud Crab; and
Channel Warning Marker, South Australia
RED channel warning

The Big Prawn, Ballina, New South Wales

A Giant RED Prawn; and
Detail of Red Cliffs, Port Clinton, South Australia
RED Cliffs that make Art;
Historic Key Beam Engine, Mannum, South Australia
A Big RED machine with well-oiled moving parts!

Corrugated Iron

Rusting RED Iron; and
Jindivik, Woomera, South Australia
RED Jindivik;
Samphire Flats, St Kilda Boardwalk, Adelaide, South Australia

RED Samphire wetlands;
Church, Deniliquin, New South Wales
Church made from RED Brick

Male Crimson Finch (Neochmia phaeton)

RED Crimson Finch;
 REDOZ Wildflowers
Red Lamp Post, Pt Victoria, South Australia

Antique RED Lamp Post and
Red Rocks, Junction Lookout, Karijini National Park, Western Australia
RED Rocky Towers

90 Mile Straight:  Longest straight stretch of road in Australia

When the road’s LONG;
Do the Kalbarri Cliffs REALLY need a DANGER Warning sign??  Western Australia
when there’s DANGER;
The Silver Bullet turns RED, Karijini National Park, WA
When the dust is BAAAAAAD

I think of my RED-ventures all over OZ-land;
And all the great times I’ve had!

Bonus EXTRA! If you missed the first 3 stanzas, read them right HERE, right NOW:

* As always, massive apologies to Rodgers & Hammerstein – the duo responsible for the original song – My Favourite Things – from musical and movie The Sound of Music!
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  1. @Sallie – It’s such an easy song to put words too … maybe I should have put the words to an OZ song, but the RED just fitted! The Jindivik was used in military operations as a target or decoy plane, I believe!
    @Amanda – Red ROCKS!!! Which is a pretty good description of much of inland Australia, haha!! But the difference between you & I is (possibly) the genuine-ness of our respective reds …
    @Glen – Thank god!! I was starting to get worried I’d made the wrong life choices back in my youth!!!
    @River – That’s what I’m here for!! And it’s definitely worth re-visiting the places of one’s youth – as much for how they’ve changed as for old times sake!

  2. @Filip – A world without RED is a world with no passion ….
    @TMWH – The finches aren’t found near our home base, so it’s a treat to see them so close!! Not sure what the reddest bird is downunder – but the finch must be right up there!
    @Jill – I don’t think you can travel too many places in OZ and NOT see RED!! I hope to inspire you as much as you’ve inspired me!
    @Friko – Awwwww…. you’re just saying that because it’s winter, and the northern winter is SOOOO miserable, right?!?!?! Seriously, I’m glad to provide this small public service, and I hope you continue to patronise it!
    @ladyfi – That is high praise from you! Thanx for your support and encouragement!!
    @LONDONLULU – Well … you’ll be ecstatic to learn how many more RED things I uncovered while trawling the archives that I HAVEN’T yet used! Look out for #5 coming soon to a screen near you!

  3. @Manzanita – Weirdly, RED loos aren’t that common downunder. Or probably anywhere! Glad you appreciated my sad attempts at referencing …
    @SFlaGuy – Hahaha, it’s actually begging for MORE than that!!! That photo was taken in the mid 90’s – since then, the BP has been slowly fading into oblivion, until last I heard, it had been demolished. Although I’m yet to confirm that …
    @Indrani – Red is what I live for!
    @Kath – Well, that’s also what I live for!!! I guess the REDS are a bit of a contrast to the WHITES of the Geneva snows …
    @alex hales – Who knew that someone who lives for cars would find a simple little ditty about Aussie Reds ‘captivating’?!?!?!

  4. @Andrew – The SA Jindivik at Woomera is SO far out of the way, hardly anyone ever sees it!!! Big Red Machine fascinating – email me if you want more info!
    @Hilda – The Red dust is a way of life out in the Pilbara – it took us weeks to get it out of the car!!!! And the more you look for RED, the more you’ll find! If you’re me, anyway!
    @Saucy Kod – SO glad you enjoyed it … but hoping you were alone while singing, hahaha! I get a kick out of these posts because they make me reflect on the good times too!!
    @FruitCake – HAhaha, didn’t realise how close to the edge I’d gone with this post … I’m honoured to be forgiven! Even Christopher Plummer referred to TSOM as ‘The Sound of Mucous’!!!! So DO share – I’m sure EVERYONE will want to know exactly what music will delete the sounds/memory of TSOM????
    @MJWC – The Silver Bullet will never be the same again. Every time (not often) we clean it, we find another little pocket of red dust we missed the last time!!! Red sky in the morning gives me the thrill that comes with the possible terror of bad weather in my future!!!

  5. How have I lived in Adelaide for 27 years and not known about the St Kilda boardwalk??
    I’ve lived in Port Clinton too, but I was three and don’t remember it at all. Maybe I should go back for another look.

  6. I just love these collections (and I don’t even mind the earworm — I did a Christmasy post several years ago playing on the song. Yours are mucho better of course!

    I loved all the shots but those red wetlands are amazing (I’m a wetlands kind of girl myself of course). I couldn’t quite figure out what Jindivik means..is it the name of the airplane?

  7. I am pleased to say I have seen some of these things, and I intend to see a few more this year. Don’t you just love red gorges and corrugated iron! and of course our brilliant red wildflowers – surely the Sturt Pea is one of the most magnificent. As for the red dust on the 4WD – we have seen plenty of that – we are still trying to get our 4WD clean from a trip to NT 2 years ago!
    Fantastic images as always Red. You are inspirational!

  8. The continent you inhabit is so different from the pictures we usually see. Big and wild and fascinating. I fully understand your love for it and your need to bring it home to all us folk on the other side of the world who live in small, cramped, colourless places.

    Keep on going!

  9. I have never seen a picture of a finch so gorgeously RED!!!! The only red birds we have here are cardinals, and they aren’t nearly as RED…

  10. I’m amazed at all the gorgeous red you found. I especially like the little crab—it’s so cute. I agree with you about the danger sign on the cliff, but you know how really stupid some people can get. I can live without the red dust though—that’s just crazy bad.

  11. Most captivating blog ever, I am glad that I also participated in spectating your wonderful shared experience.
    Great job done indeed.

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  12. I love RUST. Also love Neil Young. I get it….. with the Silver Bullet. A good way to avoid a ticket. What no loos? But how can you top the coffin???

  13. Your silver Bullet sure takes a beating!! All the pictures are beautiful as usual, but the Red Sky in the morning sure caught my eye!!

  14. Okay, the photos are amazing and the only dud subject amongst them is the prawn. Not okay – the sound of music – with the exception of Carousel the most irritating musical ever made/played. It’s okay – you are forgiven because it is clever, and because you are you. Excellent photos. Seriously.

    Would like to stop and ask if you do singalongs as you travel, but must go find some headbanging music to flush the treacle from my ears.

  15. I love the photo sing – a – long and sang throughout the enitre show. Ha, Red this was just delightful and now that my head is busy singing, I must go back and take another look at “all the great times you’ve had”. Just a very delightful, informative post with music 🙂

  16. You have a Jindivik in SA? We have one in Victoria, unfortunately associated with its local cheese company that may have been producing product that makes people quite ill. Off now to investigate the Big Red Machine.

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