RED does Australia for the Glove Box Interview!!

Ochre Pits, via Alice Springs, Central Australia

Ochre Pits, via Alice Springs, Central Australia

The FAAAAABULOUS Fiona has interviewed me for her weekly Glove Box Interview featured today on Argus Car Hire’s Glove Box Blog!

The full Gravatar pic ...

The full Gravatar pic …

Because the interview features only one photo (reproduced at left for your viewing pleasure) I’ve included a completely gratuitous Australia shot of the Central Australian Ochre Pits (to be featured more fully in a future post) so new visitors can immediately get their money’s worth …

Amongst the amusing anecdotes, daring disclosures and incisive opinions I shared with Fiona in the interview, I took the opportunity to plug the mystical and magical Land of OZ!

Because my blog wouldn’t be my blog without it!!

SO … check out my Glove Box Interview to answer this pressing question:  Do I, or do I NOT give good interview do Australia proud?!?!

While you’re thinking about it, please enjoy another gratuitous photo – this time of Dead Horse Springs near Lake Argyle in Western Australia (also to be featured more fully in a future post) – with my compliments!

Dead Horse Springs near Lake Argyle, via Kununurra, Western Australia

Dead Horse Springs near Lake Argyle, via Kununurra, Western Australia

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  • Oh Red, you do make me laugh 🙂 🙂 Would like more gratuitous pics, as it happens! But always love your scenic shots anyway. Am going to head over to his much talked about interview 🙂

  • @diane B – Thank you!
    @SFlaGuy – Oh, how exciting. I can’t wait to be NOT contacted!!!!

  • Message sent. You should Not be hearing from them very shortly.

  • A true blue interview.

  • You are always great at doing interviews. You can make a mud hole look like a spa.

    You are my Australian tourist guide.

  • @FruitCake – Thanx! But I hope that also means I’ve done Australia proud …
    @Kath – Thank you! But I suspect the fortune will be a long time coming!!
    @Stewart – Maybe Halls Gap’s where all the used Holden Crash Test dummy Robo Roos spend their last days!!!
    @Andrew – Well now my mind’s REALLY boggling!!!
    @Are We There Yet – It’s my pleasure and privilege to be so!!
    @SflaGuy – Haha! Go ahead – then I can add them to my massive list of tourism professionals who failed to capitalise on my website before I was famous …
    @TMWH – Of course the research appeals to me – but a lot of OZ bakeries aren’t really that scenic!! Although it’s what is INSIDE that counts!!!

  • Great interview, Red! Loved the plug for bakeries! You could probably do a wonderful “Scenic Bakeries” series, to add to your other marvelous travels.

  • Yes you give Great interview. I’m going to tell the travel channel about you. Yes – here in the states we have a whole channel about travel so we can sit around all day and watch it.

  • oh yes you’re a top ambassador Red and I’m surprised some travel magazine hasn’t snaffled you up en-route! I went across to see the alpine country post also, some of which I’ve enjoyed too many years ago now. Enjoyed your interview very much; you packed plenty into it

  • Oh, I forgot and now Fruit Cake has beaten me to it. I so wanted to say something about you giving good interviews. Perhaps it is best that I forgot.

  • Loved your fantastic-o interview (and the plug for Australia’s scenic loos) and gratuitous shots! You’re making me rather hungry with all that talk of Australian bakeries, thankfully it’s getting towards dinner here in the far end of the globe:))

  • Great interview. I don’t understand why you are not working for the Australian tourist board or are you?

  • The colours in these pictures are just so “here” – 20 years ago I would not have known that!

    I agree about the number of ‘roos in Halls gap – although I suspect that a number of them are robots put there by tourist authorities!


    Stewart M – Melbourne

  • Well done Red – utterly deserved and surely more fame (and hopefully some additional fortune) will come your way.

  • Great photos Red, and yes, you do give good interview.

  • @Beach Bum – If it doesn’t make you jealous as hell, I just don’t know what I’m doing wrong!!!
    @Fun60 – I wish!! Maybe I’ll just get you all to email them and recommend me!!!
    @LONDONLULU – Thank you!! Hope your dinner was as fine as what the best OZ bakery could dish up!!
    @eileeninmd – Thanx! Hope you liked the interview!!
    @Saucy Kod – Haha!! Sadly no bakeries at the top of the steps – but I was on my way to some fine Indigenous cave paintings!! Not quite the same thing, but good nonetheless!! And you haven’t told me how you liked OUR interview in the next post down!!!
    @Carole M – There’s a lot to be said for ‘edit, edit, edit’! So glad you liked it!!!
    @Andrew – If Vic bakeries keep dishing up what they’re serving now, I’ll be promoting them ’til the end of time!!!!

  • Thanks for the plug for Victorian bakeries. We always make use of them when we occasionally leave the big smoke.

  • Hi Red – Just popped over to the interview – loved your interview. I love the photo of Dead Horse Springs and those steps look like quite a climb. Is there an Aussie Bakery at the top? ha,ha
    Super interview over at Glove Box. Makes one just want to rush over to your Blog. I agree with Fun60 -Aussie Tourism sure could use your talents. Happy Sighs from SaucyKod 🙂

  • Congrats! I love the scenery and your photos. I will go and check out your interview!

  • SO … check out my Glove Box Interview

    I’ll slide over there and check things out.

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