INTERNATIONAL Scenic Public Toilet #1!!!

Scenic Public Toilets, Grand Falls Dam, New Brunswick, Canada
Scenic Public Toilets, Grand Falls Dam, New Brunswick, Canada

I don’t know whether to be embarrassed or flattered when tributes pour in from Aussie readers who’ve seen a public toilet – especially a scenic or unusual one – and immediately thought of me.

BUT … it’s a fair cop. After all, I HAVE published A LOT of Australian Scenic Public Toilets on my blog.

AND written the definitive Aussie travel guide ‘Aussie Loos with Views!’ (go HERE if you haven’t seen it)

The Scenic Route
The Scenic Route

So when my good blog buddy Saucy Kod from Saucy Kodz Blog sent me photos of HER local – and marvellously scenic – NEW public loo in some seriously spectacular Canadian wilderness country, I jumped at the chance to post my very first international scenic public toilet!

Of course Saucy didn’t escape that lightly …

I had several dumb questions about this loo – and Canada itself – that she very patiently answered, even though they show my sad ignorance about her wonderful country! As you will see …

And of course I took this great opportunity to get to know Saucy a little bit better – and introduce her to you!

RED: Thanx for being my first international Scenic Public Toilet post victim guest, Saucy! I know you like my scenic loo posts!

Lake at Grand Falls Dam, New Brunswick, Canada
Lake at Grand Falls Dam, New Brunswick, Canada

Saucy Kod: You know, I have seen some really wonderful Aussie Loos as I think back to reading your delightful posts. They were, each and every one, outstanding and I have never really seen anything like your Aussie Loos – all quite beautiful.

RED: Well, I think y’all could teach us a thing or two about ‘scenic’! Where’s this wonderful scenic Loo?

Grand Falls, New Brunswick, Canada
Grand Falls, New Brunswick, Canada

Saucy Kod: Up at Grand Falls Dam, approx 20 minutes drive from my house. There is a beautiful lake, surrounded by miles and miles of scenery in the forests of New Brunswick, Canada and the other side of the Dam is in Maine, USA.

RED: It’s an AWESOME setting!

Saucy Kod: The dam is beautiful no matter what time of the year you travel there. Spectacular ice and mist in winter, to roaring waters in spring run-off; and then calm waters to enjoy in summer and the spectacular colours of Autumn.

RED: Sounds like a great all-rounder! Is it popular?


Saucy Kod: A fair number of folk who make their way there to camp on weekends. There are all forms of boats on the water, fishing, swimming, hiking and in the evening you can hear the campers singing round the olde campfire. There is no electricity, and never have been “Loos”.

RED: Haha! But when you’ve gotta go, you’ve GOT to go, right?

Saucy Kod: There was a spot back in the woods where someone had dug a “hole” and put a toilet on top of it. Not my idea of “Looing” 🙂

RED: Welcome to the great outdoors!!

Saucy Kod: We were up there just recently and to our shock and amazement there were two “Loos”, one for the guyz and one for the girlz and IN PLAIN SIGHT! Very NEW, very CLEAN and TYPICALLY “A LOO IN THE WOODS OF CANADA” – complete with refresheners & all 🙂 I kinda got a laugh outta this and of course thought of you. Right smack dab in the Canadian Wilderness we have NEW LOOS!

 Inside Saucy's Loo
Inside Saucy’s Loo

RED: How civilized!! You’re lucky to get ANY toilet paper in some Outback Aussie dunnies, let alone several kinds AND Freshener!! So why did you think of l’il ol’ me downunder in Australia???

RED: You got that right!! And I’m flattered!! But how do you stop outdoor loos from freezing up in winter?

Saucy Kod:  You gotta make sure that the outdoor pit is below the frost line and keep eating chilli, Eh!


RED: Hahaha! Freezing up isn’t a problem faced in too many Aussie Scenic Hot Spots! Are there a lot of Scenic Loos in Canada?

Saucy Kod: Yes, there are many – why, there are even coffee table books and calendars of Canadian Scenic Loos!

RED: NO WAY! Are you serious? I thought I was being highly original by posting about Aussie ones AND publishing my book! But is there a scenic loo overlooking the Bay of Fundy where you’ve got the biggest tide in the world?

Saucy Kod: Yes, just up the road a bit! Eh, there’s some fine views at Irving Nature Park overlooking the Bay of Fundy – kinda breezy at times (some powerful winds blowin’ up there, Eh)

RED: Winds … toilets … could there be a connection?? Can you see any scenic loos from the Rocky Mountain scenic train?

Saucy Kod:  I’m sure there are many, but I am 4500 km from that view! (She says politely, wondering how ignorant this Aussie traveller really is …)

RED: Aahh … let me know if you ever visit! Why is the men’s loo black?

Lake at Grand Falls Dam, New Brunswick, Canada
Lake at Grand Falls Dam, New Brunswick, Canada

Saucy Kod:  It was whatever Buddy what’s ‘is name found in the back of the shed – there wasn’t enough to do both loos!!

RED: Hahaha! A local job, huh? I guess what’s on the inside is it’s more important!! What’s your favourite RED thing in New Brunswick?

Saucy Kod: Freshly cooked, right outta the water, Bay of Fundy Lobster!

RED: Stop! I’m salivating!!

Edge of the Lake
Edge of the Lake

Downunder, we check under the toilet seat for REDBacks (deadly spiders) and snakes. What are some of the perils of using outdoor loos in the Canadian wilderness?

Saucy Kod: Skunks, hornets, bees, snakes, spiders, porcupines. DO NOT sit too long in winter – you could freeze yer butt to the seat! As for “Bears”, no worries, they c**p in the woods.

RED: Hahaha! Isn’t cultural exchange great?!?! Do you have any interesting ‘loo’ stories to share? (she says, thinking of that book …)

Saucy Kod: My Dad had a loo at his camp and built it facing the apple orchard. After supper, he always went out to the loo with his rifle just in case there were any Bears roaming at night.

RED: (Thinking … HHHMMMmmm… Koala bears aren’t quite so dangerous, praise be!!)

Saucy Kod: One night we heard the rifle go off and Dad had his Buck for the seasonal hunt; shot right from the loo!

HHHMMMmmm... not the old loo, was it??!!
HHHMMMmmm… not the old loo, was it??!!

RED: That’s HILARIOUS!!! And I can’t top that story. What made you start blogging?

Saucy Kod: The challenge to start something new started me blogging

RED: And what keeps you blogging?

Saucy Kod:The fun of sharing history, poetry, fun times in Atlantic Canada and around the world.

RED: I hear you!  I LOVE reading your blog – I never know what I’m going to see there next!! And you can work a pun like no one else I know …

RED:  Thank you for sharing your amazing Scenic Loo!

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  1. Hi Saucy, I could just email you but I thought that I would put my message to all of you. Yes, I certainly did enjoy your conversation, with a smile on my face, and since I live in the neighbourhood, I think that I will check out the new loos, eh? I haul my horse out there to go for rides with friends, so we might just ride down that way and check it out. Talk to ya’ later.

    from your outlaw friend

  2. @SaucyKod – It was a HOOT!!! And I think I’ve just started a whole new series – thanx to you, my friend!!!! If you’ve got any more up your sleeve, you know where to send them!!!!

  3. Dear Red – Thank you so much for the opportunity to share out new “LOOS” with the world. It sure beats the heck outta pe**ing in the woods. The interview itself was so much fun and I giggled all the way through it as I answered your questions. Thanks a bunch for that amazing Aussie twist that you work so well with, and I dub you the “Pun” Queen and gladly loan you my hat……….Thanks a bunch, Eh

  4. @SFlaGuy – You’re such a tease!! But I’ll just have to cross my legs and wait …
    @Windsmoke – I thought that was pretty cool too! Even cooler that the mens is BLACK!!!
    @Virginia – Haha, not every loo in OZ (and I daresay Canada) is quite as picturesque!!! Thanx for the welcome!
    @Are We There Yet – Well, you’ll be right at home downunder then!!
    @Sallie – Thanx for dropping by – glad you enjoyed!
    @Carole – Yeah, makes me realise how ‘safe’ our Outdoor/Outback dunnies really are!!!
    @Hilda – And I had fun writing it! Win-win!!
    @diane – HHHMMMmmm… yes! I wonder who’ll be brave enough to go next!!!

  5. @Andrew – Theirs sound a lot more hazardous than ours!!!
    @FruitCake – It gives a whole new meaning to it, doesn’t it?!?!
    @Gail – It’s always a pleasure to visit Saucy’s place – and I’m so lucky she shared all this!!
    @Kath – Thanx! But I’m thinking there must be a whole mess of folks out there who are jealous as hell …
    @TMWH – You take your CATS to the loo?!?! Just say the word, and you could be the next international loo!!!
    @LONDONLULU – Haha!! You’re welcome to the freezing loo tip – I won’t be needing it down here …
    @Iris – I’ll have to look out for the b-ball set down here!! It’s 2nd nature to check for redbacks in the loo! And I’m still waiting to hear about the September loo thing …
    @Johnny Nutcase – Haha, the colours and the kanga are SO not connected!!! Thanx for dropping by!

  6. For the record, here in B’ham AL, the loos aren’t all that scenic. Blue metal Port o Lets as they are lovingly referred to.

    I got more than my money’s worth here today. Great photos, lots of loos and a great interview.

    Welcome to CDP!

  7. Haha, what is it with loos? 😉
    We found no other place than the inside of our (only and) mini loo(-door) for a mini-basketball-basket and Ingo just bought a mini-golf-set especially for a (waaaay bigger) loo (than ours).

    Go Canada!
    Am I thankful I live in a country without such dangerous animals and insects and yes, I am aware of how lucky we were on our journeys throughout Australia.

    Once I really saw a redback the last sec on a loo in Darwin (at lake Andrew).
    We were so lucky grabbing wood in the dark with bare hands, too…
    Back to loos. Maybe I manage to get a pic of Ingo´s face in September unwrapping your calendar!

  8. Oh now you’ve done it. I can actually get to Canada in the car…. in a few days. Well right now I’d be snow bound half way there and shivering in my t-shirt and flip flops after the first three hours drive north but still, it could be done. Imagine all the rest rooms I’d pass along the way. I have one scheduled to post on the 17th on my Hollywood Fl Photos blog you will really enjoy. Yes, I’m gonna make you wait. Hope you can hold it.

  9. Canada is lovely, except I really don’t think that the bears and I would get along. Plus, they’d try to eat my cats. Congrats on sending your love of scenic loos international!

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