HELLOOOOOO Summer! On My Street!!

Sunset on Spring, Adelaide Hills, South Australia
Sunset on Spring, Adelaide Hills, South Australia

Although the first official Summer day downunder, December 1st is still near enough to Spring for the weather to go either way. Especially at my base in South Australia.

In some years, Spring departs so smoothly and seamlessly, and Summer enters so gently and mildly the passage is completely unremarkable.

Through the window ... the storm approaches!
Through the window … the storm approaches!

But this year, Spring left with a BANG!

With a spring rainfall well below average on the semi-rural property in the Adelaide Hills, the signs of summer began early.

Spring Storm segue to Summer
Spring Storm segue to Summer

Grass, bleached a pale, white gold.

Dry, crisp Eucalyptus leaves raining from the trees.

And with no spring rain run-off, the water level in the dam sinking lower and lower.

Approaching Storm
Approaching Storm

Tropical strength humidity – unfamiliar this far south – on this last day of spring changed the colour of the sky to an odd yellowish grey that didn’t augur well. Then as the sun set on spring, the storm broke.

Simultaneous gale-force winds, lightning, thunder, hail and torrential rain flattened the grass on the hillside and saw the sheep scuttling for cover as the setting sun suffused the scene with a surreal rosy glow.

HELLOOOOOO Summer! Adelaide Hills, South Australia
HELLOOOOOO Summer! Adelaide Hills, South Australia

A few short hours later, the fierce farewell of spring was forgotten as the first clear, bright day of summer dawned on My Street.

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  1. Happy Summer! Beautiful transition there! Last year I had to google to find out why your summer didn’t start on the same day as our winter (December 21)… among the many zillion things I didn’t learn in school.

  2. @SaucyKod – I couldn’t believe the contrast myself – but it was even more dramatic live!!! Wonder what would happen if we all boycotted the sports with prima donna players?!?!
    @Jill – To be a farmer is to live on a knife edge. Don’t envy them the uncertainty at all. Will tell you how the pickle turns out …
    @PDP – I think we’ve been getting your leftovers!!!
    @SFlaGuy – Cool, huh?!

  3. it sounds like you spring/summer has been very similar to ours. Not much rain during the winter/spring, but devastating storms now, ruining the grain crops.
    Have a wonderful week, and thanks for stopping by my blog today.
    Hope you like the zucchini pickle!

  4. Red you just described Perth’s weather to a T!! You have some spectacular skies to show for the extreme weather. When we had our drive into the ‘country’ last weekend couldn’t believe how dry everything is already. I have one for you in tomorrows post..

  5. HiYa Red. Nice colour differences in the before and after. Different shades of sky n surroundings. Love the fence, which tops up the photos. Very cold here -12 this morning – no snow yet – most unusual – by now we have been bombarded with snow. I think the Snow Gods are on strike, along with the Hockey Players strike. Isn’t that a bit ridiculous, Hockey players who make millions on strike. I’d rather watch soccer, baseball or football anyway. The local Sports teams play way better and give us more of a thrill than those pampered puppies anyway. Have a great day.

  6. Summer in December. That still takes me awhile:) Beautiful shots! I’m glad we are in winter now as it was a hot summer for us. I can leave the patio door open again and allow the fresh air in the house:) Your climate and pics look like Tucson very much during our summer. Hope you had a good weekend!

  7. Good idea, the same spot with different light. I find this extremely difficult to do.

    Sorry for not commenting the last few weeks but we are on a long travel adventure in the US and the Caribbean.


  8. @Freya – Thank you!
    @Buck – Haha, flattery will get you everywhere! I look forward to seeing your version!
    @Joan – Hope it doesn’t mean we’re in for an extra-hot summer!
    @Kath – Thanx! And I’ve got the perfect antidote to your snow in my CafePress shop – framed blue photo prints of Aussie Beaches!! What a coincidence!!!
    @Filip – You’re forgiven, as long as we get to see photos of your amazing trip!
    @Rohrerbot – Weekend great, once the storm passed!!! Summer can be really good, or really bad – depending on bushfire danger!

  9. What a pretty view you have. Such nice, wide open space.

    I so envy you having summer now. We are going to be starting our winter and I will sure miss the warm weather we had this year. Hope you have a GREAT summer

  10. @LONDONLULU – HAhahaha! Sorry, just HAD to laugh!!! Keep coming back here for a virtual sun and warmth fix!!
    @Tanya – Just as winter seems so far away to me!!
    @Are We There Yet – A great summer is a summer without bushfires down here – so I hope we get lucky too!
    @tapirgal – Thank you!
    @TMWH – OMIGOD! Not another calendar!!! Maybe I’ll do a sunsets one … and just keep trying all your camera settings. You never know when you’ll strike gold!!
    @Windsmoke – Thank you! I think we passed the bad weather along … hope you’re still in one piece!
    @Joe – Thank you! Weird how it takes bad weather for the best skies!
    @River – Hope you survived OK, my friend! Sounds like all the rain happened up here – maybe it’ll be your turn next time!
    @Robert Geiss – Thank you, and same to you!!!

  11. @eileeninmd – Thank you! It was worth a scary storm to get the pix!
    @Hilda – What a coincidence that I’m actually a drama queen!!
    @Jim – Don’t often see them like this!!
    @Rob Mandy – It’s got both city and country benefits – SO great!
    @william braquemard – Sadly, the eucalypts can lose their leaves at ANY time of year, although the spring leaf fall is the worst!
    @Inverness DP – I’ll be over to visit very soon!

  12. I remember that “yellow sky”, down here in the city even the air seemed to be yellow, I looked out my front door and knew another storm was coming. I hoped it would rain enough to drop the humidity, but that didn’t happen.
    I love your views, the Adelaide Hills are a pretty area to live in.

  13. Bonza time lapse photos. Over the last few days the same weather conditions happened down here and there is more wild and woolly weather to come.

  14. That first photo needs to appear in a calendar or two–it is beautiful with the color contrasts! Whenever I try to capture that pink, it never translates well. I am a bit jealous!

  15. Beautiful series! It was neat to see the same scene, each one changing with the weather. The colors of the sunset are gorgeous. Wishing you a happy weekend!

  16. @Andrew – HHHMMMmmm… the unkind would say ‘repetitive’!!!!
    @Alessandra – Depends what you mean by ‘good’ – shaping up to be HOT! Grass REALLY dry already!!
    @Rose – AAARRRGGGH! Hate that 40+ weather! Had it earlier in the week! At least we had some rain …
    @Carole M – And this was all within about 15 hours!!
    @Jo – Thank you!
    @Mark – We didn’t escape the heat – a couple of HOT days a few days ago! Stay cool!
    @Angela – I’m not sure which one I prefer! Thank you!

  17. Today it almost fet like summer too here in Auckland, but in the evening I am back with my jumper on… still, I heard that it is going to be a good Summer downunder!
    Golly that grass is yellow already!

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