12 Killer Australian Sunsets in 12 months!

Wattle Point Wind Farm, Yorke Peninsula, South Australia
2012 was a sunset spectacular supreme – over 5 months road-tripping through 4 of the 6 Australian mainland states. And the Silver Bullet has racked up over 30,000 km since we bought it in February …
So with the last sunset of 2012 only a few hours away, I reflect on the superb sunsets of 2012, and select the most superior for my 2012 Australian travel retrospective!
1 Wattle Park Wind Farm, South Australia
Sometimes inanimate objects make the best props, with the contrast of dark silhouettes against brilliant swirls of sunset colour requiring only a click to get a killer shot.
My favourite kind!
These wind turbines at the Wattle Creek Wind Farm on South Australia’s Southern Yorke Peninsula obligingly faced the right way as the sun sank spectacularly behind them.
More about the Yorke Peninsula: Yorke Peninsula South Australia
River Murray, Waikerie, South Australia
2 Murray River, Waikerie, South Australia
Luckily, I had plenty of disc space on my camera – and a fully charged battery – as I watched colours changing over the Murray, part of Australia’s largest river system, while the sun set behind me.
River town Waikerie (rhymes with ‘Bakery’ and is home of the great Waikerie Bakery) is an excellent base to explore the eclectic delights of the Riverland region.

But after a hard day sampling local produce, birdwatching at Gluepot Station, visiting the historic Overland Corner pub, walking the town or catching the view from atop the mighty Murray cliffs, unwinding by the river while watching the ferry crossing as the sun sets is unbeatable.

More about the Riverland: Riverland, South Australia

Lake Lascelles, Hopetoun, Victoria
3 Lake Lascelles, Hopetoun, Victoria
I lucked out with an awesome sunset in the Victorian Mallee as the clouds formed unbelievable designs through which the setting sun reflected on Lake Lascelles’ mirrored surface.
Our campsite on the lake’s shore was perfectly positioned to catch it all. I’ve already worked the shots I took that evening into my blog – but there are still more I’m yet to use.
Seeing more of this spot on my blog in 2013 is what they call in the blogosphere a ‘sure thing’!
More from Lake Lascelles: 1000 Words About Clouds
Cadney Park, South Australian Outback
4 Cadney Park Homestead, South Australia
It takes a couple of days to reach the Northern Territory border after travelling north through the South Australian Outback, and knowing how far to the next available fuel is essential.
One of the pit-stops is Cadney Park, a station with a roadhouse, accommodation and caravan park in the middle of nowhere.
There’s nothing to hem in a sunset with these wide open spaces – except the telecommunications tower! I could have shot around it, but it’s vital to this remote outback oasis so it deserves to stay.
Don’t you think?
More from the South Aussie Outback: At the South Australia/Northern Territory Border
Devils Marbles (Karlu Karlu), Northern Territory
5 Devils Marbles, Northern Territory
Amazingly, the actual setting of the sun is the least spectacular point of interest in the panorama of the Devils Marbles at sunset. The colours of the rock grow richer, shadows longer and the backdrop of the marvellous sky darker as the sun sinks into oblivion behind.
The campground at the base of the Devils Marbles – or Karlu Karlu as the local indigenous people know it – makes taking awesome sunset and sunrise shots pleasurably convenient.
Even if every other visitor to this beautiful spot has the same shots!
More about the Devil’s Marbles: Devils Marbles, Northern Territory
Looking towards Kununurra over Lily Lagoon, Western Australia
6 Kununurra, Western Australia
The best sites at the Lakeside Resort and Tourist Park are at the waters edge. They’re also the least desirable to the Grey Nomads who make up most of the park’s clientele as they have neither power nor water. This meant we could take our pick.
Praise be!
Our massive site on the edge of Lily Lagoon gave us uninterrupted sunset spectaculars across the lake to Kununurra, And in the sunset’s light, a red glow from the eyes of the lagoon’s many crocodiles!
Five Rivers Lookout, Wyndham, Western Australia
7 Five Rivers Lookout, Wyndham, Western Australia
Watching the sun set over Cambridge Gulf, into which five rivers flow makes Wyndham the site of one of Australia’s most spectacular lookouts.
There’s standing room only at the viewing platform atop the aptly named Bastion during peak tourist season, but hey! I know what MY elbows are for!!
Philip Peter King, who named the Bastion, is arguably Australia’s best explorer, but is also one of Australia’s least known. Why? Because he survived! Go figure!!
The Five Rivers – the Ord, Pentecost, Forrest, Durack and King (named for the explorer) – can all be seen from the lookout, but the whole of the magnificent panorama is just a little distracting …
More About Wyndham: Five Rivers Lookout
Derby Jetty, Western Australia
8 Derby Jetty, Western Australia
Watching the sun set over water doubles its effect. And an inanimate object or two makes the shot even more dramatic.
But combine both these variables with the biggest tides in the Southern Hemisphere? Lets just say I could have filled this whole post – and several like it – with sunset shots from the Derby Jetty.
The dramatic effect of an 11+ metre tidal range can best be measured against the wharf, set on pylons over 12 metres above the floor of King Sound. While we only saw a baby 10.83 metre tide, and tides are only 9th highest in the world (go visit Saucy Kod for scenes of the Bay of Fundy, world’s highest) it’s an unbelievably awesome backdrop to the jaw-dropping sunsets.
More about High Tides: World’s Highest Tides
Sunset at Gantheaume Point, via Broome, Western Australia
9 Gantheaume Point, via Broome, Western Australia
Red rock, blue sea, endless blue sky. Dinosaur footprints on the rocks far below the lighthouse. Fishing, boating, birdwatching. A steady stream of travellers and locals exploring, swimming, gathering.
Gathering to watch the sun set over the sea – a sight so stupendous all other activity ceases.
Why do we travel?

This is why!

More About Gantheaume Point: Good Times @ Gantheaume Pt!
Waters of Shark Bay, Western Australia
10 Shark Bay, Western Australia
The little fishing village of Denham, where we stayed in Australia’s westernmost caravan park, has more to offer than meets the eye.
Of course attractions like the dolphins of Monkey Mia and Eagle Bluff, plunging down into the wildlife-infested green sea below are well known.
But the simple pleasures – like wandering along the foreshore watching the fishing boats come and go while the sun sinks into the water leaving a trail of glitter on the waves – are what will bring us back!
That, and the bakery!!
More About Shark Bay: Shark & Eagle (Double) Bluff


Rainbow at Carnamah, Western Australia
11 Carnamah, Western Australia
The day doesn’t always end with a glorious red sunset when we’re on the road. And it didn’t in Carnamah, a little town in the middle of the Western Australian wheatbelt.
AND wildflower belt!
A storm was brewing as we returned to the Carnamah Caravan Park after a tough day in the wildflower-viewing trenches. And as the sun set, the lowering clouds lit up to form a rainbow’s perfect arch.
We took it as a sign to stay the extra day it took to uncover the best wildflowers we’d ever seen at nearby Tathra National Park!! No pot of gold – or was there???
More About Carnamah Wildflowers: 12 Days of Xmas – 10 Tathra Wildflowers
Adelaide Hills Sunset, South Australia
12 Adelaide Hills, South Australia
East, west, home’s best.
Or maybe this just means you can expect killer sunsets ANYWHERE in Australia!
More About the Adelaide Hills: The Most Glamorous Little Outhouse in OZ!
I’ll be hunting down and bringing you more killer sunsets – and a LOT more – in 2013! It’s been a pleasure having your company this far – but the best is yet to come!!
Happy New Year!
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  1. @Stewart – Such masterful understatement! Happy New Year!
    @Dick Jordan – Welcome and thanx! Plenty more glory downunder-drop back anytime!
    @Inside Journeys – And all I had to do was stand there and snap!!!
    @Mary – Thank you!! There’s something special about an awesome sunset, isn’t there?! I’ll be MOST disappointed if I don’t have more travels in 2013 – drop back to see where I’ve been!

  2. @budget jan – No need to choose just one, this is the time of year for excess, right?!?!
    @Steffi – Thank you, and same to you!!
    @Laura – It’s my pleasure! Come back anytime for more!!
    @Jim – Thank you!
    @Pauline – Haha, but this post was a whole year in the making!!! You’ll have to come back & see if I can live up to this post!!
    @ladyfi – From you that is high praise indeed. Thanx for your answers – look forward to getting it online!!
    @Kusum Sanu – Thank you!!

  3. What an amazing series of shots -each one is a work of art!

    By the way, I hope you got my mail with my interview answers…

  4. @Bluebell Woods – There’s nasties everywhere if you know where to look – and yet, millions of us survive the dangers and lead long and productive lives!!! And I AM known as the melodrama queen …
    @SFlaGuy – I’ll see what I can scare up, sunrise wise. Trouble is, my eyes are usually closed 🙂
    @Leovi – Thank you!! Every time I think I’ve seen the best one, a better one comes along!!
    @Sallie – Haha, no hardship with no hot water – the max temp was usually in the low 30’s (C)!!!
    @Nature Footstep – Thank you!! But I’ll have to let the Australian evening sky take the credit!!
    @Celine & Philippe – Thank you, and same to you!!
    @Robert Geiss – I find it too hard to choose favourites – it was hard enough narrowing it down to 12!! Thank you and Happy New Year!!
    @Namaki – Thank you! But come back – plenty more to come!!
    @Aleah – Happy New Year to you too, my friend!

  5. Stunning views and these twelve beautiful sunsets (each one promising a beautiful tomorrow ) are a perfect way to end one year and start another. Thanks Red for sharing. (And I definitely appreciate that you can put up with no hot water in order to get these perfect shots ;>)… as one of those dreaded gray nomads, I probably wouldn’t get such good views even if I were lucky enough to be in the same campground!)

  6. I have family and friends in Australia, not sure I could handle the heat or the snakes. I love country living and I here you have some nasty stuff out there (smile) still for the more adventurous how wonderful and those pictures are beautiful

  7. Oh this are killer sunsets indeed, I love them all. Happy New Year to you! I’ve very much enjoyed your gorgeous posts and photos, here’s to much more and a wonderful 2013!!

  8. Red I miss your Australian sunsets, especially those I’ve watched over the ocean. If I had it my way I’d be packing to head back to your beautiful country for a few months to lay on the beach and bask in the sun!

    Your photos are stunning, that’s a lot of kms you’ve racked up but totally worth it I see! Good for you to be able to do this, what a blessing!

    Wishing you all the best in 2013, Happy New Years!

  9. You certainly have finished your travel days in some beautiful places. I hope you are a sunrise set as well. No sense wasting daylight in such a wonderland.

  10. @Johanna – How spooky – so am I!!!!! With so many places still to see, who knows where I’ll pop up next – so stay tuned!!
    @Manzanita – You’re WAY too kind!!! And lets just say anyone who knows me would laugh like a drain if I was ever seriously accused of being patient!!! As for 2013 travels – we are yet to decide, and we love surprises! Hope you do too!!
    @Saucy Kod – I was actually up at sunrise on 1 Jan – but no spectacular sunrise to capture!! I got a little tired of endless ‘best of’ travel blog retrospectives – and it was too hard to narrow my experiences down, so I just went with the sunsets for soemthing different! Glad you appreciated it!!
    @Francesca – Thank you! And a warm and happy New Year to you from dowunder!
    @Betty – Glad you agree!! A very Happy New Year to you too, my friend!! Hope it brings you everything you want or need!
    @ruma – Thank you so much for your visit! A Happy New Year to you!!
    @darlin – I was hoping I’d make you jealous as hell!!! Looks like it worked!! Looking forward to catching up in the blogosphere in 2013 – if you’re still going to keep on blogging?!?!?!
    @LONDONLULU – Haha, I bet they’re all the better as a contrast to your cold and wet!!!! Just thought I’d rub it in … Seriously, thank you for your kind words, and a Happy New Year to you!!

  11. @Jill – Well … WA is where we did most of our travelling this year – and ocean sunsets are also common along the SA coast!!! But, WA sure punches above its weight – and I’m IMMEDIATELY adopting your ‘let hubby finish off’ strategy when there’s a new sunset to shoot!! Happy New Year!!
    @Rose – Life on the edge is cruel – so you just put us out of our misery as soon as you can!!! Pheasant Coucal sightings are always a thrill when we head north – we’ve even seen one in the mangroves near the Derby jetty above!!
    @Joan Elizabeth – ANYTHING red will do … I’m not fussy about the shade or hue!! Look forward to bringing you more adventures – and hopefully finding some new Royals along the way!!
    @PDP – I had to really hone my sunset shot skills to capture the marvellous WA sunsets – the colours were unbelieveable! Happy New Year – look forward to many more bloggy catch ups!!
    @Linda – I’m looking forward to my 2013 RED adventures too … if only I knew where they’d be!!!! But not before I whip up a JJ sightings post – with a heatwave coming up it should be easy!!!

  12. @Mark – I was trying to use shots I hadn’t featured before – but the Broome shot just HAD to get a 2nd showing! Happy New Year!
    @FruitCake – That’s my kinda thinking – with 12 on offer, why pick ONE?? This is a rule that could apply to almost anything!!! Thanx for your good wishes, and same back at you!!
    @George – No need to choose only one, my friend!! This time of the year is SO full of excess, why not add a little more? At least an excess of sunset shots won’t thicken the waistline …
    @diane b – Now … why did I know you were going to choose that one? It was your shot of daytime Gantheaume Pt that made me desperate to see it!!
    @TMWH – What better thing to do in winter than look at pix of somewhere sunny?!?! Ponder all you want – if it keeps those great blog posts churning out!

  13. Me too … looking forward to lots of laughs and intriguing insights from your travels in 2013. Loved the WA images of the north and north west – what some amazing ‘red’ sunsets you’ve seen this year.

  14. ah hah – good to see the majority of your killer sunsets are actually in WA! just goes to prove that we have the best sunsets in Australia – well I guess we are ahead anyway because we have sunsets over the ocean, so perhaps it is not a fair contest. I think closeted away in our homes cooking tea we miss the sunsets, it is only when we go out camping that we really see them. Many a time I have left my husband to finish dinner while I am off photographing a sunset. LOL he is used to it by now!
    Wishing you a wonderful 2013 – I look forward to seeing more of your travels through the year.

  15. Hi There Red:
    Of course, you know the windmills have to be my fav for they remind me of Prince Edward Island, with all the windmills in the setting sun up on the western end of the island. These are indeed beautiful and what better way to say goodbye to the olde year and welcome the new with your spectacular sunsets. NOW, how fast can you hop about or jump into the pocket of a Kangaroo and get some fab sunrises on the morn of 2013. haha Best to you n yours 🙂

  16. Red, my dear, When I scroll down and see all these outstanding shots, I kind of involuntarily gasp a little. Seriously. And then the one at Hopetown, bammm. It like a brilliant shock. And Derby Jetty ….. they are all proof that either all scenes in Oz are spectacular or you have the patience of Job, waiting for just the right click of the camera.
    Here we are in 2013. Wonder what new adventures lie waiting for you.
    love from Manzi

  17. I couldn’t pick a favorite sunset if I had to, but I definitely look forward to seeing more in 2013. I hope you have a very happy and healthy new year.

  18. How else would Red see out 2012 than in true RED style!
    Loved Lake Lascelles at Hopetoun, but in the end maybe home was best :/
    Looking forward to many Red adventures in 2013 🙂

  19. All amazing sunsets, but of course I’ m naturally attracted to the WA images, love the Derby Jetty and all of the Shark Bay shots, have witnessed those sunsets myself, fabulous.. Hope you had a super NewYear Red, catch you soon..

  20. 5 months of travel! No wonder you have been able to post so many fascinating places.

    Happy New Year may it be another year of travels to interesting places.

    I realised when I posted at SW tonight that the theme will interest you but nowhere near enough red for your tastes 🙂

  21. Red! thanks for the tip on the bird – I looked it up straight away and was amazed that I’ve never seen one up there before and I spent the first 40 years of my life there!! Birds intrigue me so thanks again.
    (PS: I’ll try not to tease for too long)

  22. Beautiful, vibrant photographs…makes me want to prop my feet up in a lawn chair and do some pondering. I know that you’ve got more great travels in store for us in 2013!

  23. @Rubye – Thank you, my friend! I hope your New Year brings YOU a perfect life too! Although it’s not all moonlight and magnolias on the road … maybe I’ll share some of the horror stories someday!!!
    @Valerie – 2012 is SO yesterday … we’re 10 1/2 hours into 2013 already!!! Have a great 2013!!
    @Filip – We do good sunsets down here! Happy New Year!
    @Windsmoke – And the same to you, my friend! We thought the Ad Hills sunset like that would bring a storm – but it didn’t!! Happy New Year!

  24. Happy New Year to you and your family. The Adelaide Hills sunset gets my vote because it looks so spooky and yet so calm.

  25. Red you had some whopper great sunsets to be proud of along your travels; what a treat. Do you celebrate the sunsets with a drink of bubbly or something? The Cadman Park deserved the tower in there I agree; it kind of anchors the pic somehow. The marbles, there’s another fabulous photograph – geez…they’re all special in their own right; well done. You get to some magic places out there

  26. Thanks for sharing your sunsets – they are amazing!! And many places I have on my list to visit. I think I will eventually have to become a nomad without being grey…

    I have a vision of taking the kids out of school and taking 3-6 months to travel around Australia. Now I just have to convince my husband and work…

  27. Fabulous collection! Thank you for sharing and have a lovely new year! Wait – it’s already 2013 in Oz – hopefully it’s a rocking one! Cheers ~

  28. Oh, these are all so gorgeous. And as the sun sets (sorry) on our old year, I wish you both a very happy new year.
    I think you have the perfect life btw.

  29. @Pretraveller – As a RED nomad, I’ve got 3 words to say to you. Just do it!! We hear a lot of people saying they wish they could do what we do – then giving us a dozen reasons they can’t. I look forward to reading about how you did it!!!
    @eileeninmd – Thank you, and Happy New Year to you too! Look forward to another great year of blogging!
    @Carole – Celebrating sunsets – now THERE’S a thought!! It’s usually celebration enough just to capture it – unless I’m in a convenient location like my own campsite! THEN there are sometimes bubbles involved!!! Happy New Year!
    @Fun60 – Now there’s a thought!! 12 pix ready to go … hhhmmm… you might have just given me my next inspiration!!! Happy New Year!!
    @River – The good news is you don’t have to pick!! There are no rules about how many you can like – but I did have a helluva job narrowing it down to just 12 … Happy New Year!!!

  30. @Alessandra – Happy New Year to you too, my friend! I look forward to seeing the NZ version of ‘sunset’!!
    @Andrew – Thinking of you on night shift and feeling outrage on your behalf. Of course you have no bias – and I have no other good Vic sunset pix – I must have been inside a lot!! I can vouch for the quietude of the Wattle Pt wind turbines – they’ve never kept me awake!!
    @Dianne – Lake Lascelles sunset was all the better for being completely unexpected – but keep watching in case I DO find a better one! Happy New Year!!
    @Rose – Look forward to catching up more in 2013 – I got WAAAAAY behind. Also read about the changes in your life – sending light and love your way, and wishing the best for you for 2013. Thanx for your support in 2012!
    @Linley – And here was I worrying in case it sounded too egotistical!!! So many votes for Lake Lascelles – maybe I’ll give it its own blog post?!?!

  31. The name of the post says it all Red, every one of them stunning. Love them all but Lake Lascelles and the wind farm are best. Happy New Year

  32. G’day Red, have just enjoyed catching up on your last few posts, I haven’t been by for a little while – and the photos in this one are simply awesome!!
    Gosh you’ve really clicked up some miles!

    Happy New Year Red, may you and yours have a good one.

  33. Wow! what can I say ….killer sunsets for sure …. and my top pic is Lake Lascelles …. can it get more beautiful than this?

  34. Coincidence I got a couple of sunsets too, New Zealand style with fire on the beach :-).

    Happy New Year Red!!


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