1000 Words About … Solitude!

Last Updated on September 28, 2016 by Red Nomad OZ

Coconut Wells Beach via Broome, Western Australia
Coconut Wells Beach via Broome, Western Australia

As you can tell from this shot of a typical Australian Beach, it’s obviously the middle of winter. AND peak tourist season.

No way?  No, REALLY!

Coconut Wells Beach, a short drive north of Western Australia’s Broome on this beautiful July day (yes, that IS winter dowunder!) showed no signs of habitation except for a dune buggy track heading off into the middle distance.

COOL Blue at Coconut Wells Beach, via Broome, Western Australia
COOL Blue at Coconut Wells Beach, via Broome, Western Australia

Thousands of Grey Nomads make the pilgrimage north from the colder states during the southern winter, and many lodge in Broome for the duration to enjoy its warmth.

But none of them had made it to this stretch of beach.

And while a couple of people strolled along the sandy shore further down, luckily we still managed to find some space of our own.

Coconut Wells Beach ROCKS!!! via Broome, Western Australia
Coconut Wells Beach ROCKS!!! via Broome, Western Australia

But that’s just what you get when you’re in a country with the longest coastline in the world, and where conditions are just right for the beach any time of the year somewhere along it.

SO … if you want to be alone on the beach in winter OR summer downunder, take a hyper-leap into another dimension where my guest post on the Explore Australia blog will show you 5 ways to find your own stretch of deserted downunder coastline!

Like THIS!

That darned Dune Buggy Track! Coconut Wells Beach
That darned Dune Buggy Track! Coconut Wells Beach

There’s plenty of other great Aussie travel articles on the blog – including my previous guest post Confessions of a Tween-Age Travel Blogger – so why not add it to your reading list?!

You’re welcome …

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  1. You can find some deserted beaches in Oregon, but I don’t think it’s as warm. George (above) could be right about NC …even though we spend part of the year in Florida, I am no expert on Atlantic beaches. Most of the ones near us here in Florida are too crowded for my taste.

    I like solitude too. Your pictures are wonderful.

  2. We just returned home from a nearly deserted beach in North Carolina. We enjoyed the solitude we found, but it would have been nice to have some of the beautiful sunshine you had. But then, we didn’t see a single sign of a dune buggy.

  3. Oh Red, you just made my day with these beautiful beach photos. Here it has dipped to -17 with cold north wind a blowin’ and you just warmed me up with your lovely photos. The magnificent white sands, blue sky and water – just what I needed. Thanks a bunch, Eh

  4. It has been a cold and crappy week in Phoenix. Christmas shopping in the rain, ughhh. I could use a few days at the beach.

  5. @TMWH – Yes, everything you said – PLUS a visit to the bakery, and it’d be paradise!
    @Windsmoke – Thanx for the vote of confidence in the header! You’re the first to notice!!!
    @Mary – No distractions, and it’s amazing what one’s mind finds!
    @Filip – I’ve seen a few of the beaches you’ve visited – but I reckon we could match them down here! Some of them, anyway!
    @Beach Bum – I can’t really take credit for great pix – I just stand there and press the shutter button!!!
    @Robert Geiss – I wish I was there right now!
    @River – You shouldn’t have any trouble finding somewhere … it truly is spectacular!
    @Alessandra – Not bad, huh?!
    @Inverness DP – Unbelievably, it’s even better in the flesh!!

  6. @Kath – Gosh! You’re nearly down to the digits of ONE HAND!! Try not to miss the snow too much while you’re here …
    @Joan E – Thank you! This series is supposed to be 1 pic (worth 1000 words) but I can’t seem to limit myself!!!
    @Dianne – Yeah, it’s different to, say, a ‘lost in the desert’ kind of solitude, huh?!
    @Carole M – And only you can say if I’m still making those same blogging blunders …
    @Indrani – Yes, the silence just shouts at you, doesn’t it?!
    @SFlaGuy – HAhaha, none of the above – including loos – at THIS beach!! If you visit real soon, you’ll be able to catch it before everyone else does …
    @Michelle – Ha! Somehow I’m thinking you’ll just have to content yourself with white snow instead! But hey! WE don’t get a White Christmas!!!

  7. Beautiful! Stunning! Incredible!

    I could go on but words fail to describe how spectacular your photos and Coconut Wells Beach itself.

  8. Great beach. We are currently in the Caribbean and they also have such beaches there. Top pictures.


  9. Your so lucky for living in a country that has such amazing weather all year round! It’s starting to get pretty cold in Germany, so there’s nothing I want more right now than a white, sandy beach!!

  10. Ok – So where do you hide the massive hotels and how did you keep the throngs of tourists behind the police tape while you took these. I don’t even see a proper outhouse in these shots.

  11. Solitude …. walking the length of this glorious beach with nothing but the lap-lapping of the sea on the shore … Now that’s what I call solitude!

  12. Solitude …one of my favourite words … just one word needs not 1000. Mind you, you put words together so well 1000 is OK.

  13. Only (uses fingers and frowns in concentration) seven more sleeps until my bare toes walk along Aussie sand such as this…!

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