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Willie Creek via Broome, Western Australia
When I took this photo of Willie Creek near Broome in Australia’s Top End, I wasn’t planning a cover shot!
Blue Calendar CoverBUT …
I hope you’ll agree it was the obvious choice for the cover of the latest calendar in my CafePress Shop:
COOL Aussie Blues with HOT Aussie Views!
Click HERE for more details of the BLUE calendar!
See the BLUE photos for each month with the ‘View Calendar Pages’ link on the product page.
And have a look at my other COOL Blue Products while you’re there!


Loo Calendar Cover
Australian Scenic Public Toilet devotees will be surprised to learn that my Amazing Aussie Loos with Awesome Scenic Views calendar isn’t for everyone …
But just think of the possibilities!!  Doesn’t EVERY home need something decorative – and tasteful – for the smallest room in the house??
This unique calendar, with a different Aussie Amenities building for each month, is a virtual tour of Scenic Australia!
Click HERE for more details of the LOO calendar! And see the LOO photos for each month with the ‘View Calendar Pages’ link on the product page.
So I’ve made it easy. Now there’s a choice of two!
And to celebrate the launch of this FAAAABULOUS* new calendar into my CafePress Shop one lucky reader will win a calendar of their choice from the two shown above!  She or he will also get to choose the start month AND year – because these calendars can be given at ANY time of the year!!
For 1 entry, just leave a comment below**
For 2 entries, TWEET this post with my Twitter handle @RedNomadOZ.
For 3 entries, visit my CafePress Shop and like or share your favourite product (Tweet, FB, Stumble etc). Then come back here and comment again to tell me what you did.
The Giveaway closes at 6:00 am, Tuesday 27 November (Australian Eastern Daylight Saving Time). The winner will be chosen by and notified by email or via your website – please ensure your contact email/website is available either on your profile, or in your comment***. If I can’t contact you, another winner will be selected.
Like this COOL BLUE?  It’s in the Calendar AND in the Shop!
Of course there can only be one winner … so visit my CafePress Shop to see what’s on offer!  Just so you don’t miss out …
AND don’t forget: A Calendar ISN’T just for Christmas anymore!
Choose your own start-month (and year!) for a perfect gift solution for those pesky hard-to-buy-for people ALL year round!
Of course you can choose a traditional January – December calendar gift. But why not start the calendar in the person’s Birth Month to create a more personal Birthday Yearcalendar? Or start it in May for a Mother’s Day Year or September for a Father’s Day Year memento?? Or even as a Financial Year record???
This dunny at Western Australia’s Quobba Blowholes is in the Calendar – but hasn’t bee on my blog yet!
A Countdown Calendar ending in the month of a big event like an overseas trip, sporting meet, house purchase or other significant milestone will make a fun keepsake that’ll last forever!
Check out these unique gifts – and other products – in my CafePressShop HERE!!
Good luck!!
* Modesty? What’s that??
** Email subscribers: take the link at the top of the email to my blog. Scroll down to the ‘comments’ field. Click on the drop down next to the ‘Comment As’ field. If you don’t have an account with any of the sign-in options, select ‘Anonymous’ and put your name and (if I don’t know you) contact email somewhere in your comment.
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  1. Nicely done. I think they’re perfect. Those blues are gorgeous. You live in paradise:) You’ve got great pics and I love following you on your adventures:) Keep ’em coming:)

  2. My husband doesn’t often read blogs, but I sent him the link to the scenic loos post before and he loved it! So it’s on a wish list, so yeah, I’m happy to enter. But if I win I might pick the blue one ;>) (I get an e-mail every time someone comments on my site).

  3. wow that first image certainly is blue! love it!
    I checked out your great calender in the Cafe Shop. I will have to find out how this works! and think about doing it myself.
    Have a great weekend/week, and thanks for stopping by my blog today. Yes Tasmania should definately be on your To Visit Soon list!

  4. I´m in a hurry but have the time to say:
    Great ideas (plural!) – will come back.
    You made me smile, thanks a lot! 🙂
    (Hope you sell overseas, our loo is very small but guess it can handle a calendar like that!)

  5. Wow Red, amazing stuff!! Love both calendars, the blue one is sooooo cool and typically Australian. I don’t twitter or facebook, so I might just go through the normal channels and purchase one through your Cafe Press Shop. A wonderful idea for Chrissy pressies.

  6. Whoooo Hooooo….. Congratulations to you on opening your CafePress Shop. I was over there looking around and love you new calendars as well as the prints.

    How cool that you can start the calendars on favorite Holidays or Birthdays. I still like the January start. Guess I am just old fashioned.

    I would have a hard time choosing which one I would want if I won….. Hmmmmmm I would have to pick The Cool Aussie Blues, but if you sent me the other… I wouldn’t be upset either.

  7. WOW Red, just checkout your shop and some fine things over there. I love the Calendars and framed photos and Posters. Great Idea and hope you have great success.
    Stunning shots of the “blue” water – it is really georgous. I like the idea very much that you can break away from the “Box” and create Calendars for whatever month one might desire. I like that very much. BOL with your Shoppe 🙂

  8. Love your dunnies calendar Red –
    Great idea 🙂

    1 Here’s my comment!
    2 Tweeted!
    3 Also shared it with my Facebook fans – Hope they love it as much as me!

    4 Now… Fingers crossed hehe 😀

  9. That is ridiculously blue, I haven’t seen that the color since I went to Hawaii.
    Glad you through in the gratuitous bathrrom shot.

  10. So you’ve got to put in quite some mileage to find a CREEK as good as this! Wow, it looks like an ocean, I guess it’s a play on words …. Certainly a great cover shot Red! Seems you’re diversifying; do you have plans for a green calendar for 2014?

  11. Haha just bought an Ozzie calendar on our trip there, do you think that two will be too much for a Kiwi household?


  12. I love your blue calendar! Using November as a starting point I really like the Feb; April; June and Sept pages. I do prefer calendars to start at January though, that’s what I chose for the red ones I bought.

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