1000 Words About … Mangroves!

Mangrove Reflections, St Kilda Boardwalk, Adelaide, South Australia

Mangrove Reflections, St Kilda Boardwalk, Adelaide, South Australia

Travellers downunder don’t generally associate South Australia’s Adelaide with mangroves*. Nor do they associate Adelaide with St Kilda**!

But once past the tremendous view over the samphire flats to the Adelaide Hills, the mangrove boardwalk in tiny seaside enclave of St Kilda transports visitors into another world.

View to Outer Harbour from St Kilda Mangrove Boardwalk, Adelaide, South Australia

View to Outer Harbour from St Kilda Mangrove Boardwalk, Adelaide, South Australia

And was once the setting of a dastardly rip-off that still assaults our finely tuned sense of outrage whenever we think of it.

Like today.

On our previous visit, a sign proclaimed that the mangrove boardwalk and education centre entry fee had been reduced because storm damage meant back-tracking if one wished to see all parts of the circuit walk . After slipping our irretrievable payment into the honesty box, we found that a) the education centre wasn’t open; b) only 500m of the 2+ km track was accessible; and c) the entry fee clearly wasn’t being spent on maintenance!

Yes, I get that if this is my biggest problem I’m having an easy life … BUT HOW DARE THEY?!?!

Mangrove Shadows reflected in the water, St Kilda Mangrove Boardwalk, Adelaide, South Australia

Mangrove Shadows reflected in the water, St Kilda Mangrove Boardwalk, Adelaide, South Australia

Today, however, boardwalk entry is free – for the same 500m stretch we walked last time. As I inhaled the beauty of spring in Adelaide, my sense of outrage evaporated.

Who cares about a measly few dollars when photos like these*** are mine for the taking??

* More common further north than South Australia

** The more well known version of St Kilda is in Melbourne!

*** 3 photos = 3000 words. I lied.

I can’t tell you if the financial, experiential or emotional cost for other Weekend Reflections participants was greater than mine. But you can find out for yourself HERE!

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  • Pretty skimpy mangroves. I think for once we have you beat in South Florida. Do you also have Sea Grapes? I was looking at the map today and trying to figure out how your world and mime have such similar flora and fauna. Does not look like we were attached at any time in the past so I’m guessing wormholes or poor luggage searches in the early days.

  • j aime bcp la premiere et la derniere,bravo !

  • Rubye Jack’s comment made me laugh Red, the reflection shots are tres belle . Mangroves are pretty fascinating, glad justice prevailed haha!

  • Yes I was surprised on both counts mangroves and St Kilda in Adelaide, although I have seen mangroves in Port Augusta so I guess I shouldn’t have been surprised. The reflections and colours play tricks with my eyes.

  • @River – Good girl!! ‘My’ mangroves probably aren’t any different to the Pt Pirie ones – it’s just a matter of camera setting!
    @ladyfi – Thanx! Nothing quite like this in Sweden, I’ll bet!
    @EG Camera Girl – I’ve got over learning the exact name, habits and history of every living thing I photograph – I just go with the moment now!
    @Rohrerbot – It’s a real challenge birding in the mangroves down here – the mangrove endemics are notoriously difficult to spot!
    @Saucy Kod – Thanx! And thank you for your GREAT email – will reply soon!!!
    @Audrey – Merci beaucoup! The middle one was just for contrast! I love natural abstracts!!

  • @Sallie – I’m sure our mangroves are pretty similar to yours, right down to the mozzies & sandflies! But … no crocs this far south!
    @Are We There Yet – You probably still won’t be able to recognise them from my ‘arty’ shots!!!
    @Andrew – One does one’s poor best …
    @Fun60 – I had the moral advantage and the pix, and they had the cash. I leave it to you to decide who got the best deal!
    @TMWH – Hahaha! Never thought of that!!! Taking the pix gave me quite a buzz – I think I’ll stick to that!!

  • @Mark – Ha! That’s the bonus of being so far south – still a bit cool for the mozzies & sandflies!
    @eileeninmd – Thank you! The State gov’t DOES have the funding, they just choose to spend it on other ‘necessities’!
    @Filip – I get a buzz from taking an interesting natural abstract!
    @Rubye Jack – Hahaha! But call me crazy, I blame the people who put the boxes there in the first place … but the beauty made it all worthwhile!
    @’Tsuki – I couldn’t believe my luck when I pointed the camera and saw the design!!

  • Mangroves are incredible wildlife habitats. I absolutely love visiting them while on birding, wildlife missions. Incredible!

  • Yah, the honesty box – we have one of those at our 6 hole golf course. You pay little to play and do not have the expense of large golf course. Always clean n cleared. Too bad they do not take care of boardwalk. Sad – Great photos Red. Love the reflections and colours – HAPPY:)

  • Mangroves are a mystery to me but they sure do make interesting reflections.

  • Well done for putting your money in an honesty box but what a pity you didn’t get your money’s worth. If it’s any consolation those photos have really made the mangroves look attractive!

  • What pretty shots.

  • I’m ashamed to say I had to get out my street directory and look up where exactly “our” St Kilda is! I knew we had one, just never been there. Your photos are lovely, these mangroves are prettier than the mudflat mangroves we played in as kids in Port Pirie.

  • I have heard of mangroves but never actually seen them, well maybe I have seen them and didn’t know what they were.

    I actually had to google it…. so now I know.

    How dare they take your money and not be open… the nerve of them. You got some great photos anyway.

  • Gorgeous, reminds me of Florida, especially the one with the yellow reflections! Anyplace where the mangroves grow is fascinating to visit.

  • The growing of those vegetal produce quite a strange pattern on the surface of the water. Amazing !

  • just waw, how beautiful nature can be.


  • Is St. Kilda the patron saint of mangroves? I hope you said a prayer of thanks to her for those wonderful pictures!

  • Mangroves are not very photogenic but you didn’t do a bad job of making them look interesting.

  • You’ve got to watch out for those honesty boxes. They’re rob you blind.

    However, the Mangroves are beautiful!

  • Great reflection captures! It is shame they do not have the funding to fix the boardwalk. A walk thru the mangroves sounds lovely. Have a great weekend!

  • Most boardwalks through mangrove swamp end like this .. or .. sandfly bites! or … if your lucky both!!!

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