Say it with … Toilets! Australia’s Scenic Public Toilet #28

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Scenic Public Toilet #28 - South Australia/Northern Territory Border
Scenic Public Toilet #28 – South Australia/Northern Territory Border

The convoluted maze of tracks, walkways, parking spaces and picnic spots at the South Australia/ Northern Territory border makes it difficult to determine exactly which state is responsible for this nouveau-classic Aussie Outback Dunny!

Welcome to South Australia - Hope you went before you came!
Welcome to South Australia – Hope you went before you came!

But my money’s on the Northern Territory.

Because after driving 900+ km through the South Australian Outback along the Stuart Highway from Port Augusta to the border, it’s unlikely that South Australia’s toilet-free-public-rest-area policy would suddenly change!

Isn’t it?!

The Silver Bullet at the SA/NT Border, June 2012
The Silver Bullet at the SA/NT Border, June 2012

Signs along South Australia’s remote northern highway attempt to reduce the road toll by encouraging travellers to take a break if sleepy; and even more ominously warn that drowsy drivers die. But taking a relief break without any privacy from passing traffic for one’s enforced squat in the dust just isn’t the relaxing diversion it should be!

Is it?!

Although maybe there’s a subtle psychological undertone because crossing ones legs possibly does provide an added incentive to staying awake!

Even so, it’s a welcome relief (in more ways than one!) to arrive at the border crossing point – and re-enter civilisation via an actual building in which to do your business.

The Northern Territory from the SA/NT Border Crossing Loo!
The Northern Territory from the SA/NT Border Crossing Loo!

THAT’S what’s scenic about THIS loo!!

And that’s why the SA/NT Border Crossing Public Amenities made the cover of my all-original Dunnies of Distinction Downunder Calendar, exclusively available through my Redbubble Shop!!


Inside, there’s 12 months of both never-before-seen Scenic Loo shots, as well as a selection of old favourites from my Australia’s Scenic Public Toilets series. All tasteful, of course!

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A Countdown Calendar ending in the month of a big event like an overseas trip, sporting meet, house purchase or other significant milestone will make a fun keepsake that’ll last forever!

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  1. @SFlaGuy – Well, now you know!! Can’t wait to hear your workmates response!!
    @River – Thank you so much for choosing to spend your money on my calendar!! Hope you both enjoy them all year!!
    @Aleah – Sadly, I’ve seen a lot of boring ones in between all these beauties!!
    @Nature Footstep – Haha, there’s a few like that down here as well!

  2. Hey – Was that plug there before I commented. See the order in US dollars, That’s mine! When my co-workers are all “what the heck” – I’ll tell them I would rather visit a Scenic Australian Toilet than work here. Which is actually pretty much how I feel right now.

  3. I’ve ordered two, one for me and a Christmas gift for my brother. He works all over Australia and will appreciate this a lot.

  4. I’m wondering when the “Australia’s Scenic Public Toilet” calendar is going to hit the stands. I’m sure you have enough material by now. I know I’d hang one on my office wall.

  5. @Beach Bum – Well I bet your wife’s friend doesn’t have a calendar like THIS! Whether she wants one or not is completely irrelevant …
    @TMWH – They must have known I was coming … you could do a countdown to the end of the school year calendar!!!
    @Marshall Stacks – Tragically yes. I couldn’t find a high traffic ‘print on demand’ shop operating from OZ. I didn’t look for the snakes … if they’re hidden, I’m happy!
    @Jill – There’s a few good ones in WA!! But now I’m always on the lookout!!
    @Sallie – I feel your pain … the more I travel in the outback, the more adept I become at the ‘squat’!
    @Johanna – They’re EVERYWHERE when you really start looking!!
    @Mark – Thank you! I guess that’s a compliment …
    @Kath – Well, after your Lyon experience you’d be WAAAAAY homesick for a real Aussie Dunny, right?!?!

  6. @Jane & Lance – Haha! Just wait ’til I come up with Product #2!
    @Carole – There’s a few things that keep me awake -and needing a ‘rest break’ is one of them!!
    @FruitCake – The worst loo paper slick I saw was in WA … Sadly, the building designers didn’t confide in me when they placed the basin – so your guess is as good as mine! Actually, it’s probably more humourous …
    @eileeninmd – The loo was MORE than welcome!!
    @River – Loos = maintenance = money. That’s my theory. Also, the SA gov’t isn’t interested in anything outside of Adelaide, let alone facilities for a few pesky tourists!! CafePress accepts both PayPal and credit cards!!
    @Andrew – Well, my work is done, because that’s where it’s intended to go!!!
    @Eccentricess – Well … I never thought I’d be so glad to see one … and SURELY the person with everything would be grateful someone had hunted down something unique!

  7. I’ve been missing your scenic loo posts and I’m thinking about the calendar! I know about that side-of-the-road thing — back (wayyy back) when we were younger, there weren’t as many roadside rest stops in our western states as there are now. Remember many times when a towel around the car door was used as a shield. There’s a lot of rest stops now (and it’s a good thing because I’m older and …..)

  8. there is nothing like a loo with a view. We’ve had a few in our time travelling around WA. I will have to check out Cafe Press. Thanks for the link.
    Have a great week. I am linking up to you through Zigazag!

  9. Wonderful you clever woman.
    I clicked through to order one for Andrew (before seeing his comment above)and after add-to-cart the US flag popped up and I ran away. Do they post from across the ocean?

    I did note in that first photo the nice possie under the slab for SNAKES to live …

    X X on behalf of annie o’d

  10. …a perfect gift solution for those pesky hard-to-buy-for people ALL year round!


    My wife has a friend who collects calenders, this would be perfect for her.

  11. Caught up in your description of the trek towards NT, I fully understood how this would be such a beautiful vision to behold. 🙂

    I love the concept of your “Calendar for the person who has everything”.

  12. Why the lack of loos I wonder? It seems odd not to have at least one. Unless “they” figure most people make that trip by bus or train which have their own loos on board.
    It is quite a pretty facility.
    I’ll have to have a think about the calendar. You don’t use PayPal do you? PayPal and me are not friends.

  13. Red, It is nice that they put in the loo. I can not imagine riding for hours without relief. What an idea for a calendar, loo’s with scenic views. Funny post, have a great day!

  14. But don’t you love the way parts of South Australia have waving fields of wheat – oops, waving fields of unburied loo paper?

    Is location of basin adjacent to women’s facility significant?

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