1000 Words About … Duckweed!

Lake Lonsdale with Duckweed, Grampians, Victoria
Lake Lonsdale with Duckweed, Grampians, Victoria

I couldn’t believe my luck!  Lake Lonsdale, deep in the heart of Victoria’s wonderful Grampians region, was red!!  RED!!!

A perfect placement of … Duckweek?  How cool is that?!

But wait!  There’s more!!

A wondrous array of dead tree silhouettes; clear blue sky with just enough cloud to be interesting; distant mountains; a perfect reflective surface.  All off-set by that AWESOME red.  Who knew that plain old Duckweed could do things like THAT to a photo?

My trigger shutter-button finger was itching.

Be still, my beating heart …

Weekend Reflections shows reflections from around the world WITHOUT duckweed, if you can believe that’s possible!!  Check ’em out HERE!

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  1. @diane b – Haha, it’s my mission in life!
    @TexWisGirl – Sadly, this lake is too big for that!! It looks great, but I’m sure it’ll reach pest proportions soon …
    @Iris – Thank you!

  2. we had really bad duckweed on a pond at our former residence. we had to rake it off the top in order to clear the water. 🙂

    thanks for your comment on my red barn. 🙂

  3. @darlin – Thank you!! It’s not quite outback RED, but it’ll do!
    @Gerald – The trees were killed by the dam filling up after many years. The duckweed is a recent addition …

  4. @Filip – Haha! There’s a fine line between lake, swamp, wetland and bog!
    @Andrew – OK, ok, but I’m loving the RED while it lasts …
    River – I suspect people in the country don’t like it for many of the same reasons! But … if you’ve got lemons, make lemonade, huh?!
    @Audrey – Thank you!
    @Joan Elizabeth – Haha, got to keep you guessing!!! Besides, I don’t want to become predictable!
    @Indrani – Thank you!! It made my day!
    @PDP – I love it even better it it happens when I’m there!!!
    @’Tsuki – The dead trees are so dramatic like stark fingers pointing to the sky! I just HAD to take the shot!

  5. @eileeninmd – I’m glad it was RED! A much more dramatic photo!!
    @Carole M – I loved every part of this vista!!
    @FruitCake – Haha! Of course not!! It’s the CAMERA!!!
    @TMWH – Haha, you’re hilarious!! Tell you what … next time I go there I’ll try it out for you!!
    Shirley – A little RED makes EVERYTHING better!
    @Rubye Jack – Well … apparently not always, from some of the other comments!! But who cares? RED works best for me!
    @Are We There Yet – It must have known I was coming …

  6. did the duckweed kill the trees or is that the conditions that allowed the trees to die the same that now allow the weed to thrive? – bet it kills the fish too – creates a lovely photo though.

  7. I’ve never seen red duckweed before, only green. People in towns don’t like it because it spreads very quickly , clogs up rivers and dams etc and is very hard to get rid of. But it is pretty and I like your lake view of it.

  8. Duck weed is an invasive pest. We used to have some in a backyard pond. I am trying to remember what made it red. I think it was sunlight.

  9. Very pretty scene. I have not seen red duckweed before, it is always green. Beautiful landscape shot, have a great weekend!

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