1000 words about … Gorges!

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Reflections at Glen Helen Gorge, Central Australia, Northern Territory
The rugged red rocks that make up the natural wonderland of Central Australia have spawned thousands of photos – many of which reside in the depths of my memory cards.

And there most of them shall stay …

In 2004 on our first visit to Glen Helen gorge deep in the heart of the fabulous West MacDonnell Ranges, we nearly took a scenic helicopter flight to see the sights. BUT … sadly, the professional crew shooting an advertisement took precedence!!

Earlier this year, we again headed west of Alice Springs to the towering red cliffs of Glen Helen gorge. And again didn’t take the scenic helicopter flight.

BUT … I took this photo instead!
One day, we’ll get to see the gorge from the air.  But I’m sure you’ll agree it looks pretty darn good from the ground!!

Have YOU got a great photo or post about a gorge anywhere in the world?

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  1. @FruitCake – Well how would I know that when I haven’t seen any?!?! I’ve been to Katherine too – but weirdly, I’ve never posted about it!! And as for the on-line stalking, bring it on!!

  2. You may have discovered photography is not my forte. Pity I can’t upload memories of Katherine Gorge.

    Oh well, I’ll just have to keep stalking you online – surely the next best thing?

  3. @Tash – Hey, thanx for playing! LOVE your contribution (is that unpatriotic??!!)
    @PDP – I’ve just seen some of the fab WA gorges! But I can’t link them up because I haven’t written about them yet!!! And your man’s just a tree man to me!!!!

  4. p.s I’m not really sure about the ‘tree man’ Red, I haven’t been able to find any info on the why he’s there at all, apparently according to a couple of my readers he’s an ‘Ent’ yup I had to Google it too!

  5. Well as you know Red we do have some fabulous gorges up north, unfortunately it’s been many years since I was last up that way and I have nought to offer..I’m more than happy to admire the beauty of your image of Glen Helen Gorge, spectacular reflections.

  6. @Greg – I have to detract from my photo-techno-incompetence with magnificent scenery! And why not PROVE your gorges are grim by linking up?!?!
    @Tito Eric – Thank you! But it’s not hard to get a good photo when you’re working with such fine raw material!!
    @Geetalima – Well … if you like these, stick around! There’s plenty more to come!
    @Lin – You can always visit Australia virtually – by dropping n here any time!!
    @Saucy – Thanx! But I fixed your link so it goes straight to the post!!
    @diane b – I’m hoping people will link up old posts to give them another airing and put a whole bunch of gorges together in one place!! Thanx for playing!!

  7. Love the colours and reflections. One that I haven’t seen so thanks for showing me. The blog hop thingy looks like fun. I hope old posts are okay. Wow you were travelling for a long time…envy envy.

  8. Sorry that I forgot to say where my Gorge was – St. George Gorge, St. George, New Brunswick Canada. Also check out post 4/22/12 for other photos of Gorge during spring run off – pretty kewl. lol

  9. I think you’re cheating a little with that magnificent looking gorge coupled with red rocks and blue skies!

    The gorges I visit down here are usually grim affairs, as everything from up top ends up at the bottom! Full of all sorts of things!

    I’ve tried to embrace gorge walking, but I think I’m walking in the wrong sort of gorge!!

  10. @jenny – Thanx for playing! It IS possible to get all gorged out in OZ – but they’re all different in some way!!
    @TMWH – We’ve taken the helicopter plunge (so to speak!) a couple of times – but only if it’s DEAD CALM, a clear day and the pilot looks older than 17!!
    @Nomadic Samuel – Haha, you’ve uncovered my travel pic secret! Luckily, it’s easy to indulge in gorge photography downuder!
    @JJ – We stayed at OG for nearly a week!! I’m saving it for it’s own BIG blog post!! Thanx for hooking up!!
    @River – I love your imagination!!! But I also think that’s why the photo works – the drama, movement and sense of hidden secrets add to the towering walls and stunning reflection!
    @Sallie – Ah, don’t hold back!! Link it up NOW!!!

  11. Just ‘across the road’ from Glen Helen Gorge is Ormiston Gorge (which is my blog hop)-

    With a stunning waterhole to swim in and huge white ghost gums (and the day we visited an upside down rainbow!!) all point to this being my ‘crock of gold’gorge 😉

  12. Unfortunately I don’t have a photo of a gorge to add. However I will be in Alice Springs about one month from today (very excited – first visit to Aus)and am hoping to see some of these terrific colours that you capture in your photos.

  13. That’s worth at least 1000 words; lovely shot. Not many gorges in this part of the world, though there is a place where the valley of the River Cam narrows from about 3 miles wide down to about a mile wide and perhaps fifty feet of very gentle elevation either side; local witty geographers have referred to this as “Hauxton Gorge”!

  14. @tipslifeandtravels – You’re right! And I plan to vist and show them all!!
    @John – Hahaha, that’s very good! Feel free to link up Hauxton Gorge – I’d LOVE to see it!!
    @Jane & Lance – What? You mean there’s nothing like this in the wilds of Venice? Or Budapest?? Amazing!!
    @Stewart – There’s been plenty of water in the desert this year (relatively speaking!). And yes, re-visiting a spot generally means not going somewhere else. Life is full of tough choices!!
    @Fun60 – Oh, I’m so jealous! I’ve just returned home after several months travelling and yearn to see those colours again!!
    @SFlaGuy – Haha, sorry to hear that!! You could always show us the downside of Florida and bring on a stagnant canal …

  15. We in South Florida have a severe lack of gorgeous gorges. We have a lot of stagnant canals though. Water runs best when it runs down hill and hills a hard to come by around here.

  16. Hi there – the Daintree is a great place – cant wait to go back (but there are lots of other places to see as well!)

    I like this combination of water and the red rocks – they seem to form a splendid contrast – water in the desert and all that kind of thing!

    Stewart M – Melbourne

  17. Hello:
    An amazing image. It is always of interest to see pictures of places we are unlikely ever to visit and which are so very different from anything known to us.

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