An Aussie Colour Cocktail – with a TWIST!

Last Updated on March 18, 2019 by Red Nomad OZ

I’m a technophobic dinosaur. Losing my – gasp – film camera to economic rationalist anti-technological conspiracy* was a devastating blow from which I’m still recovering. Then after I’d cut my digital photographic technique teeth on partner Pilchard’s 2 year ‘old’ camera, he gave me a new one for Xmas! Too much too soon.

So when I was nominated by both Linda of Journey Jottingsand Jo of Zigazag Magto enter the TravelSupermarket ‘Capture the Colour’ competition, just looking at the sample photos on the competitionwebsite was enough to make me think twice!

Of course the opportunity to promote the wonders of my native land (and maybe even a little ego) won out! So I decided to make my entry stand out by taking you on a tour through several states of OZ, with photos that show its colours in a different light. AND … I enjoyed taking them, so YOU’LL enjoy looking at them, right? RIGHT????

Luckily, we won’t have to wait for long to see if Travel Supermarket ‘appreciates’ my entry, as their competition page states clearly they’ll be re-tweeting their ‘favourites’!

These photos from my travels throughout Australia were taken by my old film camera, and two different digital cameras – see if you can tell the difference!!

BLUE … Sunset!

Blue Sunset – Lake Pamamaroo, New South Wales, Australia
A predominantly BLUE sunset doesn’t get as much press as – say – a RED one!

So this sunset over Lake Pamamaroo, in the vast waterways of the man-made Menindee Lakes system in the depths of the New South Wales Outback could have easily passed unnoticed.

Attempting to move on from losing the friendly fishing competition (is there any such thing?!?!), our campsite neighbours offered us a drink before the serious business of building a campfire and cooking dinner started.

So we had ringside seats for this Bounteous Blue Bonanza – and duelling cameras!

And now, despite my eye being more naturally attuned to red sunsets, I look out for the blue. It happens more often than you’d think!

Green … Flowers!

Correa glabra, Mt Wycheproof, Victoria, Australi

Earlier this year, I added another notch to my ‘World Exclusives’ belt by climbing Mt Wycheproof, self-proclaimed ‘World’s Smallest Mountain’. The jury’s out on whether or not this minuscule mountain really IS the world’s smallest – but there’s no standard international definition of ‘mountain’ and no one officially disputing the speciousWycheproofian claim.

So that makes MY claim legitimate – for now!! But even if at some future date this prestigious accomplishment is nullified, the other Wycheproof ‘World Exclusive’ I achieved is still valid.

Because Mt Wycheproof slopes are the only place in the world that the green flowers of Correa glabra (Wycheproof form) are found!!

And as green flowers are disproportionately under-represented throughout the world, the fact of its colour is an added bonus.

Want more? Read all about my Mt Wycheproof assault HERE!

Yellow … Outback!

Between Bedourie and Birdsville, Remote Outback Queensland, Australia

Yellow flowers aren’t really what the Yellow judge is looking for. According to the website, anyway! Too clichéd, perhaps??

Well, I know all about photographic clichés, thank you very much! And this photo is one of seven selected especially to showcase my world class cliché shot skills!!

Originally selected for the telegraph pole, selecting it again for the yellow flowers now ensures its full cliché potential has been realised.

So why did I select it?

The Queensland Outback has its own cliché: dry, hot and dusty – and often red. So what’s a field of yellow flowers doing alongside the road from Bedourie to Birdsville in the middle of absolutely freakin’ nowhere??

That’s what’s NOT a cliché!!

White … Crocodile!

White Crocodile, Victoria River via Timber Creek, Northern Territory, Australia

The crocodile cruiser swung towards the bank and our first Northern Territory Victoria River crocodile sighting was under way.

Cameras clicked.

Spontaneous laughter erupted.

Well, why wouldn’t it? Not only was this croc white, but it looked like a caricatured inflatable. Those teeth! That smile!! The way it was lying on the bank!!! We collectively applauded Neil Fogarty, Victoria River Cruise guide on finding such an innovative way to break the ice.

Then realisation collectively dawned. This croc was REAL!!

Red … Ocean!

Pindan Red meets Blue in Broome, Western Australia

The absence of bodies in the water is one clue that the RED colouring this incoming tide isn’t from spilled blood. Thankfully.

But the red sand gives the game away. The sea’s distinctive blue, characteristic of Western Australia’s Broome, is coloured by the red ‘Pindan‘, also a feature of the area. The lapping of the waves releases the colour. And with tides amongst the highest in the Southern Hemisphere at up to 9 metres, the mangroves are often completely submerged at high tide so remain unstained.

It would never have occurred to me to combine the blue of the sea and the green of the mangroves with red – it’s a startling contrast that’s even better live!

Even if it does seem a little macabre …

Want more? Well, sign up for blog updates – there’s plenty more Amazing Australian Adventures to come!!

* It would be too expensive to fix – if I could find a technician willing to sully her/his hands on such ‘old’ technology. And that’s ALMOST a quote!

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  1. @jenny – The Broome blue is AMAZING! As is everything about Roebuck Bay!! Glad you enjoyed!
    @Ken G – Thank you! Blue sunsets are SO under-rated!!
    @Sallie – It’s my favourite – today! I’m fickle like that!!

  2. “A predominantly BLUE sunset doesn’t get as much press as – say – a RED one!”

    Yes yes, but this photo is SO AMAZING!!! so I’m completely charmed! :)))

  3. @diane b – You were right! And so was my friend who lived in Broome for a while who’s been nagging us to go there for AGES! I loved it!!
    @gocamping – HAha, happy to get closer to the croc – but only if it’s a fake like I first thought!! This time I was safely behind bars on the boat …
    @Saucy Kod – Thank you so much! Half the fun of these competitions (which I never even come close to winning) is reminiscing as I go through my ever increasing archive!
    @TMWH – I was going to write that I wish you guys were the judges, when I realised that you guys ARE my judges!! Not a group of people and a website that couldn’t even be bothered to acknowledge my entry!!
    @Mary – Thank you very much! Your support means everything to me!!
    @Johanna – It’s my pleasure! Thanx for introducing me to the contest!
    @Aleah – So sorry to leave you so little time. I hope you enjoy sorting through your pix as much as I did mine!!
    @MJWC – Ah, my friend, you’re so kind … thank you so much for your support – I’ll take you as my judge any day!
    @Kusum – Thank you, it’s always my pleasure to visit your site!

  4. OMG! I love the crocodile and the red sea! Seems unbelievable, but only you can capture such shots like that. Thanks so much for tagging me. I will post on Aug 29, but it won’t be for the contest anymore. Too late to nominate others!

  5. It is beyond me why you would ever think twice about entering any photo competition. Your photos are always amazing.

    Thes are amazing photos and I don’t Think you have a thing to worry about.

  6. Good luck with the contest. As far as I’m concerned you stand heads above the crowd. Your colors today were truly amazing. have a great day. Blessings…Mary

  7. I LOVE your photos–whatever camera you use. I am glad that others recognize your awesomness, too. You should float past the judges on that site based on that last photo alone, but I really love the stunning blue sunset.

  8. HiYa Red:
    Thanks for the colour trip. I remember some of these from past posts and really did enjoy the virtual tour to other photos. I think the white croc stands out as most impressive. Never saw one before and didn’t even know they existed. Great post and even greater photos.Excellant job in photos girl.

  9. Great selection, but the one from Broome is definitely my fave. Having never seen water that looks like that – it has the WOW factor!

    I like the white croc too, but next time, can you get a bit closer for the photo of a croc? Not too much to ask is it ? (says she who is very afraid of these prehistoric beasts!!)…

    Good luck in the comp.

  10. You can believe me now when I said the red of the pindan and the blue of the sea was amazing in Broome.
    Great and unusual colours. Good luck in the competition.

  11. @FruitCake – I thought Broome had the most incredible blue sea I’d ever seen, but contrasting it with the pindan really showed it up!
    @Andrew – Correct, correct, correct! Yellow is digital, Blue is film!! So now you know!! All you have to do now is care …
    @Beach Bum – How weird! Pilchard has the same film mentality! I used to shoot a few rolls of film on holidays, now I take THOUSANDS! All I have to do now is learn to edit out the c**p!
    @Joan Elizabeth – Thank you!! Glad you enjoyed them!!
    @River – You’re SO good for my ego, girlfriend!! The red tide is my favourite of this lot!!
    @Mark – Haha, thank you! Now … if ONLY you were one of the judges!!

  12. I have no idea which ones are the digitals, to me they’re all the same and all excellent.
    I love the blue sunset and the pindan red sea.

  13. For most of my life I had no interest in photography, growing up with film cameras I was taught film cost money and pictures were for family events, holidays, and the very rare special event.

    When digital came around with the ability to delete and download I took off and started taking pictures of everything. My wife still has the old film camera mindset and chides me on all my snapshots.

  14. Well, the contrast between the pindan red and the briny blue makes for a “pretty” astonishing colour combo.

    9 metre tides??!!

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