Signs #20 – Croc? OR CROCK!!

Last Updated on March 3, 2017 by Red Nomad OZ

Swimming sign at Elsey National Park, Northern Territory
“Hey guys! The swimming hole’s open – but I’ll go in first and check for crocodiles,” said no one ever after reading this sign in the Northern Territory’s Elsey National Park.
Looks inviting, doesn’t it?!  BUT …
It’s a relief to learn that despite other signs in the park indicating crocodiles ARE present, the ‘reduced risk’ in the ‘crocodile management zone’ means this swimming hole on the Roper River is OPEN!
But there’s a subtle distinction between ‘low risk’ and ‘no risk’.
Isn’t there?
And if it’s SO safe to swim in the waterhole, why is there a contact number for sightings?
No crocodile hiding places here, right?!
Just askin’!
But what am I saying! Government organisation risk management practices are so sound and reliable, there’s no question of accepting them.
Is there?
But conducting a check for one of the most cunning and dangerous predators on earth might take more than a quick look for the most common signs. Slide marks on the banks? No! Odd bumps that could be eyes, nostrils or tails in the water? No! Suspicious looking logs? No!
Of course there’s no way of knowing whether any of the vegetation or rocks in and around the water may be harbouring a crocodile, or even whether your preliminary check was successful unless you go in the water. But if you DO see a crocodile, at least you’ll have the consolation of knowing it’ll be removed!

SO … who’s going to be the guinea pig in first?!?!

AAAARRRGH!  Is that a CROCODILE in the water??**
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**Please note:  this crocodile was NOT photographed in the Roper River at Elsey National Park!  It was, however, photographed in the Northern Territory!!

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  1. Jayne, Jayne, Jayne, Jayne, Jayne! You should have seen footage somewhere of crocs walking along the bank until they get to the water’s edge. How many times would you read the same page before you decided to move?

  2. I don’t think that I would trust the sign. I used to laugh when the guides would say “these crocs are Johnson fresh water crocs, they’re not dangerous” yeh right, I wouldn’t like to test the theory.

  3. @Indrani – I think everyone else will be doing the same thing!
    @Mrs Tuna – Yes, my fantasy life is alive and well too!!
    @Cathy – You’re wise to be afraid!!
    @Alessandra – Hey, welcome to OZ! I TOLD you it was RED, didn’t I? It’s even redder up in North East Western Australia!
    @Jayne – Hey, that’s MY job!!!!

  4. Ciao Red, I am in the NT now!!! But not near crocs :-).
    First time in the red desert for me, I see what you mean by RED now!


  5. Yikes, that’s enough to keep me out of the water. I once saw several crocodiles near a swimming area in Mexico – as my grandkids would say…”too scary.”

  6. @Kath – Weird … that’s what P&I thought too!!!!
    @Dianne – I bet the swimming hole would look a LOT more inviting if you knew how high the temperature was! But no swim is worth that!!
    @TMWH – Yeah! Now you’re talking!!!! Those croc-proof boats are the business!!
    @Francisca – Haha! I’m glad I’m not alone!!!
    @Fun60 – Hey! You’ve been here before!!! That’s SUCH good advice, I’m sure I don’t know why they don’t include it on the signs!
    @RedPat – Haha! So did I!!
    @luckyannette – There won’t be any of me in the water to watch!
    @Lesley – The point is that you just don’t know what’s down there!
    @Wendy – As if!! There’s no way you’ll get me in there …
    @MJWC – How old do you think I am?!?!?! Yeah … it IS before my time!!!
    @Andrew – Are you trying to convince me, or the overseas tourists?!?! Hope your holiday is going great!
    @River – Hey! That’s MY strategy exactly!!!
    @Sallie – Welcome back! I think there are a few thrillseekers out there! They’re the armless/legless ones …
    @PDP – No, YOU first! I insist!!
    @Saucy – HHHMMMmmm… Crocs? or Killer Tides?!?! Not sure what the worst option is, actually! But you’re right! No swim for me & P!!!

  7. I’ll bet you n Pilchard did not go toe dippin’. Me, no thanks, I think I will just stick to the Bay of Fundy. Do you think anyone ever goes in the water, regardless of the signs. I do not expect to be a Crocodile Dundee any time soon. Loved the post, and that last photo is a keeper. WOW, he is a big croc.

  8. Oddly enough, I’ve never heard anyone in Florida say they wanted to go swimming with the alligators and though I’ve never been there, I bet nobody in your neck of the woods as ever said that about crocodiles.

  9. Don’t think that is somewhere I would want to swim.

    The signs signs reminds me of the song from way back when. Signs Signs Everywhere Theres Signs, Blocking out the scenery, breakin my mind. Do this don’t do that, can’t you read the signs.

    Probably a little before your time.

  10. You be the guinea pig and I’ll watch from shore, lol…Oh and OMG to that saltwater croc, that thing is HUGE!!

  11. From the title to your last photo this was a terrific post. You’ve illustrated my confidence level in government perfectly. LOL!

  12. I have no wish to lose an appendage by swimming in that lovely pool. Maybe I could just take a boat out? A steel, bite proof, boat?

    Or is that cheating?

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