What’s good about … Melbourne?

I haven’t spent a lot of time in Melbourne recently – so I’m happy to welcome someone who has! 
Cristina Laria is blogging from not for profit community television station Channel 31 in Melbourne and Geelong. C31 has recently launched a new tagline “We Are Melbourne and Geelong” and to celebrate, they would love for all Melbourne and Geelong lovers to post their favourite Melbourne or Geelong icons on their Facebook page at http://www.facebook.com/C31Melbourne.
Cristina loves … Lygon St, Carlton!

I often think back fondly to when I was a child and my family would make regular trips to Lygon St in Carlton. Both my parents were born in Italy and migrated to Australia before I was born. Growing up I have always had a strong sense of my Italian heritage and been encouraged to embrace it, through learning the language and experiencing its customs and traditions – especially when it comes to food!

Lygon St Pizza, Melbourne, Victoria (photo courtesy of Cristina)

Nowadays it seems that every corner you turn there’s a restaurant boasting authentic Italian cuisine. However when I was younger, finding traditional Italian food wasn’t so easy. My family would have to venture out to Carlton from our suburban bayside home to find an Italian meal. With my older brother and I in the back and my parents in the front, we would drive for what seemed like forever to Lygon St, where we would often meet extended family and friends. We’d enjoy a pizza or a pasta and maybe even a gelati if my brother and I behaved! While there my mum would stock up on produce at the few small Italian delis on the street, selling imported cheeses, cured meats, olive oils and pastas.

Nowadays I still love going to Lygon St. Being in Carlton, it’s central for everyone and you can always count on getting a great meal wherever you go. And the amazing smell of pizza as you walk down the street gets you every time!

Thanx, Cristina!  Melbourne’s Lygon St is legendary – even amongst those of us who haven’t been there recently!!  AND … if that sensational pizza is a sample of what awaits –  am I the only one drooling?! – I can’t wait for my next visit!!

If any other readers would like to share a favourite piece of Melbourne, head on over to Channel 31’s Facebook page at http://www.facebook.com/C31Melbourne.  AND … let me know too!  I’d like to feature some more of Melbourne right here!!

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  1. @magsx2 – Thanx for dropping in!
    @Rubye – HAha! I’ll bite – what’s Okie Italian like???
    @River (again) – you and me both, girlfriend!
    @TMWH – HHHMMMmmm… strange the pavlovian effect that a fine pizza pic has on the gastric juices!
    @SFlaGuy – Haha! Happy to share anytime – but you have to come downunder first!!! Sea turtles, huh? I’ve had THAT experience downunder too – but can’t wait to check out yours!
    @PDP – LOVED your scenic loo!! Thanx so much – I think – for seeing a toilet and thinking of me!
    @Diane – Two, huh? How did you get THAT lucky??!!
    @This is Belgium – What a shame! But I’m sure he got some goodies anyway!! Maybe he’ll just have to come back??!!
    @Tracey – I hope Cristina has dropped back in to see your comment – I’ll sure take up your tip if I’m ever in Brissy!
    @Aleah – Hahaha! Pizza brings out the best – or worst – in everyone!!

  2. @Alessandra – If you think it looks good, it MUST be!! Would love to try it!!
    @River – I think so! One day I’ll explore it fully for myself!!
    @Fun60 – And I’m sure you’ll find them just as good!!
    @Saucy Kod – Pizza? For BREAKFAST? You Canadians!!!
    @Michelle – Really?? You must have been hunting in all the wrong places!!
    @Kath – Thanx for the clarification! I’ll have to check it all out for myself one day!!
    @MJWC – It’s almost TOO good, isn’t it?!?
    @Courtney – Well, come on down!!! The flights are only a day out of your life …

  3. I love good Italian. Melbourne is a bit of a trip, though! 🙂
    I have two sisters-in-law from Melbourne. Good things come from there!

  4. At some point in the day tomorrow I must have pizza, thanks heaps Red….
    btw something especially for you in my Sunday post!!

  5. I need the number to your pizza parlor please. Do they deliver to South Florida? You have Fed-X down under right? That would have come in pretty handy last night at 4:00 am while I was waiting for baby sea turtles to hatch. If you can’t share your pizza, at least I can share my story.

  6. Such a beauty of a pizza! This reminds me that I need to try out one of the more authentic Italian places near here. The Italians immigrated here around the same time the Indians did and I want to see if their food is Okie Italian or decent Italian or even perhaps great Italian. You don’t even want to know what Okie Italian might be. Ha.

  7. That pizza looks like it should be from somewhere in Italy, not Australia! How fun you had this guest post. I wold love to go to Melbourne. Heck, I just want to get Down Under period!!!!!!

  8. That pizza looks utterly delicious!

    River, Lygon Street is *the* street for Italian cuisine and Little Bourke Street is Chinatown.

  9. Oh, geese – I gotta go have breakfast girl – did you have to show photos of my most fav food – there is a great Italian Restaurant in Saint John, NB, where we go called “Vito’s” – Oh, God, now I have to go eat.
    Oh yeah, nice photos, informative post and NOW, CAN I PLEASE GO EAT – Smiles n chuckles n have a great day!

  10. I’m going to show my ignorance here and say that I thought Lygon Street was Chinatown. Is it multicultural then?

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