Silver Bullet Sighting #2 – Bright, Victoria

The Silver Bullet above Bright, Victoria

It’s a fine April evening in the Victorian Alps, so high up the spectacular autumn colours in Bright, 9.2 km below on a series of narrow and winding logging trails are only just visible in the fading light.
Nonetheless, putting the Silver Bullet through its paces was almost a pleasure – dulled only by the hairpin bends, steep gradient, rocky surface and sheer drops just inches from the Silver Bullet’s tyres …

Go ahead.  Call me crazy!
The view from the Victorian Alps above Bright, Victoria

The staggering view made the scare factor SO worth it – but I was happy to enjoy this scenic vista from the comfort and solidity of SB’s bonnet.
Jump off from here?  I don’t think so …

Autumn colours, Bright, Victoria
Because even THINKING about leaping off the edge of this tandem paragliding launch platform and floating down to the valley floor so fills me with the shrieking horrors I can’t even walk onto the fake lawn that marks the jumping off point …

Even if you call me a coward.

Down below, the alpine town of Bright lights up with the kind of autumn colours that almost make me see the point of cold and snowy winters. The yellows, the oranges and the reds.
OH, those REDS!!
And if I can’t find a scenic public toilet here, my name’s not Red Nomad OZ!!

Call me content.
The Silver Bullet rests in the Bright Big 4 Caravan Park, Victoria
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  1. I missed your pictures. Amazing scenery! To see autumn redish landscapes when cherries are in full bloom…

  2. Just beautiful. We have a road along a pass through the Rockies from Montana to Alberta called the “Going to the Sun Road’. And it is aptly named. They have widened it now, but in years past, I was known to hold my feet up and lean inward when the edge got too close.

  3. @Betty – Thank you so much! I’m kinda still MIA …
    @Kathy – In some areas they do, in others they don’t!!! This area is in the OZ Alps, so has snow and a more traditional autumn!
    @Manzanita – Oh, can’t WAIT to see your loo! Send me a pic!! As for the precipices, I can be VERY brave with a guardrail between me and the drop!!!
    @Sallie – I’m up for adventure – it just has to be non-life threatening!!!
    @Mary – Why not?!?!?! I don’t care if people think I am really crazy – what is ‘normal’, anyway??!!
    @Super Earthling – Hey, I share those feelings of magnetism towards the sheer drops!!! Maybe we should star in a new version of ‘Thelma & Louise’???!!!
    @Michelle – Haha, same seasons, just 6 months different to northern hemisphere!!
    @Chris – I’m surprised your dad hasn’t been here!!!
    @Aleah – I have an Olympus SZ-10 that I got for Xmas. I’m still sorting out the panorama option – it doesn’t always work so well – HHHMMMmmm… maybe it’s just me!!!

  4. Wow, what gorgeous scenery! You have some great shots here.

    I have a fear of heights and get super stressed out whenever driving along mountain roads where the edge is too close and there’s a sheer drop. I’m just certain the car will somehow be drawn over the cliff and whoosh–OFF WE GO! 😮

    As you can imagine, this doesn’t exactly make me the best passenger to have in a car for such drives. LOL

  5. I love the panoramic shots! Keep forgetting you guys have different seasons down there!

  6. Hairpin turns dull your pleasure? I thought they’d add to the adventure!

    Your car is up to it all and I know you two are too! Gorgeous scenery, the beautiful Fall colors are already showing. (By the way, that red tree in my collage for Earth Day was from last fall, just before we left Oregon for the season.)

  7. Never invite people to call you crazy :-). Your photos are lovely and the fall foliage is truly gorgeous. Have a wonderful day. Blessings…Mary

  8. That color looks like winter can’t be far behind. One would never know you are afraid of heights as you’re perched on some precipice in many pictures.

    I have a loo for your collection. It’s my very own outhouse. Not quite finished….. have to decorate a little. I’m making the ranch self-efficient/sufficient and it wouldn’t be complete without an outhouse.

  9. I realized Australia is heading into your Winter months, but somehow I didn’t realize your trees would be changing colour. The scenery is breathtaking, too. Glad you had your silver bullet refuge!! Thanks for stopping by to visit.
    Kathy at Oak Lawn Images

  10. what a spectacular!
    great scenery! your autumnal photos look just heavenly! thanks so much for sharing this beauty.

    big hugs!

  11. @Angela – The highest Australian mountain is about 2200 metres with a lot of the really high country at 1800+. These photos were nowhere near that high, but looking towards some mountains that were!
    @Fun60 – Yes, there’s almost enough material for another blog about them, isn’t there!
    @PDP – Hahaha! Lucky the Silver Bullet knows how to hug those corners … with Pilchard’s help, of course!!!
    @darlin – I guess it’s all commonplace to you Northern Hemisphereans, but autumn colours are a real novelty to me!
    @Kath – It’s a ‘WOW’ tree! I photographed it from every angle!!
    @Dianne – Hahaha! You CAN do Bright WITHOUT the hairpin bends!! But I’m not sure that’d be as much fun …

  12. @Beach Bum – Haha, only 6 months to go then!!!
    @TMWH – Just as I loved seeing the autumn colours as WE were about to go into summer! Funny how many people don’t seem to like the idea of paragliding, huh?!?!
    @John – Hopefully it always WILL look this beautiful! Glad to provide a memory jogger!!
    @Joan E – I was a Bright virgin until now!! I can’t believe the colours – also can’t believe it’s taken this long to get here!!

  13. @Courtney – Yeah, different hemispheres will do that to the seasons!!! And it’s sure cool where we are now!
    @SFlaGuy – Hahaha, nothing gets past you fire-eaters!!!
    @Friko – Well then, my work is done! But … more posts on the High Country to come!! Stay tuned!
    @Magsx2 – I admire them too – I’m SO not going to do it myself, though!!!
    @Alessandra – Yes, they’re great cars for exploring non-standard terrain!!
    @Windsmoke – This is one time I’d be happy to be wearing lead boots – that way my feet aren’t going ANYWHERE! Even accidentally!!

  14. @MJWC – Our Autumn = your Spring! Today I went to an even scarier hang-gliding jump off spot – if you thought this one was bad, just wait!!!
    @River – Adelaide in autumn is lovely, but Bright puts autumn colours in a whole new category (for Australia)!!
    @Andrew – Only you can say if you’ve been there or not! The autumn leaves are the best I’ve seen – but the green comes at a price!!
    @Saucy Kod – Sounds like you could rewrite the ending to ‘Thelma and Louise’!!! Just like you rewrote that GREAT traditional ‘loo’ song, haha!! LOVE your comments!!
    @TGFN – OMG, thought you’d dropped off the face of the earth!! Come clean, now. Had you even HEARD of the Victorian Alps before?!?!?! Still waiting for your RED pix for a RED Alert interview!!

  15. Oh yes right, you have autumn in April. I love this season.
    What’s the high from the Victorian Alps? They are complete planting with trees, you are more northern 35° than we southern 47°. I think it can be up to 2500 m. In Switzerland it would be not more than 1800 m.
    Kind regards

  16. I’ve seen my fair share of ‘hairpin bends’ (well my eyes were closed most of the time! thankfully I wasn’t driving haha!) Absolutely spectacular autumn images Red, and I’m very interested to see if you can beat ST no. 15 or even ST no.24 here in the Victorian Alps. I’ll be watching!!

  17. It is heading toward summer here, so it is refreshing to see those fall colors where you are! Paragliding is NOT on my list of things to do, by the way, so I share your feelings about the jumping off point.

  18. Bonza photos. I especially like the spectacular view in the 2nd photo. Like you there is no way i’d go tandem paragliding as i prefer to keep my feet firmly planted on the ground :-).

  19. I think that I have already told you, but a part from the roof rack my husband has a SB too :-). We need it here in the Waitakere Ranges!


  20. Hi,
    Fantastic views, just gorgeous. I really admire the people that go paragliding, it really must be spectacular flying above these beautiful places, but like you I am also a coward and could never do anything like that, maybe that is why I admire people that do. 🙂

  21. What the heck is going on with your trees – They are turning all red. Some kind of bug maybe? Sort of looks like what happens to our trees up north around October…… oh wait. I see what’s going on here.

  22. Huh. Totally forgot your Fall is our springtime. Since we didn’t have much of a fall or winter this year, I’m signing as I’m enjoying your photos and dreaming of cool weather. (Which actually we have today. We’ve been having summer-like weather. Today feels very fall-like…except without the pretty scenery you put in your post. 😉

  23. Wow, love it! Totally not what I thought the Victorian Alps would look like. But gorgeous. And, of course, love the RED! Hope you’ve been well, lady.

  24. This silver lass would not be in the silver bullet this close to the drop off edge – yah, i’d probably sling a rope around the door handle and skimmer part way down the edge until i found a old outcropp of a stones edge to rest on – IS THAT POSSIBLE ? ha,ha
    Is there a LOO in the valley – you heard that song, eh –
    Down in the valley — valley so loo….ha,ha just being silly Red.
    Great shots kiddo, love the autumn in Bright, Victoria and am astounded with the beauty of the Victorian Alps; quite breathtaking. Thanks , great post Red.

  25. I think I have been to that very place you photographed from in the second photo. The more dramatic seasonal changes there make the autumn foliage wonderful.

  26. Driving with my tires just inches from a drop off would of made me want to poo my pants and I would be looking for a public toilet too… If I could hold it that long.

    So, you are having your fall now? We are just in our Spring of the year.

    As always, you were a GREAT tour guide. Love all the fall colors.

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