7 Super Shots!

While my lack of photographic expertise makes me feel unworthy, I’m ecstatic to be taking part in the HostelBookers 7 Super Shots challenge courtesy of Courtney of Haunt Jaunts fame who was kind enough to tag me in her 7 Super Shots post! Thanx Courtney!!

The 7 Super Shots challenge really IS challenging!  To help me choose just seven photos – one for each of the seven categories below – from my vast archive, I narrowed it down by going the more off-beat All-Australian travel shots!  As you will see …

A photo that … takes my breath away:

Amethystine Python, Lake Eacham, Atherton Tablelands

Amethystine Python, Lake Eacham, Atherton Tablelands

I’m so brave with 3+ tonnes of steel (ie ‘car’) between me and this harmless (read ‘non-venomous’) 3 metre amethystine python heading AWAY from me … but that didn’t stop the involuntary gasp that took my breath away when we swerved to avoid it!

Although living with snakes is normal downunder – walk through long grass at your peril – I’ll NEVER get used to them.  Nine of the world’s ten deadliest snakes are found in Australia so whether dangerous or not, an unexpected snake sighting ALWAYS takes my breath away …

A photo that … makes me laugh or smile:

Elvis Campsite, Wycliffe Well, Northern Territory

Elvis Campsite, Wycliffe Well, Northern Territory

The Northern Territory’s Wycliffe Well claims to be Australia’s UFO capital, and has newpaper clippings of dozens of ‘confirmed’ sightings, along with an eclectic array of random statues – think the Hulk and the Phantom – to prove it. Eating in the Galaxy Auditorium will top off your otherworldly experience!

But what have UFOs got to do with Elvis?  You tell me!  Not that it mattered – we immediately nabbed the Elvis campsite on our first visit because we could!  Just as well, because it’s been taken on all subsequent visits …

A photo that … makes me dream

Log-chopping at the 2011 Bedourie Camel Races

Log-chopping at the 2011 Bedourie Camel Races

Imagine, if you can, a row of the Aussie Outback’s finest competing against each other in a log chopping competition specifically designed, I’m sure, to showcase what life on the world’s largest cattle stations can do to a man. And also to show that surfing isn’t the only sport worth a look downunder!!

Luckily for me, I don’t have to imagine – I’ve seen it for myself at the 2011 Bedourie Camel races. Will I ever see that sight again? Sure I will! In my dreams …

A photo that … makes me think:

Mezze platter, Cafe Y Barossa Valley South Australia

Mezze platter, Cafe Y Barossa Valley South Australia

I can’t look at this photo of the FAAAABULOUS mezze platter from Café Y in South Australia’s Barossa Valley without thinking several thoughts:

  1. how good it’s going to taste;
  2. how long since our last visit; and
  3. how soon I can get there again!

Many other photos will trigger more earth-shattering, challenging, life changing and even worthy thoughts – but sometimes a little sensory indulgence can sharpen awareness and prepare us for the more serious side of life.

A photo that … makes my mouth water:

Salt Inception Scheme outlet, Stockyard Plains via Waikerie, South Australia

Salt Inception Scheme outlet, Stockyard Plains via Waikerie, South Australia

The largest salt inception scheme in the world means flooding an arid landscape with the saline water from Australia’s largest river system then letting nature take its course as the water filters back through the water table leaving the salt behind.

It also leaves behind a landscape with magnificent photographic opportunities at every turn – but the excess salt visible in the ground and round the rocks leaves one with an overriding desire to quench ones thirst!

A photo that … tells a story:

Isisford, Outback Queensland

Isisford, Outback Queensland

It’s my contention that EVERY photo tells a story – it’s just that some stories are WAAAY more interesting than others. So while I could have chosen many shots for this category, the story behind this sign at the western entrance to tiny Queensland town of Isisford is one of the more intriguing!

No, the sign is NOT a joke!! If I’m right and the story DOES intrigue you – read about it HERE!

The photo that … I am most proud of (ie my ‘worthy of National Geographic’ shot):

Photographers like me are unaccustomed to thinking of their ‘work’ in conjunction with National Geographic.  There’s no way I’d describe myself as a photographer – as some of you will now agree – so being an each-way-bet kind of girl, I’m going to cheat and show you my three finalists and you can tell ME which one (if any!) is most worthy.

And if they look pretty ordinary to your more trained photographer’s eye, bear in mind that I’m proud of them because I’m NOT a photographer – but for a brief and wonderful moment or two, I can look at these shots and make believe that I am …

Menindee Lakes Sunset

Menindee Lakes Sunset

This Menindee Lakes sunset was one of the last photos taken with my non-digital camera before it gave up the ghost in late 2011.  Technique?  What technique??  I just pointed it at the sky and clicked!

Mounts Gower and Lidgbird, Lord Howe Island, New South Wales

Mounts Gower and Lidgbird, Lord Howe Island, New South Wales

I’ve written many times about the staggeringly perfect Lord Howe Island – the good thing about this shot is it really DOES look like this!

Cawnpore Lookout, Outback Queensland

Cawnpore Lookout, Outback Queensland

And finally, the amazing formations of Cawnpore Lookout epitomises travel in the Australian Outback.  Against the red rocks and stark blue sky, our rig shrank into the landscape – and we didn’t want to leave!

And now that my work is done, I get to choose five victims new participants for the 7 Super Shots challenge! Here they are (in no particular order):

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  • Rita – Just you keep coming back now with comments like that!!

  • As I said before it is a pleasure to get to travel your country by way of your blog. Your photos and your narrative are both simply perfect.

  • @Journey Jottings – Haha, LOVED the dump!!! That seems like a really bad design flaw … The Scenic Loos really ARE there for a reason!!
    @Greg – Gee, I’d KILL to have the kind of pain that comes with having 1000’s of killer shots!! Thanx for playing anyway!!
    @Criss – Thank you!! But you don’t HAVE to pick a favourite … just enjoy!!

  • It’s really hard to pic favorite in these 7.. amazing clicks.. 🙂 mezze platter looks incredible.

  • Hi Red. Thanks for nominating me. It was a good idea at the start, but it caused me a bit of pain! Oh yeah, I cheated as well 🙂

  • JourneyJottings

    Thanks so much for nominating me to take up the baton and run with another 7 shots… to dream, drool and in the case of my photos… dump!
    Here’s the link 🙂

  • @Tracy – I’d seen a couple of other 7 Super Shot participants, but never thought anyone would nominate me! It’s actually quite difficult if you’ve got a lot of photos!!
    @ladyfi – The snake has the ‘WOW’ factor in all the wrong ways!!!

  • I absolutely LOVE this idea!!! To narrow top pictures from an entire country trip is genius.

  • The sunset shot is just gorgeous! And that snake… wow!

  • @Pearl Maple – You’re too kind! No, REALLY!! So that’s the Richmond River on your blog, right?
    @John – Elvis sightings are still common downunder … although the unkind would say that’s yet another function of isolation and way too much alcohol!!
    @Glen – I rather fancied it myself – so I’m chuffed so many others like it too!!
    @Jana – Welcome!! SO love Filip’s blog – I look forward to seeing your 7 photos too!! You’re right – extra space is something we do very well here!!!
    @Diane – Oh no, I was hoping no one would notice!!!!
    @Mery – I’m no professional, but I’ve come to the conclusion I take photos for enjoyment, not to impress other photographers!! Win-win!!

  • Hi,
    please don’t say that you have lack of expertise in photography after showing us these amazing pictures.
    Its really tremendous.
    Flinders Ranges National Park
    Thanks to post.

  • I will definitely be getting that Cafe Y Smezze platter… probably in triplicate… when I pass through the Barossa on my bike adventure challenge.

  • hello there:-))I arrive at your blog from Filips…he just nominated me for the competition;

    lovely blog about down under, I love Australia so much, Tasmania and the whole wildlife+extra space one enjoys there!

  • Menindee Lakes is a great shot but Elvis does it for me! I wondered where he’d been lately.

  • Looks like I’m voting with the majority! Menindee Lakes. Absolutely beautiful! And I’m tickled that I had seen several of these shots before! Traveller that I am. Well, reader of your blog that I am!!!

  • your Menindee Lakes Sunset photo is just stunning. jaw droppingly so

  • Hi Red,

    Yes, the sunset is fab, the snake incredible but the woodchopping is my favourite because it makes you dream:)

    Beautiful insight into you there that made me smile:)

    Next time I go to one of those country shows I will be paying a lot more attention to the participants;)

  • Love that sunset, you are quite the photographer. There are so many amazing places to see and enjoy and grab a happy snap. Thanks for your kind comments on my post, northern nsw is called big river country as they do have some might waterways, that one is near Ballina.

  • @FruitCake – Ah, sheep dog trials!! Makes me realise how long since I’ve been to a country show that has them. But have you ever seen sheaf tossing?? I’m with you on the snake/car thing – a neighbour once had one lodged in her wheel arch!! ARRRGGGHH!! Thanx once again for your kind comments which I’d label ‘insightful’ if that didn’t sound just a little too self serving …
    @Annabel – It’s actually one’s duty to pay attention to the participants – they’ve put in a lot of time and effort to impress hapless tourists like me!!! Thanx for dropping by!!!

  • @Sallie – Hahaha! I did try to mix it up a bit to cover for the fact my shots are not in the ‘professional’ category!
    @SFlaGuy – BRILLIANT!!!! I don’t dare say here that yours is better than mine – my readers will leave in droves!!!
    @Dina – I don’t think I came up for air between taking the pic and polishing off the platter (with Pilchard’s help)!
    @Mrs Tuna – Hahahaha! Me too!!!
    @Ayngelina – It WAS delicious!!! I’ve looked at a few other collections, and it’s almost impossible to pick a favourite because they’re all so different!

  • @Kath – Hahaha! Your comments always make me laugh!! The endless possibilities of combining – or as our telco friends would say ‘bundling’ – experiences boggles the mind. So much so, I might do a post about it!!!!
    @PDP – Yes, that’s why I included it. Red rocks mean RED Rocks!!!
    @Debbie – Thank you! I guess that means my work is done …
    @Red Hunt – Well, by the time I’m finished with you, you’ll be BEGGING to head downunder!!!
    @NixBlog – Thank you!! But did you ever think that these aren’t just the ‘best’ captures, but the ‘only’ good captures?!?!?!
    @Michelle – Look forward to seeing what you come up with!

  • @River – Thank you, my friend! It’s people like you who keep my blog going!! The Salt Inception scheme is a recent visit – it’s amazing how fascinating such a dull sounding place actually is!
    @Dianne – Well, you know what you can do about that, don’t you?! Tell Ilias or Nick that ‘Red Nomad OZ’ sent you!!
    @Manzie – the only reason I got a good snake shot is because it was heading in the opposite direction to the car!!! You can actually buy pink salt from the river system. I don’t know if that’s good – or sad!!
    @George – Oh, it doesn’t concern me – I just don’t want people to think that I think my photos are brilliant!! That’s just the way us Aussies are!!

  • It’s hard to pick a favourite but I have to go with the food – it looks delicious.

  • It’s toss up between the Menindee Lakes – stunning photo but only impressive because you’ve taken a professional grade photo of an impressive spot – or the wood chop photo. Apart from your photography and your way with words, what I love about your blog is that you visit the real Australia. Wood chop comps and sheep dog trials do it for me every time.

    I’m generally blase about slithery reptiles, even if walking, but freak out at the thought of them hitching a ride on some part of a car. At least yours was heading in the right direction!

  • Snake! Snake! Snake! Run away!!!!!!

    All my photos look like I took them with my cheap handy one, because I have.

  • Great photos. The food one makes me hungry!

  • I love all of these and can’t imagine they wouldn’t be worthy of any competition. The photo that made you think made my mouth water and my stomach growl and I will come back and read this post more thoroughly after I go grab something to fix that ;>)!

  • An amazing collection of shots, Red! Beautiful captures all of them!

  • Great post! I can’t believe I’ve missed everyone’s 7 Super Shots up to now. The Log chopping image is great…Australia is still on my dream travel list, so loving your site!

  • OK Red – Challenge accepted – check it out. How did I do?

  • I think you got wonderful photos for each of these categories, and they all show that you don’t have to be concerned about a lack of photographic expertise. You ‘National Geographic’ shot is superb.

  • Michelle (Confessed Travelholic)

    The 7 Super Shots challenge looks like lots of fun! Thanks for choosing me! 🙂 I’ll get right to it soon!

  • Debbie Beardsley @ European Travelista

    Hands down, the lake picture has won my heart! Your post did its job – my mouth was watering, lost my breath, laughed and thought! Great set of pictures.

  • PerthDailyPhoto

    Elvis made me laugh, the sunset made me gasp but the last shot is just so ‘Australian outback’ and typifies all that your blog is about, so that’s the one for me Red. Must have been hard to choose out of all the wonderful images you’ve taken along the way.

  • These are all terrific – I want to have that Barossa platter with Elvis!

  • A mighty fine collection of photos, Madam. I find the salt picture interesting. I have small crystals in a salt grinder that look like the large ones.
    It’s a wonder that you got such a perfect shot of the snake. Most people hate snakes with a passion and that includes this fluzy.You are a brave one to be able to stand still and focus.
    My love to you.

  • Some great pics here Red … love your “Most Proud Of” pic and of course ” Makes me Think” at cafe Y … it makes me think why I’ve never been there!!

  • I disagree with your statemnet. You ARE a photographer and a very good one too. the Menindee Lakes sunset is stunning and could easily fit into any museum display as well as National Geographic; the Salt Inception Scheme one is so typical of Australia, bright colours, little water, salt rimmed rocks.

  • @Courtney – Haha! Snakes don’t seem to be popular with ANYONE! The sign is that rare combination of intrigue, mystery, pathos and righteous indignation – and is thus SO worthy of comment!! I had to think of a way to detract from my non-professional-standard photos, hence the change up! Thanx again for the nomination!
    @diane b – I still can’t believe it really does look like that. The 1st evening we were there the light made it look like a backdrop for South Pacific!!!

  • @TMWH – Yet again we concur, egotistical as that may be for me!!
    @Filip – If I could have avoided the snake, I would have!!! Did you notice I tagged you – would be great to see your shot choices!!
    @Windsmoke – Looks like that one’s the most popular!! I’ll have to see what it looks like blown up bigger!!
    @SFlaGuy – OK, so you’ve become an expert at toasting marshmallows … that’s nice!! Haha, only kidding – I can’t believe you’ve taken this firebug thing further!!! And can’t wait to see your Super 7!! That’s what you get for not agreeing to a RED Alert interview!!

  • @MJWC – NO! Don’t go!!! I LIKE having my head swelled … but I must correct you. I think I have photo skills, I’m just not professional! I’m what you’d call a happy snapper!! Thanx SO much for your kind comments – they made my day!
    @Saucy Kod – Thank you too!! Just between us – if I could get away with running over a snake, I would!
    @Magsx2 – SO easy to be brave when there’s no real threat!! Glad you dropped by – it’s always a pleasure to hear from you!
    @darlin – Why, in the Outback, of course!! They’re probably more concentrated in a show … I like the lake shot best too – just didn’t know what real photographers might think of it!
    @Rubye – I’ve expressed myself badly … I’m not an actual NG finalist – I just chose these 3 shots for this challenge category because I’m indecisive!!! But thanx for thinking I could make the grade anyway!!

  • Interesting shots and stories for your challenge.I like the Lord Howe Island one the best.

  • What amazing photos you took! The snake one took my breath away. For a second, then I nearly shrieked thinking of how you had to be in the same vicinity with it to catch that shot. EEEEKKKKKK!!!!!!!!! And the one of the sign cracked me up. I don’t know why that tickled my funny bone so much, because it’s probably a very serious and sore subject for some, but for me I liked that they made a sign like that. And what are you talking about that you lack photographic expertise? You’re loaded with it!!!!!!! Oh, and your sunset shot…awesome. Also, I thought it was quite clever how you used a food one as your thoughtful and one of salt water for your mouth watering one. Clever change up! SO glad you participated. It turned into an awesome post!

  • Red just where exactly do I find these outback men? 😉 I like all three of your photos at the end, but my vote goes to the Sunset Lake shot, that is stunning!

  • I see you have thrown the gauntlet down. I accept your challenge and hopefully will have something amazing for you to view in a couple of days. While you wait, check my Flickr page and see my latest new hobby. Yes it’s real. Yes I am that crazy!!!


  • Bonza photos, the Menindee Lakes Sunset gets my vote to :-).

  • Like the lake pictures, but I wouldn’t like to meet that snake.


  • Many of your photos are definitely National Geographic material, but I really like the Menindee Lakes Sunset photo. That one actually looks like a painting instead of a photograph.

  • I hate snakes but they are so fascinating. I probably would have taken tons of photos. Anyway…

    I also really like the Menindee Lakes Sunset photo. It has such a mysterious quality about it. A finalist with National Geographic and you think you aren’t a photographer? Please Red! You’re great.

  • Hi,
    Fantastic photos, I love the shot of the snake well done on that one, I would not have stopped for that. 🙂

    The platter looks fantastic, fit for a king, and I just love that sign about Labor, I could only laugh.

  • Absolutely, the snake took my breath away – Safety of the car, eh. This fella didn’t want you for lunch anyway. ha,ha
    I remember Lord How Island from a few posts ago and the beauty is staggering, however, I have to say my most fav is the Menindee sunset – stunning.
    The mezze platter looks yummy and great info on the salt inception outlet.
    Great post 🙂

  • My Journey With Candida

    First Red! I have got to say you are totally wrong in this post. You say you have a lack of photographic skills. I beg to differ. Your photographic skills are one thing that impresses me about your blog.

    While I am handing out compliments… I might as well make your head swell a little bigger.
    Your writing skills are also fantastic. I wish I expressed myself 1/4 as well as you….. heck 1/10 as well as you would be great.

    So…. while I like all your pictures today, the first one also takes my breath away. If I came across that snake, I would probably do a little dance for you and pee my pants at the same time, because it took my breath away,… I wouldn’t be able to scream.

    The Menindee Lake Sunset is just beautiful. You have every right to feel very proud of it.

    Now I will go away and quit rambling.

  • @Andrew – Please do! The Menindee one has so much of my fave colour I couldn’t help but include it! The lakes won’t be puddles this year, either!!
    @Joan Elizabeth – Thank you!! It was such fun to select them!
    @Jane & Lance – Thank you to you two too!! One day I’ll go to photo school – but until then I’ll stick with the quirky, unusual and interesting!! Thanx for your kind comments!

  • Jane and Lance Hattatt

    Hello Red:
    We are hugely impressed with the images which you have published here. Each one is so wonderfully individual in your choice of subject matter and there is so much beauty, humour, human endeavour and spirit to be found in them all. Many, many congratulations.

  • You have such a collection of super shots … your travels take my breath away.

  • Can we vote on the photos? Menindee Lakes does it for me. They were small puddles when we visited.

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