Weird Stuff #8 – Beachside Blues

On the Beach, Sultana Point, South Australia
On the Beach, Sultana Point, South Australia

It’s not exactly a surprise to find a random sand castle or sand sculpture while wandering along the beach.  Although they’re not generally as elaborate as this one!

Whipping out my surgically attached camera for a photo was the work of a moment.  Tragically, getting the photo online took many WAAAAY longer than a moment as it was one of the last photos taken on my old FILM camera before it was honourably retired from active service …

But how did the final product get so blue?

The golden early evening light had no hint of blue. And the slight chill in the air wasn’t enough to turn anything blue either!!  But it’d be difficult to describe the lengthening shadows in the next photo on the film as anything BUT blue!!

Sultana Point, Yorke Peninsula, South Australia
Sultana Point, Yorke Peninsula, South Australia

In a rare whimsical moment, I wonder if it’s a weird confluence of unearthly forces. If the memaid mourns for the loss of her freedom, and the camera mourns because its time has come, maybe the combined intensity of their sorrows could turn the pictures blue?

Or maybe not.

For more blues – whimsical or otherwise – why not join me in visiting Smiling Sally for Blue Monday selections from round the world?!

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  1. @Dina – I can take the camera out of retirement, but it’s getting harder to find places to develop film. Or at least to do a good job of it … but I’d risk it if I knew the camera would give me a burst of RED!

  2. I love the mermaid and the blueness in the photos.

    Maybe your camera was feeling blue because she knew she had to retire soon.

    Maybe every so often you can take her out of retirement. Maybe she’ll surprise you with interesting color choices?

  3. @Indrani – I suspect you’re right … but the colour makes it much more arty!!
    @NixBlog – It’s growing on me …

  4. @River – I’m sure that’s it!! Maybe she’d turned to sand??
    @KM – Haha! Good question!! Maybe since the last high tide??!!
    @Loui – Well, you’re the expert!! Look forward to seeing you again!!
    @Pat – Thank god someone understands! But digital is all about vanity, don’t you think? You can take MANY shots and delete the duds without really having to think about what you’re doing?!?!
    @colleen – yep, I think the blue is definitely going to dominate!!
    @Jerla – Thanx for dropping by!!
    @SFlaGuy – Next I suppose you’ll be wanting WAVES!!!

  5. Hi!
    thanks for visiting!!
    really love your mermaid..
    yup, she’s blue because night is falling..and she’s still ashore..
    neat pics!!
    please come again..
    warmest hugs..

  6. I love the lengthening shadows on the beach and I’m surprised to see SA has mermaids. Well, one mermaid. she looks lonely, perhaps that’s why she’s blue.

  7. @Sally – An abandoned sand sculpture like this MUST have a story behind it. It’d be TOO weird if the sculptor saw it and told us … but I’m not holding my breath!
    @John – Ah c’mon! You’re not THAT young – unless your profile pic has been doctored …
    @Rubye – Funny you should say. I actually toyed with using ‘blue moon’ in the post but couldn’t make it fit – I guess that’s why they call it the blues!!!
    @Diane – Hahahaha!! But how do you know it ISN’T attached to my face??!!
    @Alessandra – your daughter is just too clever for words!!
    @Joan Elizabeth – Hahaha! Very good!! But why doesn’t RED describe an emotion? ‘I’ve got the reds’ hasn’t got quite the same ring to it, has it?!

  8. @Beach Bum – Did no one tell you a beach isn’t required for sand between your toes?? If you ask nicely, I could send you a small box of sand …
    @SmilingSally – And the same to you! Thanx for dropping by!!
    @Leah H – Welcome and thanx! Come back anytime!!
    @George – Thank you! New camera has slotted into the vacated spot quite nicely. Physically, anyway. Emotionally is another matter entirely!!!
    @MJWC – Did you never question it?? I’d be dying of curiousity (or nosiness, as the more unkind would say)!!!
    @Filip – Well, I guess that means I’ve achieved my aim!!
    @Courtney – Yeah. It won’t last – I’ll be back to RED before you know it!!

  9. @FruitCake – It’s amazing how often I look around me and realise the world ISN’T all RED!! Thanx for your kind words!!
    @Andrew – So does the word ‘prosaic’ mean anything to you??!! But nothing more than I deserve for succumbing to whimsy!
    @Carole – Weirdly, the camera always seems to be with me, so I figured there MUST be some kind of attachment – and as it’s not umbilical, there’s only one other option!!!
    @Dianne – well, enjoy them because there won’t be too many more!! Just between us, I suspect Andrew is right …
    @Kath – Ha! I always said it had a mind of it’s own!!
    @Saucy Kod – Snow, huh? What’s that??!! New camera weighs slightly less, but new camera bag is virtually the same size and shape so surgical attachment unaffected!!
    @darlin – You’ll find it at the bottom of the Yorke Peninsula in South OZ – are you heading that way??

  10. Super charming, I like red, but I like blue as well :-).

    I got a super short video on, my daughter’s making sugar flowers, come and have a look 🙂


  11. Super charming, I like red, but I like blue as well :-).

    I got a super short video on, my daughter’s making sugar flowers, come and have a look 🙂


  12. I’m sorry, but when you said your camera was surgically attached, all I could think of was, “We are the Borg. You will be assimilated. Resistance is futile.” and then a picture of you with a camera permanently affixed to your face. You’re right. I’ve watched too much Star Trek.
    P.S. I liked the pictures, too. I LOVE long shadows!

  13. I’m not sure if the blue hue comes from a feeling of sadness or not, but both pictures are wonderful. I hope your film camera has an honorable retirement. Is the digital camera now surgically attached to you?

  14. Sounds like a blue day for cameras and mermaids. Such is the way of the world only once in a blue moon. Ok, quitting while I’m ahead.

  15. Hey, you changed your color today. Instead of Red, Blue. I dig what you turned out! (That mermaid is too awesome!)

  16. I used to do Smiling Sally’s Blue Monday years ago before blogger shut down my other blog. I must of said or did something they didn’t like but they shut my blog down.
    At the time I had ads on my blog and I think I probably named some products which is a no no with ad sense.

  17. Great pictures but they remind me how long I have been away from the coast. I desperately need to feel some beach sand between my toes.

  18. Great photo of the “Blue” mermaid – she is blue cause she is a long, long way from her home. Sultana Point beach is beautiful and I can see birds n footprints on beach.
    I am wondering if the surgically placed new camera will weigh as much as the retirement species?
    Snowing in Canada today – going out to play 🙂

  19. Retiring your film camera from active service is enough to make me feel blue…..and mermaid on the beach in Autumn…. I’ m sure that’s why she’s blue …way too cold for a mermaid to be out of water.
    Great film pics!

  20. More likely your camera was…., broken shall we say, and that is why you bought a new one. I am such a romantic aren’t I. Bleau, bleau, les lune et bleau. Kindly pass the salt to me.

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