Silver Bullet Sighting #1

The Silver Bullet at rest
WARNING: If you thought the flights of fancy in my last post were the start of a disturbing – or worse, nauseating – new trend, proceed with caution!
After all, attributing personal characteristics to an inanimate object is the worst kind of whimsy. Isn’t it?? Luckily, the Silver Bullet isn’t an ordinary inanimate object!
But I’m getting ahead of myself.
First spotted languishing in a Kensington* car dealership, this car immediately grabbed our attention.  A test drive, and we were ready to negotiate.
And here I digress to acknowledge the excellent service – professional, friendly, helpful and patient – provided by Darren, Victor and Adam at Jarvis Subaru Kensington throughout our purchase experience. If you’re looking for a new or used Subaru why not see if they can make you as happy as they made us?!
Where next for the Silver Bullet?
In the interests of disclosure I can assure you this is NOT a sponsored post – I just like giving credit where it’s due. Although if anyone from JSK ever reads this – feel free to make me an offer!!
After the usual administrative tedium, the car became ours. Its stylish aerodynamic design – SO superior to the newer models that have lost the distinctive Subaru character (see? Told you the post wasn’t sponsored!) – inspired us to christen it the Silver Bullet!!
Just so you know, I CAN tell the difference between a person and a car – unlike those who refer to their cars as ‘he’ or ‘she’! So featuring the Silver Bullet in a new series is really just a Red/Pilchard challenge to discover the most far-flung and outlandish Australian destinations to which we can take it!! Or it can take us …
So where will the next Silver Bullet sighting be? Stay tuned!!
*Adelaide, South Australia. NOT London!
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  • @Frankie – Glad to know I’m not the only Subaru lover out there!! This is our 3rd – after a Touring Wagon and Forester!! But don’t like the shape of the new ones, so not sure where we’ll go after this one! But I hope that’s a long way off …

  • G’day Red,
    Luv ya Subaru.
    My wife and I both had Subaru and we loved em.
    I bought my Liberty in 1996 and it is still my pride n joy. When we hit the road, instead of selling it, I lent it to my daughter so we still have a car to return to one day.
    My wife had an Imprezza and we sob sob traded it for our Terios so it can be towed behind our motorhome. If only we could have kept the Imprezza.
    Congratulations on your choice of vehicle. May it give you many years of trouble free motoring service as my Liberty has done for me.

  • @MJWC – Whoops! Nearly missed you! Now we’ve got it, I just can’t wait for the next adventure!
    @River – Aha! But not as much as I’m looking forward to going!!
    @Diane – Yeah! You got that right!!
    @NixBlog – Only trouble is, Pilchard doesn’t want to take it anywhere with dust, flying bugs or other vehicles … which kind of narrows it down a bit!
    @Alessandra – Then he must be a very happy man!!!

  • @Marsha – Give me a year or two, and I’ll report back!!! Since this post, we’ve survived driving through a plague of locusts …
    @Sallie – Thank you!! But why does it sound like we’ve got a new child?? Or in our case, only child??!!
    @Pernilla – Greetings to you too! And isn’t it raining up your way?!
    @George – Prius, huh? And I actually don’t know how happy I am with it yet – the adventures of the Silver Bullet may well be premature!!
    @Beach Bum – What? You mean you don’t want to see the pictures of the CAR??!! What kind of bloke are you, anyway?!

  • @Andrew – Not sure what, if anything, ‘Silver Bullet’ was/is!! The name just seemed to fit, unoriginal though it may well be!
    @Saucy Kod – I sense weird blog post titles coming up – ‘Silver sees Red’, ‘Red sees Silver Pilchard’, Pilchard and Silver hit Red’ … endless possibilities!
    @Jane & Lance – Yes, too long between trips … but how could you tell??!!
    @TMWH – As long as they don’t kill Pilchards I’ll be laughing!! AND safe from Draculae!!
    @PDP – You needn’t worry about us missing the scenic loos! My bladder will see to that – irrespective of how fast we travel!

  • Its refreshing to hear recommendations of satisfied customers and good on the staff at the car dealership that appreciated your custom and looked after you.

    Silver Bullet looks great! Vroom vroom!

  • It looks like my husband’s Subaru!

  • Guaranteed to take you places. Excitement awaits! Seriously, sweet ride!

  • I look forward to seeing your adventures with the Silver Bullet. I’m glad you are ad happy with your used Subaru as we are with our used Prius.

  • Thank you for stopping by my lil’blog and leaving a sweet comment 🙂

    Greetings from sunny Queensland♥

  • Almost everybody thinks about their cars as part of the family! It looks likke a good one. Happy adventures to all 3 of you ;>)

  • I’m looking forward to seeing where this sweet little car takes you.

  • Looks awesome! Can’t wait to see the pictures of the places it takes you.

  • Terrific looking car. I’ve read that those cars just NEVER quit. Maybe I should get one, too. 🙂

  • My Journey With Candida

    “Silver Bullet” Two words from my not so recent past that can have the Hubs running for the reruns on the TV.

    Looks like you got yourself a nice ride!! Can’t wait to see where it is going to take you.

  • PerthDailyPhoto

    Oh that car was just made for you and Pilchard to go on mega adventures in Red, I can just visualize you two speeding through the outback..not too fast I hope, you don’t want to miss any great ‘loos’ that might be along the way!!

  • Silver bullets are reputed to kill werewolves, so be careful–those guys like to dart across roads, I’m told.

    Happy adventuring!

  • Jane and Lance Hattatt

    Hello Red:
    So much passion about a car….? Time for a new adventure, surely!!!!

  • Gee, for a minute there, I thought you were friends with the “Lone Ranger”. He had lots of “Silver Bullets”. ha,ha
    Lovely looking vehicle and glad you n P will be comfy and happy and ready to put your “Silver Bullet” to the “Red” test.
    Have a great day 🙂

  • Looks smart. Was Silver Bullet a train? Silver Comet is the Broken Hill train. A customer happy with a used car dealership? I feel tense. Where next for the Silver Bullet? Probably the local car wash to blast a spec of dust off it. Little does it yet know about dust.

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