A Perfect Day up North Downunder – Cairns, Queensland

Looking south from the Cairns foreshore across Trinity Inlet

Looking south from the Cairns foreshore across Trinity Inlet

My previous post, 7 Days in … Cairns was a guide for how to EASILY spend a week in this extraordinary part of Australia without repeating yourself.

Fruit Bat, Cairns Esplanade

Fruit Bat, Cairns Esplanade

But what if you’ve only got one day?

My guest post on 52 Perfect Days.com describes just one perfect day in Cairns – Red Nomad OZ style!  Of course that includes a few of my favourite things!  BUT … no spoilers here – other than the photos!

So why not drop in to 52PerfectDays.com and see how YOU can spend a perfect day in Cairns?

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  • Having read both of your posts on a holiday in Cairns, I think I’ll hold out for the seven days.

  • @George – I’m with you! Except I’d double it at least!!!

  • @Jane & Lance – Hope you enjoyed!
    @Magsx2 – Thanx! Hope taking the link was worth it!
    @Saucy Kod – Don’t let anyone hear you calling that fruit bat ‘cute’!
    @MJWC – Hope you picked up some great places to visit!
    @Beach Bum – Cool!
    @Kathy – Then my work is done!
    @Kay – It usually is, in paradise! Even for bats!
    @TMWH – Hope you come back!!
    @Friko – Now THAT’S having the best of both worlds!!
    @Glen – Haha! The Cairns Botanic Gardens, of course!!
    @Sallie – I hope you get some inspiration!!
    @River – You won’t regret it … but just wait ’til you see the Tablelands!
    @Ken G – They are often roosting during the day – but this is a young one so I think he is trying to stay up late!! Or maybe he just doesn’t know what to do …
    @Filip – I will be over to look soon!!
    @diane b – Can I quote you on that?!?! Sadly, my expertise doesn’t extend to bat bathroom habits – maybe someone will tell us both!

  • Read your travel post. You should get commission from Australian tourist board. What happens when a bat pees? Does it run into their face?

  • I see a fruit bat first time. I wanted to ask why this strange animal appears in the day, but I’ve read a few comments and now I know :)))

  • Very good pictures, we also had an amazing week with a lot of sun. This resulted in a lot of nice pictures.


  • It’s all just so beautiful up there. I really will have to get there one year for a holiday.

  • Ok — that was fun! I’d love to visit. and I’ll go back and check out that site again — saw some cities we’ve been in!

  • What an interesting link! I have no doubt — even before I see it — that you would have no problem posting 52 (or more) perfect days all by your ownself! But I’m gonna go check it out now.

  • Does look like a beautiful day there. Cool bat.

  • all very beautiful but where the hell am i supposed to go to the toilet?

  • I went to check out the site: Oz is just so wonderful; I never knew. No wonder a lot of people from the UK love it that they have family there to visit.

  • Those are gorgeous photos! I will head right over to that link.

  • Your stories and photos are amazing. How could one not long to see that beautiful continent!!

  • I’ll check out the link now.

  • My Journey With Candida

    Headed over right now to check out the link. Thanks!!

  • Lovely beach and cute ltl fruit bat photos. I shall pop over to “52 Perfect Days” link. Have a great day
    Cheers 🙂

  • Hi,
    I will definitley go over and have a look. Love your photos. 🙂

  • Jane and Lance Hattatt

    Hello Red:
    Thank you for the link. We shall look and see!!!

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