Weird Stuff #7 – Three Aussie Hearts

Under the green pole ... Uralla, New England, NSW
Under the green pole … Uralla, New England, NSW

It’s ironic that my desire for the fickle trappings of Valentine’s Day stopped when my personal life stabilised after the serial connections of my youth.

Scheduled romance on a day with no personal significance to us just wasn’t necessary when we already had random surprise gifts, regular mini-breaks and enough disposable income for dining out.

BUT … I’d still get pitying looks upon replying ‘nothing’ to the usual office what-did-you-get-for-Valentine’s-Day post-VD competition. No one got that I really WASN’T secretly peeved at ‘missing out’ on heart shaped helium balloons, stuffed toys inviting me to be their Valentine or red satin underwear.

Or that what I already had was so valuable I’d gladly forgo a vomit-inducing card unaccountably depicting two teddy bears in the final throes of consumption or a pair of fluffy handcuffs and a tube of chocolate body paint.

Nearly 21 years later, I still don’t need a Valentine’s Day present. Not when we can find romance like this on the open road!

Old Stone Retaining Wall, Uralla, New England
Old Stone Retaining Wall, Uralla, New England

The significance of the heart placed by an unknown stonemason, creator of this retaining wall outside an old cottage in Uralla, is unknown.  But it’s easy to miss and with no identifying markings he (or less likely, she) clearly wasn’t looking for recognition.

I’d rather speculate than find a perfectly ordinary explanation!

Puddle, Lake Pamamaroo, Menindee Lakes
Puddle, Lake Pamamaroo, Menindee Lakes

Pilchard first spotted this oddly shaped puddle, a leftover from the summer floods of 2011 at Lake Pamamaroo, part of the Menindee Lakes system Surrounded by a sea of dried and cracking mud, it’s perhaps significant that despite its muddy water, the puddle reflects the surrounding landscape. Or perhaps not.

Valentine's Day Leaf
Valentine’s Day Leaf

Then yesterday morning – perhaps no coincidence it was February 14th – a gust of wind shook a random array of dead or dying leaves from the nearby gum trees and swirled them onto the front porch where we were having breakfast. This one landed at my feet.

Leaf shown actual size
Leaf shown actual size

Maybe there’s something in this Valentine’s Day business after all!!

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  1. @PDP – I didn’t set out to seek, but I found anyway! What sort of life lesson is THAT going to teach me?!
    @Courtney – Thanx! And also for the RT!
    @Michelle – I think the puddle is the winner!!
    @Mary – Thank you!! I won’t tell you how long I’ve been saving them up for until I had three … And thanx for the info – most enlightening!
    @Jerry – Cool! I’m honoured!! I’ll be right there and check it out!!
    @Friko – I TOLD you I didn’t want a perfectly reasonable and probable explanation!!!

  2. @NixBlog – Wow, you DO get around, don’t you!! LOVE those leaves!
    @River – Yes, I’m SOOOOO lucky!
    @Eccentricess – I’d like to think there was some sort of mystery behind it … but I guess we’ll never know!
    @LadyFi – Thank you! Although it’s not skill but luck that brings them to you!
    @George – Couldn’t agree more! And my Valentine’s Day was improved no end by the absence of commercialism!
    @LindyLouMac – Thank you! Likewise!!

  3. A beautiful selection of hearts, indeed love is for every day not just Valentines Day. Thankyou for your recent visit and comment my blog, hope you will be calling by again sometime.

  4. Best St.Valentine’s Day read, so cool Red! Seek and ye shall find, and even if you don’t seek you found!! (that was not said in a biblical way all haha)

  5. The love heart retaining wall touches my heart. So lovely, to have something there to make your loved one smile every time they come home.

    Plus it looks so awesome, that first moment you spot it and go “Wow!”.

  6. @Carolyn – Thank you! But it was just good luck, really!!
    @Ken G – I’d like to agree with you, but I think I’m just lucky!!
    @Windsmoke – I never thought of it that way, but you’re right! Then again, your blog shows you can see things that other people can’t!!
    @Sally – Maybe they rent themselves out??!!
    @Magda – Always a pleasure to hear from you, my friend! But are you sure you’re not seeing ‘magic’ mushrooms??!! Only kidding, it’s nice that you’ve shared how my post has touched you – and I love your interpretation of my 3 hearts!

  7. @Manzanita – Hey, you’re telling the story, girlfriend!! And now I couldn’t POSSIBLY throw the leaf away – but a shrine??? Stay tuned!
    @MJWC – When I saw the stone heart nearly a year ago, I thought I’d save it up for a REAL VD story! I had no idea I’d have the other two to add to it!
    @Mary – Thank you!! I hope I’m not the only one to go ‘au naturel’this VD!!
    @Wendy – The puddle adds a whole new dimension to ‘raindrops keep falling on my head’!!
    @Angela – Thank you for your lovely greeting!! I’m flattered that you follow my blog, and I’m honoured to show you my country!
    @Rubye – If I’d blinked at the wrong moment I’d have missed the leaf, which would have been a great shame. Luckily I missed all the other detritus which is GREAT!

  8. @Jidhu – Thank you, my friend!
    @diane – well … throw out some hints about red roses – but they’re cheaper anytime OTHER than VD, so the saving could score you some chocolates as well!!
    @Indrani – Thank you! And thanx for following – look forward to showing you more of OZ!
    @JJ – Why indeed?! I find consumerism stifles creativity and originality – and that’s also what I object to!!
    @SFlaGuy – You DIDN’T!!!!! Were you alone??
    @Rae Walter – Now that you mention it, the ‘St’ is missing in action all over the place!! Kinda like ‘Xmas’ I guess …

  9. Hi Red,
    I’m not fussed about the Valentine’s Day thing after reading how it began and its continuing History, and I’ve smiled reading your view… probably the best I’ve read too.

    The one green fence paling is interesting and has me wonder why… but the aspect I really like, is the way the light is touching the window’s curtain with tassels in the background. The effect has me see Lavender Mushrooms!
    Then to top it off is the heart shaped stone below the green post.
    An interesting Story that does imply.
    Maybe the Stone Mason was smitten with love when saw who was at the window at the time.. the heart shaped stone, the different colour fence pale, the window…
    An interesting Aussie mystery moment???

    The puddle for me shows how deeply the Earth’s soils loves a good dose of rain to quench its thirst and sustain its life… after so many years of drought conditions, I think the 2011 floods would have felt purely delightful for the area…
    The Eucalyptus reflection and the sky… maybe the puddle and the Eucalypt had something extra special to say that day before only mud remained.

    Red I can only feel you were given a special gift that day… what nicer gift Australia could give to one who loves Australia like you do I can not imagine being better than being from the Eucalypt. A keepsake of Australia’s love for you.

    A beautiful Post Red.. you have given Valentine’s Day for me a special meaning, and I thank you.

  10. how special the stone-mason including that heart-shaped rock; maybe with the suggestion from the owner. Love the Menindee puddle and reflections, and the little-heart-shaped leaf. How appropriate it should present itself to you for Valentines, and this wonderful post.

  11. That’s so funny about the bear and handcuffs, helium balloons, and other junk people buy each other supposedly in the name of love. I much prefer your photos and little tiny baby heart leaf.

  12. Is there a blogging Original Hearts award? There should be. I got a little tired of seeing so many these last few days, but yours are truly different….& worth the look. No homogeneity in this entry.~Mary

  13. Your Hearts are so NEAT!! I am like you…. I don’t care if I get sappy cards. I would rather my Hubs shows he loves me daily… not just one day of the year.

    Love all your heart finds.

  14. Pilchard is just a romantic puddle-spotter at heart. Oh by the way, the fluffy handcuffs don’t chafe.

    A heart leaf…. it’s surely a sign… make it a shrine and they will come.
    Seriously …. hope you enjoyed your Valentine’s day…. believer or not.

  15. A wonderful post red and so spot on. I also wondered what happened to the “St” bit of the St Valentine then decided that commercialism had now taken over the whole story. Love the ‘hearts’ that you were able to see around you.

  16. Suddenly stuffing my face with Milky Way Bars and washing it down with a pint of milk on VD seems extraordinarily unromantic.

  17. Nature always knows how to express and say things to perfection – why try and beat it with consumerism that just messes it up?

  18. We are like you. We don’t get over excited about Valentine’s Day, Secretly I would love a bunch of roses.How neat that the tree dropped you a heart on the 14th. The rock heart is amazing too.

  19. @Magsx2 – Thank god we’re not alone!! So glad you got to spend some time together – that meal sounds magnificent!!! And I’d rather the lasting memory of a heart in the stonework than red undies any day!!!
    @jenny – maybe it’s an age thing! I’d SO prefer to discover a natural valentine – and all the better if it’s a surprise!!
    @Carole – I’d LOVE to know the story behind it. Was it the owner? Or did he put it there as a secret message for his lover, or even a memorial?? Intriguing!
    @Beach Bum – Well go on and write it up then, mate!!! Lets face it – no one knows the real story, so do us all a favour and give us your version!!
    @FruitCake – I’ll take ANYTHING with ‘wine’ in it!! I’m hoping my appeal to Beach Bum’s inherent Aussie-wannabe-ness will compel him to put us out of our misery …
    @Stewart M – Perhaps you’re right – but these were found over a year in wildly different habitats!!! Then again – maybe that’s all there were!!!
    @Alessandra – I’ll take those fine baked goods on your blog ANYTIME!!!! And you can’t have too many kitchen implements, can you?!?!
    @Joan E – HAhaha! I’m not sure who gets the best end of that deal…
    @Glen – Yeah, I’m sticking to my gut reaction!! And you’re right (but you already knew that, as do I from reading your blog) – love’s realities rise WAY above ill-defined commercial interests!

  20. nah you were right the first time – there is nothing romantic about being forced to love on a particular day — however love… now that is something real and there is no wonder that nature reflects it– well captured

  21. You must have been really looking for hearts to see those.

    I only ever get Valentine’s gifts when I have been holding out on agreeing to something my husband wants then he gives it to me for a Valentine’s present. Its rare and makes me laugh when he does it.

  22. I like St. Valentine as a chance to bake things shaped like hearts, which I do anyway but then it looks like I baking too many hearts, so for one day I feel officially authorized and every other food blogger is doing the same and we compare and get ideas on where to buy more heart shaped cutters and moulds and stencils to add to the 7 dozens we have already :-).

  23. Hi there – sharp eyes needed to find these.

    I wonder if it’s a state of mind – look for heart shape things and you see them all over the place – look for things that look like faces and you find them instead.

    Cheers – Stewart M – Melbourne

  24. The significance of the heart placed by an unknown stonemason…

    For reason I cannot explain I have to create a story in my head when I see something like that.

  25. Hi,
    OMG, how great is that, finding those hearts in the most unlikely places. I love the hearts that have been put into the stones, that is just great.

    My Husband and I are another couple that never worry about presents, he’s a shift worker and was on night shift, but we always go somewhere different for either Lunch or Dinner depending on his shift.

    We had a fantastic lunch this year, we both decided on the sea food platter, and I even indulged in sweets as well.

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