Signs #19 – Where’s the Ocean? Eromanga, Queensland

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Eromanga Distance Sign, Queensland
How far from the sea can you get?  Eromanga, Outback Queensland

There’s only one town in Australia furthest from the sea – in EVERY direction!

Surprisingly, to me at least, it’s NOT in Central Australia! Australia’s weird continental shape means the geographic centre is relatively close to the Great Australian Bight to the south, and the Gulf of Carpentaria to the north.

No, the title of furthest from the sea currently belongs Eromanga, a small Western Queensland Outback boulder opal mining town.  Ironically Eromanga was once the site of a vast inland sea – a feature that’s replicated every now and again when the Cooper Basin is in flood …

But the title isn’t all there is to Eromanga!!

Detail of Opal at Miner's Monument, 'Opalopolis Park', Eromanga, Queensland
Detail of Opal at Miner’s Monument, ‘Opalopolis Park’, Eromanga, Queensland

Eromanga is also the site of the largest dinosaur fossil remains yet found in OZ, and produces the most oil of any Australian region. Combine this with ‘Opalopolis Park’, a beautifully maintained picnic area right next door to the excellent local museum (get the key from the pub down the road!) showing a well produced video highlighting town and regional attractions and history, and you just might be tempted to stop over in the caravan park for the night.

Outback Fuels, Eromanga
Outback Fuels, Eromanga

I’m not sure who actually triangulated the map coordinates to bestow this title on Eromanga, but I’m not about to argue.  Others have – but so far no alternative site has been identified.

Nor is it likely to be without a lot more work and research.  So until the title is bestowed elsewhere, I’m not going to rock the boat.

Not when I get such a thrill out of telling people I’ve been to Australia’s furthest service station from the sea!!

Want MORE?

Later edit (21/02/2012)

Here’s some additional information and clarification in response to some of the comments below!

1.  Julie queried my claim that Eromanga was the largest oil producing region in Australia.  Certainly, Barrow Island production appears to be greater, but I was convinced I’d seen a claim for Eromanga, so I returned to my source documents where I found the following:
‘Eromanga is the largest oil producing area in mainland Australia …’ (from the ‘Quilpie Shire “simply unique” pamphlet available from the Visitor Information Centre).

So Julie – we’re kind of both right!  But my bad – I left out that vital word ‘mainland’!!

2.  Grey Roamer gave the generally accepted position for Australia’s geographic Centre as Lambert Centre.  While this isn’t in dispute in this post as the town or place furthest from the ocean is not necessarily the geographic centre, the details may be of interest to those who, like me, want to know these things!

The Australian Government Geoscience Australia official website gives a number of interpretations for how to determine the geographic centre.  Interestingly, it also gives an interpretation of how to find the furthest point from the coastline … and it’s NOT Eromanga!!!  But it’s not a definitive science as you’ll see from the website …

Thanx to both for your information, and apologies for any confusion caused by my post!!

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  1. Hi Redz. When you publish something it is good to check your information. Eromanga is not the furtherest town in Australia from the sea. Check Geoscience Australia
    You will find Papunya 365 k, Harsts Bluff 345 k and even Alice Springs at 355k are towns far more distant than Eromanga at 315k.
    Eromanga has been promoting this myth for 40 years. It is time somebody corrected it or people will start to believe it. John Deckert.

    1. Thank you for your clarification, John. As with many claims, they often come down to a specific condition, rider or disclaimer—Eromanga’s is that it’s furthest from the ocean in every direction, not just one. Of course this is also open to debate, as I have already flagged in my post and comments and provided additional links that interested readers can follow for more facts and information. The Eromanga claim is often interpreted to be a claim that they are the geographic centre of Australia, however this and the claim of being furthest from the ocean are two different things. The link you provided gave me a ‘page not found’ error—perhaps this is the link you meant? Thanks once again for your response to my post! Happy travels!

  2. @GR – Your pedanticism is welcomed, and I would happily stand corrected IF a) your facts were in dispute and b) I had claimed otherwise in my post! Luckily, we are in complete agreement as I a) HAVEN’T claimed Eromanga as Australia’s geographic centre and b) HAVE noted that even it’s ‘furthest from the ocean’ claim has yet to be definitively proven! Thanx for dropping in – glad to see you’re still going strong!!

  3. Hate to be pedantic, but. . . While Eromanga is the farthest point from any coast, the “geographic centre” of OZ is Lambert Centre, near Finke NT

  4. @Diane – Just goes to show that every cloud has a silver lining!
    @Michelle – Haha! I’m still working my way through the left side …
    @ruma – Thanx for dropping by again! Hope your weekend is great!
    @Miss Tina – Just keep reading the blog and you’ll find out everything you need to know!!!
    @Sallie – many towns have a ‘hook’ now, whether they need it or not!! With tourism advertising $ focussed on the coast, the outback HAS to be creative!!

  5. @darlin – Haha! You’re better off deciding where you’re headed well before you get to Eromanga!
    @Alessandra – Hey, thanx! I’ve been off the air a bit for the last week. Will be visiting everyone shortly!!
    @Ann – It’s a weird feeling having exactly how far to the ocean spelled out like that!
    @diane b – Haha! You’d be better off dumping a load of sand by the river and making your own inland beach!! There are places in OZ with inland lifeguards!!
    @PDP – Haha! I keep forgetting you guys are SO remote from the rest of OZ!! It’d take a braver person than I to dispute the findings!
    @Gladys – It feels a little weird to actually get to the beach after being this far inland!
    @Ken G – I too, stared at the opals for a VERY long time!! They’re so big and colourful I could also imagine lots of jewellery, ALL for me!
    @TMWH – Haha!! What other towns??!!
    @Tracey – RED Lemonade?? Not sure if that’d be a good or bad thing … I’ll have to look it up!

  6. @Magsx2 – that’s what I thought too! But the continent’s shape makes it pretty hard to call.
    @Lesley – You’re right! If you need fuel at Eromanga, it doesn’t matter a damn how much it costs!!
    @George – That’s why I’m here!!
    @Filip – Indeed you do!! There aren’t too many choices in some places!!
    @Windsmoke – Haha! And yes, the opals are real!! But they’re pretty solidly embedded – I reckon you’d be noticed if you were trying to remove them …
    @Courtney – the good thing is that there’s a neat public toilet just near the opal miners tribute!!!
    @Jim – It made me feel very small!!
    @Beach Bum – It can be cold in the outback in winter, but everyone would think the end of the world was nigh if they got 6 ft of snow!
    @ruma – Thank you, my friend!
    @Saucy Kod – There are MANY opal mines in the region still open; and yes, the opals are real!! And I think if you got this far, you’d already have some clue as to where you were headed …

  7. @Julie – You’re right – unless you count Eromanga as part of the Cooper Basin!! My bad – should have spelled that out!! I’ve yet to visit the geographic centre – but I imagine I’d also be emotional!!
    @Toni – I’m glad I’m not the only one with a BIG list … just that my list probably contains all the places out west that you’ve already seen …
    @Andy – Haha!! But I’m sure you could at least narrow it down to east or west??!!
    @Angela – Haha!! How true!!
    @MJWC – Yeah, maybe! BUT then I wouldn’t be able to find NEW places!!
    @River – You got it!!! Although it WAS part of an inland sea, so who’s to say it won’t be again??!!
    @Kath – Hahahaha!! Maybe it looks like one too!!
    @SFlaGuy – HHHMMMmmm… I think OZ is a little bit flatter overall than the US! Better to just invest in a large boat!!
    @Jane & Lance – not sure if it’ll show on the map … but let your imaginations run wild anyway!!!
    @Glen – AH … there you have me! If it did, it certainly wasn’t scenic enough to stand out!!!

  8. Hello, Red Nomad OZ.

      Attractive works.
      You are the excellent artist.

      I thank for your usual and hearty support.
      And i pray for you and yours peace.

    arigatou gozaimashita !!
    ありがとう ございました。


  9. Hi Red,
    First thing first when I look at the signage I only can think wow so many places to go and need to put in my travel wish list whenever I visit Australia….perhaps need your expertise too 🙂

  10. Wow looking at that first photo suddenly brings back so many memories of Australia. I’ve been to all the places listed on the right side 😛

  11. Let me know if you follow that signpost to Brisbane. I could introduce you to a red specimen you may not know about. It would involve going to an Irish pub for a chance to spot it. It’s Red Lemonade… and it really exists ….in Ireland at least.

  12. That’s a pretty big reputation for a town–dinosaurs, opals, AND oil–let alone being the furthest from the ocean!

    The other towns in the area must be so jealous…

  13. Why is Perth ALWAYS the furthest away from ANYWHERE even Eromanga!!!! Love this story Red, and as for disputing the fact, ‘rocking the boat’ could be a bit tricky haha!!

  14. very interesting post Red – so many signs, so many decisions – the sign with the opals is beautiful. I am assuming by the sign, that the mine is still open today. Are the opals on the sign real. I noticed another comment asked that question.
    I like the fact that no matter where you happen to be, there is an caravan park – sometimes, like in the middle of nowhere. Really great
    off to read Eromanga Fossil Finds

  15. Hello, Red Nomad OZ.

      The coldest winter will be melted by your warm heart.
      The works gently accept all visitors.

      I praise your creative art sense.
      The prayer for all peace.
      Have a good weekend.
    From Japan, ruma ❃

  16. Been to a similar place in the middle of Kansas. The biggest difference though is that in winter there can be six feet of snow on the ground.

  17. omg! i loved Andy’s comment. perfect! i felt overwhelmed by that first pic. love the tribute to the opal miners. another neat post, red!

  18. First thing i thought of when i seen the petrol station price board is “Where are the Prices??” very strange indeed or free fuel maybe??. Are they real opals embedded in the Opal Miners Monument because its a wonder nobody has tried to steal ’em :-).

  19. The biggest oil producing region … I thought that was Barrow Island!

    I 2010 I went the geographic centre of Australia: a flagpole and marker in the middle of nowhere. Very emotional for me for some reason. I burst into tears. Such a good thing to trip through the centre. And yet, I was the only Australian citizen this particular driver had every had on board.

    I love that sign. I was locating myself in my head as I read each pointer. A bit in from ‘corner country’ …

  20. One might expect the gas station to post the prices, too! Then again, it’s probably not like anyone has many choices at that point.

  21. Hi,
    How intriguing, I would of never guessed, I also would of thought the farthest from the sea would of been more central. Good info. 🙂

  22. Hello Red:
    What a strange name, ‘Eromanga’ ….sounds rather like an exotic fruit with erotic tendencies!

    We never cease to be amazed by the extraordinary facts with which you inform us in your posts. The furthest from the sea in all directions is certainly something to be noted for. We shall look it up on our map!!!

  23. Sounds like a place I need to look into. With global warming what it is these days, my homeland is expected to be underwater in the not too distant future.

  24. If I ever get to go to Australia, You can be my tour guide. Seriously, I bet you could make some big bucks doing that.

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