RED Alert #3 – Red and REDDER in the Netherlands!

Last Updated on October 25, 2014 by Red Nomad OZ

A warm (make that REDHOT!) Aussie summer welcome to my 3rd REDAlert guest Riet – where I’m guessing it’s MUCH colder at her home in the Netherlands!

The first time I visited Riet’s photoblog, her words next to a great RED photo immediately got my attention. ‘Red and Redder’ is also what I called my blog header photo – but Riet’s version showed magnificent RED autumn trees. Another post showed fantastic REDsunsets – I just HAD to ask her to be my guest!!

RED: Riet, these trees are so RED! What kind of trees are they?

Riet: Don’t know, maybe acer or cornus.

RED: They’re so beautiful they don’t need a name! Although maybe one of my readers will be able to tell us? I don’t DARE guess, after incorrectly identifying RED Alert# 2’s tulips as poppies

RED: Where were the photos taken?

Riet: Near a little park not far from our home!

RED: You’re so lucky to be within walking distance of such a beautiful scene! These autumn trees are the first ones I ever saw on your blog. Is there a lot of red in the Netherlands in autumn?

Riet: Yes, lots of red or reddish trees.

RED: How long before the red colour fades?

Riet: A few weeks.

RED: Even that’s more than many parts of Australia – our native trees don’t change colour in autumn. What are your favourite colours?

Riet: Red and Aqua!

RED: I can see you love colour from the great photos on your blog. How important is photography to you?

Riet: I am still a beginner in photography but I love it.

RED: I’m sure my readers won’t think you’re a beginner!! How long have you been blogging? Is it important to you??

Riet: I believe four years and I can’t imagine going without it.

RED: It’s not quite two years for me, but I feel the same! The Netherlands is so far from Australia – AND Botswana, where RED Alert #1 took us – so it seems a glorious REDsunset can be found all over the world! Where were these shots taken?

Riet: From my open windows, we live on the 12th floor so it looks on eye level.

RED: If I had a view like that, I’d sit there all day waiting for it! Do you often get sunsets like these?

Riet: Yes!

RED: Is that an electricity tower?

Riet: No those are cranes. A new old folks home is being built.

RED: Well, I’d die happy with a view like that! When I think of the Netherlands I think of windmills like this one from your blog. Can you tell us one thing that not many people know about your country?

Riet: Maybe that we don’t wear wooden shoes?

RED: Really?!

Riet: And we live with 16 million people in a very small country.

RED: It’s hard for me to imagine that – but while Australia is a big country, many parts are not able to be lived in. Which countries would you most like to travel to?

Riet: Canada, Norway, Denmark.

RED: Well … I guess Australia is a LOOOOONG way away!! The Netherlands is very flat, like much of Australia. Are you concerned about climate change?

Riet: Sometimes yes.

RED: We’re in the middle of RED Hot summer down here, while you’ve got winter. Do you see anything red during winter after the autumn colours fade?

Riet: Don’t think so.

RED: Yes, many photos of the Northern winter look black and white! Do you drink anything red?

Riet: I love red wine.

RED: And there you have something in common with MANY Australians! Do you have a favourite RED thing?

Riet: Yes we have a beautiful red couch

RED: Thank you for being my guest on REDAlert and I’m so sorry it’s taken me so long to post your wonderful photos and interview! Do you have any final REDwords for my readers?

Riet: I hope you all had a wonderful Christmastime. I love to decorate with red and that makes me happy. I hope it does the same to you.

My next RED Alert guest will take us to parts of Australia even I haven’t seen! Stay tuned!!

AND … if you’ve got some fabulous RED photos for a future RED Alert post, let me know and YOU could be starring in RED Alert!!

Stay cool!!  OR … RED HOT!!  This post links to the wonderful world of RED at Ruby Tuesday 2!!  Love RED?? Then GO THERE!!!
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  1. @ruma – thank you, my friend. Have a good weekend!
    TGFN – Well, welcome back!!! I’m earnestly awaiting your red pix … bring them on!!
    @George – Thank YOU! So great to hear from you – especially with your excellent feedback!!!

  2. Always love your red posts. I seriously need to submit a picture or two! And you asked a question on my blog a looong time ago, but just getting around to answering it. I have never heard of it being called the Mexican Wave. How funny! Yes, you are right, must be a downunder think. You crazies 🙂

  3. Hello, Red Nomad OZ.

      Even more severe in winter, but.
      Your work is embraced in your gentleness.

      Thank you for the warmth of your heart.

      The prayer for all peace.   
    Have a good weekend. From Japan ruma ❃

  4. @Dina – How cool (or weird) would it be to have pix of fake red stuff from your imaginary OZ trip?!?! What do you think?!
    @Riet – You SHOULD be proud of yourself, my friend! LOVE your photos and interview – as do many of my readers! Will email soon.
    @Marsha – The pleasure was all mine!
    @Leah – Sure is!! But then, ANYTHING red is worth looking at!
    @diane b – of course it’s OK! Your interview questions will be winging their way to you very soon …

  5. Oh this looks real good. I am a little proud with myself. LOL. I would love more followers so maybe they can visit my blog too. More sunsets this Friday and beautiful.
    Bye .

  6. Fun interview.

    I love the red trees.

    It would be awesome to see red fans around the world. Have you done other interviews like this? I’ll look around and see if I can find them….

  7. @Al – Well, I’ve NEVER been to Holland and I enjoy her blog too!!
    @Carletta – That’s what’s so great about RED Alert – my guests do all the work!!
    @Michelle – I’ve got my work cut out for me trying to better Riet’s sunsets!!
    @Cloudia – Haha! Well done!! And LOVE your graphic!
    @Island Rambles – Great!! Welcome aboard!!
    @Glen – I’ve got a VEEEEERRRRYYY broad definition of ‘RED’! Kinda have to with my (ever changing) hair colour! But lets keep that our little secret!!

  8. @LifeRamblings – Thank you! Come back anytime with comments like that!!
    @Mildred – And thanx for dropping by!
    @Jeannette – The ‘reddest’ is the best, don’t you think??!!
    @TMWH – I’ll see your tulips and lego, and raise you clogs and windmills!!
    @NixBlog – CongREDulations on picking the theme!! (sorry, that was truly awful – getting a bit brain dead replying to all these wonderful comments!!)
    @Ken G – You would feel even warmer downunder in the HOT Australian summer right now! Maybe you’re better off with winter!!

  9. @PDP – I arrogantly thought nothing would beat our Aussie sunsets – but danged if this does!
    @Lola – Welcome and thanx!!
    @djawa – Well, come back anytime!!
    @magiceye – Thanx!
    @River – Hahaha! Just goes to show what we Aussies know – or DON’T know!!! I always wanted a pair of clogs …
    @Don – Much as I’d like to hand my heart over in return, I think the honour goes to Riet!!
    @Dianne – Glad to fill in the gaps!
    @Gattina – But do you get the same amazing sunsets??!!

  10. @SflaGuy – Hahaha! No RED light district pix offers for RED Alert yet! Take one & you’ll corner the market!!!
    @Chubskulit – All the hard work was done by Riet!
    @Joyful – I’ll see if Riet has one … that’ll be one way to identify the tree!!
    @Felisol – there is too much emphasis on naming everything! Sometimes we should just enjoy it for what it is!
    @Leovi – I am SOOOOO jealous of Riet’s photographic ability! AND … yours too!
    @Lara – Well … you could be a future RED Alert guest if you have RED pix!!
    @ladyfi – It’s one of the best ones I’ve seen! Riet sure is lucky!

  11. I like these photos :))) There is real winter in Poland now and when I look at these trees and sky, I feel a breath of autumn. It gives me warmth and light :)))

  12. Beautiful! All I remember about the Netherlands were the tulips and the Legos, but then I was just a kid. These pictures were great!!

  13. Great shades of red in your photos.
    I like the phrase about the trees,”They’re so beautiful they don’t need a name!”
    I’d had to have a close up of a leaf if I should start guessing.

    Long lasting red sunsets are pure magic. I’ll have to wait for yet a couple of months to sunsets experience them again.
    Oh, I’m so longing for spring.

  14. That is the reddest sunset I’ve ever seen and I’d say those trees are Acers (Maples), but only because I don’t know what the heck a Cornus is. (must google)
    Now I’m off to add Riet to my blog list.
    P.S. I’m a little shocked that they don’t all skip around in wooden clogs. Does this mean they don’t wear those folded corners white hats either?

  15. Well done Red, such a good idea these interviews bringing different images in from other parts of the world. I do have one thing in common with Riet, the red couch, love it a lot!! Beautiful sunsets from her apartment, almost as fab as our sunsets from the beach!Looking forward to the next RED alert!!

  16. I love how you are bringing the rest of the world into focus for us even if the focus is RED.

    I keep waiting for the RED tide to show up so I can join in. Maybe a visit to the RED light district but I don’t think they are too fond of cameras. Other than that it’s all about the green in South Florida.

  17. @Jayne – Thanx! To Riet of course, she did all the work!!
    @MJWC – Thanx for the tweet! Will be off to check it out any minute!!
    @Beach Bum – You got that right … but it’s not even in OZ! What gives!!
    @Sallie – Well just you wait till I get my ‘Round the World with Red’ happening again!!
    @Liz – Welcome and thanx!
    @Mary – Thanx to you too! On Riet’s behalf …
    @Gemma – I’ve never been a fan of living in a highrise – but in this case I’d definitely make an exception!!

  18. @Carole – You’re right – a camera that doesn’t do RED properly isn’t worth having! And if a fix doesn’t work, a replacement …
    @Magsx2 – I’m fascinated by a country reclaimed from the ocean. And what’s NOT to love about those sunsets?!?!
    @FruitCake – I thought we had a monopoly on FINE red sunsets downunder … but RED Alert is proving me wrong!!
    @Andrew – Botany is not my strong point so I’ll take a leaf (!) from your book and let others do the research!!!
    @diane b – Glad you enjoy them, because you’re next, my friend!!

  19. Love the idea of a guest post/interview! Certainly gives a fun twist to a post! And great to see Riet as star of this show! And the photos are stunning! Especially the sunset view from the 12th floor! Good one!

  20. Holy Cow Red!! Things really are redder in the Netherlands.

    Those are some Fabulous pictures!!

  21. That is interesting to see red from another country. That is one type of red we don’t see much of in Queensland. I enjoy your interviews it is something a little different.

  22. Hi,
    These are fantastic photos, and those sunsets are to die for, they are gorgeous.

    I love the colours in the trees, beautiful indeed.

    Very nice interview, I would love to see the Netherlands one day.

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