I’m Walking on Sunshine … AND Giveaway Winner!


I’ve been awarded the Sunshine Blog Award by TMW Hickman over at Not Just Another Mother Blogger – otherwise known as NJAMB! Why? Because – wannabees, take note – we Aussies shorten EVERYTHING!

As for the award – “The Sunshine Blog Award is [apparently] awarded to bloggers whose positivity and creativity inspires others in the blogosphere”. And yes, NJAMB actually means me!! In case you were wondering …

To remove all doubt, here’s what she wrote!

“… I can’t say enough good things about Red. Her travel blog is so full of cheerful imagery and gorgeous pictures. Plus, she is funny. I love her so much that when I am driving around, sometimes I think about stopping to take a picture so I can be like Red.”

Where was she when I needed a résumé?!?!

No matter. She’s here now!! Love you too, NJAMB – everyone should have a friend like you!! Despite the clear dearth of responsible adults and suitable role models in your formative years …

So I guess that means I’m going to accept the award – like THAT was in any doubt! But with great power comes great responsibility (sound familiar? Does ‘Spiderman’ ring a bell??) – and now it’s payback time! Here’s what I have to do!

* Thank the person who gave this award and write a post about it – CHECK!
* Answer the following [odd mix of] questions below – CHECK!!
* Pass the award to 10 fabulous bloggers, link their blogs and let them know you awarded them – CHECK!!!

Red Dunes
Red Dunes

Too easy … although the apparent simplicity of the questions below is deceptive …

1.  Favorite color? Well, duh! RED, of course!! And I’ve got two blog post series to prove it:  My FavouRED OZ things for my RED Aussie stuff – and RED Alert for guest RED photos and interviews (new post coming real soon!)

Red & Pilchard pig out (AGAIN!) at Mungalli
Red & Pilchard pig out (AGAIN!) at Mungalli

2.  Favorite animal? For what? Eating? Playing with?? Photographing??? Having a stuffed toy replica of???? Listening to????? Too hard … although when I really think about it, my favourite would have to be the Pilchard!!

3.  Favorite number? 13. No, I’m not superstitious. The number ’13’ is numerologically significant in my vital statistics, which is lucky for me – even if it isn’t for anyone else!
4.  Favorite drink? Yes, please!
5.  Facebook or Twitter? I remain a Facebook virgin … and my @RedNomadOZ tweets are clearly WAAAAAAY too dull for Lonely Planet to Retweet – hell, why are these my only two options?? I’ve been told I give good email …

Cawnpore Lookout, Outback Queensland
Cawnpore Lookout, Outback Queensland

6.  Your passion? ‘I love a sunburnt country,  A land of sweeping plains, Of ragged mountain ranges, Of droughts and flooding rains … An opal hearted country, A wilful, lavish land! All you who have not loved her, You will not understand …’ (click HERE to read the rest of Dorothea MacKellar’s classic Aussie poem ‘My Country’)
7.  Giving or getting presents? I’m an each-way-bet kind of girl …
8.  Favorite day? So many to choose from downunder here in OZ! To prove my point, click HERE for a perfect moment; and HERE for a perfect day!! Jealous yet? You should be!

Sturts Desert Pea
Sturts Desert Pea

9.  Favorite flower? Of course it’s the RED Sturt’s Desert Pea (Swainsona formosa) and floral emblem of South Australia! Thanx, sis for the pic!!
Now for the hard part – choosing ONLY 10 fabulous bloggers who have inspired the blogosphere with their creativity and positivity (if that’s really a word). If your blog isn’t below, please don’t take it personally, or think that I don’t appreciate your contribution – this time, I’ve selected bloggers that I haven’t awarded before!
Here they are (in blog name reverse alphabetical order, just in case you’re feeling competitive …).

Awardees – if you wish to do more than bask in the glow of your very own Sunshine award, feel free to pass it on! You certainly don’t have to … consider this a small down payment for the priceless enjoyment I’ve had from you!!

TriGirl at Tri-Ing to be Athletic
A visit to TriGirl’s hilarious take on training for triathlons will make those of you who know me wonder what we have in common!! But … while our lives are very different, our sense of humour is the same, which is why I laugh myself silly over her hilarious cartoons!

Dina at That Weird American Who’s Obsessed With Australia
Dina’s fascinating and incisive take on OZ often gives me pause. Just goes to show that you don’t have to live in a country to show its citizens a thing or two …

FruitCake at scuze i
FruitCake’s well written and researched opinions on just about anything are required reading – if you care about topical issues and you’re not afraid to laugh until you pee!

Saucy Kod at Saucy Kodz Blog
What fun it always is to pay a visit to Saucy Kod and Puppy Jack (PJ)! Seeing Canada – and life – through their eyes makes every virtual trip worthwhile …

Diane at On the Alberta/Montana Border
Diane is a born raconteur … and if, like me, you sometimes want to lose yourself in another time and place, then pay her a visit!

Jane and Lance Hattatt at HATTATT
It’s quite possible that I have nothing in common with this refined couple whose elegant prose describes a way of life so far removed from my own downunder here in OZ! But that’s what’s so great about the world wide web, right?

Rubye Jack at Blue Skies, Sunny Days
If you’re looking for beautifully written fine storytelling, thought Iprovoking posts and a wry sense of humour (and who ISN’T?!?!) then Rubye’s is the place to be!

Windsmoke at Bizarre Scribble
Windsmoke’s jokes were the initial drawcard. But I keep coming back for the wonderful images in his haiku – and more recently, the hilarious anagrams!!

Alessandra at Alessandra Zecchini
Recipes, photography, travel … it’s all happening across the ditch (aka in New Zealand) where this feisty Italian cooks, produces recipe books, tours and makes me salivate on a regular basis!

Sallie at A Full Time Life
A traveller like me, Sallie’s stories and photos almost make me want to head to where she’s been just to check it out! I’ll probably go once I’m done touring OZ!!

Diane at Adventures before Dementia
Diane’s already shown me places in OZ I can’t wait to see! So of COURSE her blog is required reading! Oh! And she does a fine line in reminiscence as well …


Oh! Nearly forgot!!

Yes, the Journey Jottings Product Pack has been won! My very first giveaway – a FAAAABULOUS Aussie Product Pack donated by Linda of Journey Jottings fame – closed last night (OZ time).

Thank you to all those who entered – I loved your entries so much it was VEEEERRY difficult to pick a winner! If ONLY I’d made it easier for myself by letting random.org do the selections …

BUT … the winning entry not only made me laugh the most, but the entrants are also CLEARLY in need of a map!!

SO ….

The winner is ….

Wait for it …

Yes, this is getting annoying, right?!?!?!

So without further ado …

Jane and Lance Hattatt with ‘We know that Australia is DOWN UNDER but where EXACTLY?!!!’
Congratulations Jane and Lance – please email me your postal address so I can send you your prize! Click on the ’email’ link in my profile to send me your message!

For those who were unsuccessful (and anyone else who’s jealous as hell of this marvellous prize), all is not lost! Why not head back over to Journey Jottings and have another look at Linda’s fine products? I’m sure you’ll find something you can console yourselves with …

AND … Linda has a special deal going for the unsuccessful entrants!  In her words …

“As the WINNER has now been announced, I’d like to offer all the runners-up a 2 for 1 consolation deal! Go to our website and purchase any product(s) and we’ll send you not one but two of whatever you select 🙂 Add in the notes “CODE RED” so we know to send 2 for 1. If you select a magnet or puzzle postcard and would like 2 different regions, enter the 2nd region in the notes too – Or, to play super safe email us to confirm your 2nd selection – Thanks Red for augmenting and judging your first fun #giveaway! All the best for the festive season 🙂 Linda”

Until next time … I’ll leave you with a flashback to that fabulous ‘feel good’ classic – ‘I’m Walking on Sunshine’ by Katrina and the Waves!!

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  1. @TriGirl – Spectacular!! I’m SOOOOOO jealous of your amazing cartoons!! Thanx for the honourable mention …
    @JM – Thanx! Lots more amazing OZ stuff down here!!

  2. @TriGirl – HAha! Why do you think I picked you?!?! Seriously, I LOVE your cartoons – and look forward to your post!
    @diane b – Glad to have made your day – of COURSE you deserve it!
    @Betty – Happy Xmas to you too, my friend!
    @NixBlog – Thanx!
    @Alessandra – No problem … you don’t have to do it straight away though – but completely up to you to do it or not!
    @FruitCake – Thank you so much! And the honour is mine!! There’s no deadline – or requirement! – for passing the award on, it’s completely up to you! Thanx for the great writing – look forward to more on the other side of Xmas!
    @Sallie – See above – it’s no problem either way! Just nice that we appreciate each other!!! HAve a great Xmas!!

  3. Hi Red — you definitely deserve this award and every other one in the world! I love your blog and I am absolutely honored that you would want to pass it on to me. But (as you may guess since I’m just now seeing this post and commenting) I am so far behind since our roadtrip that it’s pitiful. So I am going to not pass the award on and hope you will understand. Thank you so much for including me!

  4. Red, I’m chuffed to be receiving such a prestigious award at all, let alone receiving such an award from you!

    Sometime during this [brief] holiday period I will certainly be passing the award on, and investigating the blogs you’ve mentioned. I already know some of them, and am further chuffed to be linked in some way to them.

    For now; a very happy and safe holiday season to you, Pilchard, and all your readers!!!

  5. Thanks for the award, not sure if I’ll have the time, or the internet connection (pretty shaky now), but I’ll try! And congratulations to the winners, no excuses for not finding Australia now!


  6. Wooo! Thanks Red! Congrats on receiving this award and thank you so very much for passing it along to me! It will take some time to illustrate all my answers but I promise to let you know when it’s done 😀

  7. @Ken G – Haha, and thank you! Merry Xmas!!!
    @Nikki – Thank you too!! I hope you enjoy the others as much as I do!!!
    @Saucy Kod & PJ – Thanks! Your enjoyment = MY enjoyment!! So the temperature finally went down, huh? Just as ours is hitting 30 degrees C … look forward to reading your picks after Xmas!!!

  8. @Magsx2 – Thank you! Yes, keeping the social networks active means there’s no time for actual communication!! Weird, huh!
    @Windsmoke – thank you, and it’s my pleasure! As is reading your blog!! When’s the next lot of anagrams??!!
    @Sandra – Thank you for your gracious words … I have to get this G+ thing sorted in my head – any tips??
    @Diane – My pleasure! Enjoy – and look forward to reading your picks!
    @Kath – I’m spending a lot of time apologising for making you homesick … so maybe we should both think of my blog as an investment in Aussie travel for homesick expats and others!! I’m jealous as hell that you’ll be having an actual white Xmas!!

  9. @Andrew – Haha! You ain’t seen nothing yet …!!!
    @Linda – Thank you so much for donating that FAAAABULOUS prize! I’ve updated the post to include your comment – hope you get lots of visitors!!
    @Jane & Lance – Hahahaha! Who would have thought failure to study geography would have resulted in such happiness??!! Teachers, take note!!! Thank you so much for your kind words – this is why I blog!!! Package in mail …
    @PDP – Thank you!
    @Rubye Jack – well … you might not think your blog is ‘cheery’ – and I (for one) am glad it isn’t because that implies ‘perky’ which I don’t do … But what your blog IS (ie creative, positive, thought-provoking, humourous and beautifully written) – that’s what keeps me coming back!!
    @Dina – It’s my pleasure! As is reading your blog … let’s keep your failure to notice Pilchard our little secret …

  10. OOOPS……p.s. Red, working on Sunshine Award reply on my blog, however away over Christmas, just wanted you to know I wil follow the protocol of receiving this prestigious award. Sincerely, Lilly

  11. Oh My Goodness, Jack n Lilly Sunshine or SaucyKodz Sunshine – either way, we graciously accept. Thank you so much Red and my personal congratulations to TriGirl, Dina, FruitCake, Diane on the border, Jane n Lance, Rubye Jack, Windsmoke, Alessandra, Sallie and Dianne before Dementia.
    We have vast differences between the small town we live in and “Sunny” Aussie Town. I feel as though I can travel with you Red and happily read your commentaries on your blog – and the way you describe your adventures makes me almost feel like I am there.
    Thank you sooooo much Red.
    Just these few days prior to Christmas, this Girl n her Doggie are indeed “WALKING ON SUNSHINE” 🙂 – even though the temp here this frosty a.m. is -17
    PJ sends Doggie woof woof luv.

  12. Congratulations Jane and Lance Hattatt, good one!

    Nice top ten list of bloggers too.

    I’m also rampant on Twitter and a Facebook virgin…but I am known to give good G+.

  13. Congratulations Red and very very well deserved too!

    Those Sturt Desert peas….. *sniffle*…. making me homesick…..

  14. Congrats on the Sunshine Blog Award well deserved indeed. All i can say is i’m flattered and stoked with my Sunshine Award thank you :-).

  15. Hi,
    Great post as always, and congrats to the winner, have fun.

    I’m not on facebook or twitter, I’m flat out keeping up with everyone in the blogosphere. 🙂

  16. Thank you!!!

    That means a lot to me!

    I love your enthusiasm for Australia.

    As for Facebook and Twitter…I think email is better than both of those.

    I’m going to have to Google this Pilchard thing.

  17. Little Ms. Sunshine I am not, but I sure feel happy about receiving such a great award from you Red. Now I want to be the sunshine girl, okay maybe for a day or two anyway.

    Here I was reading along on this foggy Oklahoma morning when my god, there’s my blog in the midst of all these other blogs that really are quite cheery. And now I’m all happy too! And so there is hope once again. 🙂

    Thanks Red!

  18. Hello Red:
    What can we say [especially whilst dancing a jig around the room]!!!!!

    We are so thrilled to be thought of as Mr and Mrs Sunshine and are delighted to accept our award. As you say, perhaps the attraction between us is the differences we have. But, whilst that may be true with regard to our lifestyles, what always brings us here, dearest Red, is the warm and sunny commentary that emanates from each and every post and, also,truly informative, well researched and erudite writing through which your passion for your subject rings through loud and clear. We feel honoured to be in your top ten.

    And, as for the giveaway, well, we are beyond excited. We both stopped studying Geography at school at an early point and this really shows. So, we are absolutely delighted that our journey jotting goodies may point us in the right direction for our future ventures. Thank you so very, very much!!!

  19. Congratulations Jane and Lance!
    Do hope you find out where exactly down under Australia is when the pack of goodies arrives LOL

    There were some great entries…
    So I’d like to offer all the runners-up a 2 for 1 consolation deal!

    Go to our website and purchase any product(s) and we’ll send you not one but two of whatever you select 🙂

    Add in the notes “CODE RED” so we know to send 2 for 1.
    If you select a magnet or puzzle postcard and would like 2 different regions, enter the 2nd region in the notes too – Or, to play super safe email us to confirm your 2nd selection –

    Thanks Red for augmenting and judging your first fun #giveaway!

    All the best for the festive season 🙂

    Journey Jottings

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