Giveaway #1 – Journey Jottings Product Pack!

MY Journey Jottings Australia Map Journal & travel paraphernalia ...

MY Journey Jottings Australia Map Journal & travel paraphernalia …

It was love at first sight.

When I first saw the FAAAAAABULOUS Journey Jottings Map Journal in a Visitor Information Centre, I HAD to have one!
Then I found Linda’s Journey Jottings blog via Annabel Candy (of Get In the Hot Spot fame) and immediately became a follower! I couldn’t believe my luck when Linda commented on my blog (yes, HERE!!!*) so I tweeted her when I saw Map Journals in odd locations on the road.
Instead of dismissing me as a crazed stalker, Linda asked for a guest post. Read where I saw Journey Jottings products in 2011, and where I bought my Map Journal HERE!
So to reward one of my RED-HOT reader/followers, Linda kindly donated a pack of four fantastic Journey Jottings products valued at $AUD 29.90 RRP for me to give away! It includes (click on each item for details):
What YOU could win!

What YOU could win!

The pack contents are as shown in the photo, but you’ll be better off taking the links above, or visiting www.journeyjottings.comto see what they REALLY look like! And if you lose your entry is unsuccessful, you needn’t miss out! Just order the products of your choice direct!

I’m SO excited to have this pack of brilliant Aussie-made Journey Jottings products to give away I’m almost tempted to enter the competition myself!
But that would be wrong …
So here’s how YOU can get your hands on it:
  1. Follow me if you don’t already (via ‘Follow’ button at top of page; ‘Follow’ button in right sidebar under ‘Red’s Readers’; Twitter; email or some other verifiable way)
  2. In 10 words or less, tell me why YOU should win this prize in a comment** on my blog below this post!  Go on … you know you want it …
  3. Do all this before 9:00 pm Australian Eastern Daylight Saving time, Monday 19th December, 2011 when the competition closes – yep, that’s a week from now!

The comment that makes me laugh the most will win! The winner will be announced on my blog once I’ve stopped laughing …

While you’re thinking about your entry, why not visit Get in The Hot Spot’s 25 Australian travel blogs and bloggers to watch in 2012? YES! I’m THERE!!*

Want more information?

* Pardon me while I have a fan-girl moment …
** Anyone can leave a comment – if you haven’t got one of the profile options, select ‘anonymous’ and make sure you leave your name
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  • @TMW – Bummer! For some reason your comment spammed & I’ve only just retrieved it!! But why would you use a map of OZ to record your Texas ramblings?? Haha, only kidding – hope you had a good Xmas!

  • @Angela – welcome and thanx! Look forward to sharing destinations!
    @Tracey – Well done!! Thanx for following & entering! Check out Linda’s special deal below …
    @jdogwhitney – you could do a lot worse than head downunder … but if you’re not sure, check out my blog a bit further!!!
    @Infolass – thanx for entering!! But are you a follower?? No matter … check out Linda’s special deal below!
    @Marianne – haha, good one!
    @Linda – thanx a million for the great prize! I’ve posted your comment on the giveaway announcement post!

  • As the WINNER has now been announced (over here: )as mentioned over there, I’d like to offer all the runners-up a 2 for 1 consolation deal!

    Go to our website and purchase any product(s) and we’ll send you not one but two of whatever you select 🙂

    Add in the notes “CODE RED” so we know to send 2 for 1.
    If you select a magnet or puzzle postcard and would like 2 different regions, enter the 2nd region in the notes too – Or, to play super safe email us to confirm your 2nd selection –

    Thanks Red for augmenting and judging your first fun #giveaway!

    All the best for the festive season 🙂

    Journey Jottings

  • It´s me again – can I have a second bite at the cherry (so to speak)? 🙂

    “North, South, East or West – Journey Jottings is the best!”

  • Can’t wait to win the pack, it’s a snap!

  • Well, usually when I make people laugh, it’s because they’re laughing at me, not with me, so I will not attempt any humor. But I would sure love to explore the land of the convicts someday, and I am definitely going to keep Cape Crawford in mind. It sounds … bewdieful?

  • Have map? ….will travel. Have GPS? …will go round bend.

    Literally and metaphorically : D

  • Have map? ….will travel. Have GPS? …will go round bend.

  • You have great pictures on your blog.
    It’s interesting to see your country through your eyes.
    Greetings from Switzerland

  • @Sandra – You could even mark your 4WD trails on it!
    @Beach Bum – Well, who’s stopping you??!!
    @PDP – Thanx!
    @Manzanita – Whoa! Pompoms AND hula hoops! Now you’re talking!!
    @Marianne – Welcome and thanx!
    @Edward TB – Welcome to you too!!
    @diane b – thanx for your entry – good luck!
    @25BR – Always good fun!! Merry Xmas to you too!!

  • 1. OK, I´ll keep it short … get yourself Down Under!

    2. A Love Letter to Australia. Darling Oz … Soon. Love Edward x

  • G´day Red!

    Loving your blog and this fantastic giveaway. Here´s my try:

    “Journey Jottings is the new black …or is that RED?”

    Seasons greetings 🙂

  • Good luck with all the travels. WOW! Looks like fun!
    Compliments of the Season!!!!

  • Unlike GPS the map won’t tell me to “turn back”.

  • That is pretty awesome! I was thinking about making a map of Texas so my son and I could mark down our adventures–but this is MUCH better!

  • I’m just dropping in with my pom poms to cheer you on. Good luck with your giveaway and may worthy people move to the winner’s circle.
    (I’m working on ridding myself of the contents of 3 houses) 🙂
    Wishing you lots of good cheer and smiley faces.

  • Congrats on the blogger list too Red, you so deserve to be on it!

  • Why should I win?

    I want to be an Aussie.

  • Great giveaway, Red! Unfortunately, the same with the others here, I’m not visiting Australia (yet) in the near future. Good luck to those who’ll join though, and yes, I’ll look for a red pic! See ya!

  • I sure could have used something like this in my travels. It’s a very impressive product. I wish I would have an opportunity to visit Australia in the near future, but since I don’t think that will happen I’ll leave the competition to others.

  • Great idea! Should be fun for you.

  • This map would be great to show my 4WD visitors.

  • @Mrs Tuna – Haha! Is that your entry?!?!
    @SFlaGuy – Nah, then I’ll have to go back to bureaucracy-speak!!!
    @River – That’s what I like about the products – they look like heirlooms!!
    @Alessandra – Well done!! It’s not that easy for an Aussie, either …
    @NixBlog – It already is!!
    @George – Never say never, my friend!
    @Aleah – Thanx for dropping by!

  • PS

    Ten words or less is hard for an Italian!

  • I am coming over next year so I better win!

  • It looks like a great pack to record your comings and goings. Imagine future generations finding one of these in the attic and learning about your life way back when.

  • All you need now are corporate sponsors.

  • Hooray! you’re a fancy ass blogger now 🙂

  • @Linda – Haha, like it or not, we can’t help but follow the GFC – I hope Google Friend Connect is more rewarding to follow!!
    @Jane & Lance – Haha! At this stage you’ve got the honour of being competition front-runners!! Although as yet there are no other entries …
    @Magda – Thank you! What draws you to Linda’s wonderful maps is also what draws me! Mine will be framed when it’s finished – if it ever IS finished!!!

  • Just called in to write that I love your Blog Red Nomad Oz, and the way you express your self in words.. well I find I laugh, and that feels good…

    Not here for the fabulous competition… just interested. I’m drawn to things that allow one to record.

    Great Journey Recording stuff… beautifully put together and presented… has an archival heirloom quality look… will be great for future generations to see… and possibly discover there are a whole collection of them showing different Journeys being recorded at the same time!!!

    I may not travel outside daily doings… but then that’s what makes Blogs like yours so special… I have the opportunity to discover what’s outside my horizon and more about the Country giving me a Home and the Planet in general, love it all very much.

    Now you have opened even more doors for me to enter and discover.

    Thanks… and good luck to all contestants…
    The package is as nice to have as will be to use…

    good wishes to you Red Nomad Oz from Magda and Crew in Qld Australia

  • Hi,
    Wow, the pack looks great, and congrats on doing a quest post. I will leave the comp for others to enter, good luck everyone. 🙂

  • Jane and Lance Hattatt

    Hello Red:

    We know that Australia is DOWN UNDER but where EXACTLY?!!!

    We Follow, we have used 10 words, please let us find the way with a map!!

  • How exciting to be part of your FIRST ever GIVEAWAY

    I too was initially thrown by your suggesting we follow the GFC (global financial crisis) but thankfully Fruitcake has got us back on track there.

    The pleadings will certainly have to be pithy (expressed in just 10 words)
    Looking forward to a week of belly laughs!

  • @Andrew – And it could be in your own little hand! Just enter the comp and see!
    @Kath – Sadly, I don’t think so … but if you win, you could use it as a log of where you’d like to go when you return to OZ!
    @FruitCake – Yes! GFC = ‘Google Friend Connect’-you’re already following!! So knock yourself out!!

  • Is GFC the same thing as that ‘follow’ button up the top? Can’t twit and never get emails, so it must be – right?

  • …I wonder if there’s a Swiss version?

  • This is going to be like when you buy a car, a model you’ve never noticed on the road, and suddenly they appear everywhere. I just know I am going to see a Journey Jottings very soon somewhere.

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