Wycliffe Well Roadhouse – The Best Alien Pit-Stop this side of the Galaxy!

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Campground Toilet, Wycliffe Well, Northern Territory
Campground Toilet, Wycliffe Well, Northern Territory

What’s a weary Aussie traveller to do after a few hours and a few hundred kilometres on the road? Stagger from the car – reeling from too much sitting and legs crossed from sipping water water – and head straight for the loo, of course! Or the nearest tree, rock or shrub.

Finding a good place to do your business is an Aussie outback traveller’s rite of passage.

So how desperate would you be if you’ve just crossed the universe, and you’re a gazillion light years from home??

Maliens and Femaliens at the, Wycliffe Well Loos, Northern Territory
Maliens and Femaliens at the, Wycliffe Well Loos, Northern Territory

Appropriate facilities – or intelligent life forms – aren’t always easy to find in this corner of the universe.  Local and intergalactic travellers will therefore be relieved (in more ways than one) to learn that the Wycliffe Well roadhouse doesn’t just cater for mere earthlings.

Deep in the heart of the Northern Territory, and self-styled UFO capital of OZ, the roadhouse is where all the smart aliens (and local travellers) head for a quirky break.

Alien body waste disposal technology is still a new science here on Earth, however Wycliffe Well’s ground-breaking inclusive convenience block labelling is sure to minimise offence no matter how far or from where the visitor has travelled!

Or to what facilities the alien visitor is accustomed …

Intergalactic Rest Stop, Wycliffe Well, Northern Territory
Intergalactic Rest Stop, Wycliffe Well, Northern Territory

The simple earth technology might not meet home galaxy standards.  But I would defy any traveller from anywhere to wander amongst the random statues and murals tastefully adorning the grounds and not find something to make them feel at home!

With the possible exception of the Elvis campsite …

Elvis Campsite, Wycliffe Well, Northern Territory
Elvis Campsite, Wycliffe Well, Northern Territory

In 2002 the Sun Herald ranked the tiny Wycliffe Well roadhouse 5th in the world for UFO activity.  Sceptics may scoff at its high per-capita UFO sighting rate, and the uninformed will almost certainly put it down to substance abuse overindulgence; but who’s to say this isn’t an alien home away from home??

UFO Abduction Mural, Wycliffe Well, Northern Territory
UFO Abduction Mural, Wycliffe Well, Northern Territory

After seeing the extraordinary attractions of Wycliffe Well for myself, I suspect extraterrestrial navigation systems throughout the universe will be busy programming in its coordinates!!

AND … maybe one day the Wycliffe Well roadhouse will have the first certified amenities block in OZ to meet intergalactic standards!

I guess I’ll just have to hold on ’til then!!

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  1. @Diane – Woo hoo! Maybe they should be sister cities??!! My ‘friend’ is probably getting lonely without me … feel free to drop in and cheer him up!!

  2. Another must see. It’s right up there with the town of Vulcan, Alberta. Which boasts a genuine landing pad for the Enterprise! And an almost life-sized model of same. BTW who is the large, muscular ‘friend’ you are posing with? He attached???!

  3. @Gladys – Hey, thanx for dropping in! Would LOOOOVE to see your Lao bear loo! Send me a pic for a guest post??
    @Sallie – Hahaha, love you too girlfriend! I still find it weird that I can post something downunder and have someone WAAAAAAY over the other side laugh! The power … the power!!!

  4. I’ve always had lots of reasons why I’d love to visit Australia someday, but until I became a fan of your blog, I never knew that the outdoor toilets were one of those reasons!

    Hope you had a great Christmas!!

  5. what an interesting public toilet! LOL. there was one in Laos that we went to, all decorated with bears. LOL 🙂

  6. @Angela – Whatever the rock is, it looked amazing!! Hope your Xmas was excellent too!
    @TMW – what’s this name change??!! Roswell is SOOOO last century …
    @Kath – Or in my case, over and over again!! Different ones, of course … Merry Xmas!

  7. @icedgurl – Trekking? MY blog?? HHHMMMmmm… note to self – look up ‘trekking’!
    @Saucy Kod – I’ve set the bar impossibly high … nothing like a challenge, huh? LOVE your slang – our version is ‘you and your scumbag mates’!!
    @Draft Queen – yeah, other stuff like the Uluru and the Barrier Reef are just minor distractions between pit-stops!
    @Betty – thanx, and same to you!
    @Joan – Thank you! I’ve made it out the other side of Xmas – hope you have too!!

  8. I guess the folks there have to do *something* to entertain themselves and public toilets are one of those things in life that everyone needs to use at least once…..

  9. Merry Christmas Red. I hope you have a wonderful day … know you will coz you have such a fun personality every day.

  10. I love this!

    I really need to make it to Australia soon! (Clearly I’m going to need like a YEAR just to see all the fun public rest stops!)

    Happy Holidays!

  11. That’s what I’m talking about. That’s the kind of toilet to send to your friends on Christmas Eve. I think this is the best one yet, even had sparkles of Christmas Colour there. I really do not believe you can top this one Red. ha,ha
    Happy Holidays to you n Pilchard, “Buddy Wasisname and the Other Fellers” – another tidbit of Maritime Slang.
    Enjoy 🙂

  12. @Fruitcake – True, but I wonder how many aliens actually look like that? Still … it’s a step in the right direction!
    @Sallie – Well … why not give him a free email subscription for Xmas? He doesn’t need to know it’s free … just click on the email thingy and put in his email address – all he has to do is confirm it!! Too easy!!!
    @greg scott – HHHMMMmmm… do I detect a trace of cynicism?? It’s weird all right – but is it wonderful? You decide!!
    @Dianne – Thank you so much! One of my first posts was about Wycliffe Well, but I’d forgotton all about the loo until I uncovered the pix the other day!!
    @Charlotte – Welcome and thanx! Look forward to your next visit!!

  13. I’m sure that there are PR consultants who cook these things up to promote towns with nothing much else to offer. Soon you’ll be able to do alien sighting tours of the outback. Have a great christmas everyone

  14. These posts are so funny! Love the buildings, but only you could make it so laugh-out-loud funny!

    Bill asked me what I was laughing at and looked at me strangely when I told him (he needs to read you!).

    Hope you have a wonderful Holiday weekend.

  15. Looks like a fun and quite unusual place. Just stopped by from BPOTW. I’ll be on the look out for more of your posts.

  16. You never cease to amaze me with your loo finds and I would think this one tops the cake .
    I hope you & Pilchard have the very best Christmas – & thanks for the many laughs in 2011.

  17. The Male/Female paintings on the entrance portal must be reassuring for aliens – a good picture can cross an infinite number of linguistic barriers.

  18. @Alessandra – Same to you, my friend. Hope the earthquake isn’t anywhere near you.
    @Rubye – Even more funny/cute in reality! And you’re right – it’s SO weird to earthlings, the aliens MUST feel right at home!
    @Windsmoke – Haha, you’re too kind! But I have no plans to move there – yet!!

  19. @diane – OMIGOD!! I never thought of the alien toilet block as a portal!!!
    @Natural View – Haha, you’re right! Trees and bushes are the usual places – but look out for the snakes!!
    @Al – Oh dear! I think we’re both in trouble …
    @PDP – HHHMMMmmm… maybe they’re now getting more aliens visiting than cars!!!
    @Courtney – They’re just getting even more weird and wonderful!

  20. @River – Haha! It’s amazing what you’ll find when your legs have been crossed for half an hour …
    @Magsx2 – Its unique quirkiness makes it my all time fave OZ spot- and it’s just down the road from the wonderful Devils Marbles!
    @Beach Bum – do it! DO IT!!! Oh, hang on- not quite sure how to organise an alien abduction!!
    @FrankandMary – Haha! Yes, no proof without a pic!! And now that you mention it, I guess the pig is just as probable as the Hulk!!

  21. Its an alien oasis in our own back yard what alien wouldn’t want to stay here for a night while traveling across the universe with Red as your hostess with the mostess :-).

  22. Haha! that’s quite something, no wonder they have so many UFO sightings, any passing ship would have to do a fly by to see ‘what the heck’ it was all about! I hope you have a fabulous Christmas Red, take care.

  23. That looks like fun, nice shots. I’m not sure if you’d prefer the 37 C you’ll be getting, or the -20 we had at our house this morning, neither is pleasant to be outside in!

  24. Sceptics may scoff at tiny Wycliffe Well’s high per-capita UFO sighting rate…

    Hot dog! I finally found a cheap way down to you all’s side of the world, as long as I get abducted and can catch a ride by aliens doing the tourist thing here in the States.

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