Signs #18 – Historical? – OR Hysterical?!

Last Updated on September 15, 2014 by Red Nomad OZ

Historic Sign, Wentworth, New South Wales

At what point is an object, action, document or place deemed ‘historic’ – and therefore worthy of recognition and/or preservation?

Sometimes we realise the significance too late and tangible symbols of our heritage are lost forever. Australia’s relatively short record of non-indigenous exploration doesn’t make us immune from failing to recognise the importance, or worse – forgetting – what shaped our country.

So I was thrilled to spot the sign on this massive River Red Gum at Wentworth’s Riverbend Caravan Park marking the spot where explorer Charles Sturt celebrated his discovery of the junction of the Murray and Darling rivers! At least here the memory of this historic event has been preserved!!

Looking across the Darling River to the historic spot on the other side

But in a bravely pre-emptive strike, another more recent historic event is immortalised on the other side of the tree!

Although only 12 years have elapsed since this amazing feat took place, the participants aren’t leaving recognition of their bravery and daring to chance – or faulty memory!!

Hysterical sign, Wentworth, New South Wales

Isn’t it a relief to know that future generations of Aussie kids will know EXACTLY what happened in this spot??!!

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Visit Signs, signs for many more signs from around the world brought together in one place for your enjoyment!
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  1. @Prasetyo – Thanx for dropping by!
    @Diane – I couldn’t believe my luck!! The newer pic was the icing on the cake!!!

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    Dont forget to give us some your comment into my blog too.

    Thanks for share,

    ¤ Rio Prasetyo ¤

  3. @Mrs Tuna – well, you would know!
    @Manzanita – the tree is a WHOPPER! The jury’s out on whether signs are pee-substitutes, but it’s an intriguing thought!
    @Betty – glad you got a good laugh! My weekend’s going great!! Hope yours is too …
    @EGWOW – My pleasure!
    @Spare Parts & Pics – As an Aussie, I can appreciate them both!
    @Ro – Thanx! LOVE Aussie humour!
    @Alessandra – Thank you, I’ll have a look!

  4. @Al – Haha!! Where would it end??!! I’ll let my blog record the momentous photo instead!!
    @George – indeed! But which side is which??!! Seriously, it’s great to see not everything has been forgotten!
    @Genie – Thanx! Weird to think I can type something and a short time later someone on the other side of the world is laughing!!
    @NixBlog – Welcome, and thanx! Not sure which side is my favourite!!
    @Ebie – Good point – both words DO apply to both signs!
    @PDP – I’d LOVE it if one of the four were to see my post and know they hadn’t been forgotten. And WA? It’s on the cards …

  5. wow! how hysterical signs, especially the first one. yet historical, i have to say.

    i almost split out my coffee on these.
    thanks for the good laugh!

    have a glorious weekend!
    big hugs!

  6. Just like dogs, people like to mark their territory but peeing won’t do it. Because of our bigger brain and dexterous fingers, we make signs, I spose. 🙂 I like that tree. You’d have to chalk your way around to hug that baby.

  7. I’ve always heard that Australians have a marvelous sense of humor, and one side of that tree certainly demonstrates that fact. But I’m glad that the other side contains a sign of historical merit. I enjoy learning about what’s happened at a location through historical markers.

  8. Good on you Bob, Ronnie Reg and Wally….Wally haha! can’t get more Aussie than that. You need to come over to the West and do some exploring here Red, so many places!!

  9. What a wonderful Signs post – I giggled myself silly.

    Then I read through the comments … and Kath Lockett’s response made me full out belly laugh.

    Thank you for making my day!!! :=}

  10. @Clytie – Yes, Kath’s an Aussie treasure, all right! Glad you enjoyed – plenty more where this came from!!!
    @Dianne – Yes, that must be why so many want to come to OZ!!!
    @Pearl Maple – Indeed we do! Thanx for dropping by …

  11. @Courtney – I couldn’t believe my luck!! Can’t go anywhere without being on full alert for something like this!!
    @Beach Bum – yeah, it sucks to be you … Only kidding, anyone with a sense of humour can become an honorary Aussie!!!
    @SFlaGuy – yes, I look forward to becoming a primary source for some future person’s PhD as they track the Famous Four down!!
    @Kim – Welcome and thanx!

  12. @FruitCake – Thanx for that disturbing mental image … that’s if I’m thinking the same thing as you did!!
    @Alessandra – I’m just waiting for one of the famous 4 to track me down …
    @Leovi – Thank you! Even though my pix are not in your league …
    @Kath – Hahahaha!! And look below – you’ve got another fan!! Love your new gravatar!
    @Wenche – Thank you! Come back anytime for more Aussie humour!!
    @Joan E – Ah … you had to be visiting the caravan park to see this one! It’s not even on the town tour guide!!
    @Friko – G’day mate!! Yeah … that laconic larrikinism gets me every time too!!

  13. @Jim – Hahaha! Then again, I laugh now, but who knows how it’ll be viewed in the future?? Maybe one of the Gang of Four is/will become famous??!!
    @Tina – Thanx!
    @River – Yes, I sense a reality TV show based on tracking the gang down and finding out what influenced them etc etc etc!!!
    @TGFN – Haha! Well, you could get a job lot made up and distribute them all around Europe … there must be a few countries you haven’t been to yet!!!
    @JBar – Weird, huh? It’s the non-standard signs that are most interesting!!

  14. Just think of the generations of distant future historians who will use this very blog to recreate the history of OZ in some meaningful and understandable way. I sure hope humor exists in the future or they will think we were seriously messed up in this time frame.

  15. Well I missed both signs when I was there. Clearly I don’t have your ability to sleuth things out. We only dropped by and didn’t camp there however.

  16. Love the year 2000 sign comeback!

    If it was these days, a Captain Cook sign might read something like: “Here on January 1788, James Cook scratched his arse whilst looking out over the mulga scrub and said, ‘where’s me bloody lime juice?’

  17. Did you add your sign too?? “A Red Blogger parked in front of this tree and photographed these signs to send around the world so that everyone will know who made history and who didn’t.” :-)!

  18. Aussie Bob, Ronnie the Wog, Reg and Wally: I salute you.

    Another great post, thanks Red!

    [It’s almost embarrassing what I thought the second the words “Sturt’s Tree” trickled through the narrow opening between my ears. Immediately cast about for some alternative but less embarrassing word association and all I could come up with was “Sturt’s Pea”.]

  19. Haha, very historic indeed. You are right, how long until something is ‘historic’? Good question. I want a historic sign in my honor too 🙂

  20. Archaeologists in the future will wonder about both signs and possibly will choose to focus on the newer one and find out all about these people. their place in history is assured.

  21. @Magsx2 – At first glance it looks legit – just like the other one!!
    @Windsmoke – and note the date!! I wonder how many alcoholic beverages had been consumed??!!
    @Jayne & Lance – Ah, yes! But who decides who the ‘people of note’ are? And can the decision makers be bribed?? Still, it’s a good idea – better to have a few obscure nonentities remembered than to forget everyone!
    @diane b – Wentworth is a happening place! We spent 3 nights there, and could easily have spent a lot longer!!
    @Mark – yep, pretty easy to pick the Aussie humour out of a line-up!
    @Sallie – Hahaha! That’s great!! Would love to see it!!!

  22. Hello:
    We do so agree with you about the importance of marking, in some way or another, historical events, and people too, which have shaped a nation’s history. Within the UK, as you most likely know, we have the blue plaques which are fixed to properties where people of note(?!!) have lived.

  23. Hi,
    You have to have a laugh at the second sign, only an Aussie would think of doing that under the “historical sign”. LOL.

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