Weird Stuff #7 – Homestead, Queensland

Last Updated on July 20, 2018 by Red Nomad OZ

From the Highway, Homestead, Queensland

Homestead doesn’t generally make the Top 10 list of Queensland tourist drawcards. Not to MY knowledge*, anyway.

This small, ex-Gold mining town is more likely described as a blip on the radar almost exactly half-way between Balfe’s Creek and Pentland, themselves blips on Queensland’s Overlander’s Way between Charters Towers and Hughenden!

In fact, while we’ve ‘been to’ Homestead several times over the years, these ‘visits’ would be more accurately described as ‘drive-throughs’. Fast not-taking-any-notice-because-there’s-nothing-to-see-and-we-don’t-need-fuel-or-food drive-throughs en route to either the east coast or the Outback. Or as the tourist brochure detailing the tiny towns on this route describes it – ‘between the Basalt and the Black Soil’!

But in August 2011, as we passed by Homestead, a process normally taking well under a minute, I saw something weird out of the corner of my eye. I gave Pilchard what, in retrospect, must have been a painful jab.

‘Stop the car,’ I demanded, no mean feat when towing a camper trailer at high reasonable speed. But Pilchard, ever compliant**, braked responsibly, performed an illegal U-turn and pulled up in front of Homestead’s newest attraction!!

Mower side detail, Homestead, Queensland

  Bravely eschewing the regrettable Aussie tendency for Big Things***, Homestead’s highway display choice of this less flamboyant (but still bizarre) actual-sized social history exhibit is ground-breaking!! And the safety-consciousness shown by the helmet’s inclusion is to be applauded …

In fact, the creativity shown by what must SURELY now be described as an EX-blip, has ensured keenly anticipated future ‘visits’ to Homestead! Will there be a new display? What will it be?? Will it make a great new post for my blog???

And Homestead’s innovation just MIGHT put it on the Tourist Trail …

* Impossible as it may seem, I HAVE been known to be wrong – so tell me if you know better!
** As if!!!!
*** Although as a blogger, I appreciate their amazing photogenic qualities …

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  1. @25BAR – Haha, sorry to hear that!! But you’ve got the distinction of making the 1st mention of MH on this blog! Will it be the last??!!
    @Stewart M – Yes, it’s quite ground-breaking in its conception …
    @lina – Aha! I KNEW it was a world first …
    @Life Ramblings – You got that right!!
    @ladyfi – it certainly ticks all the boxes, and that’s what attracted me to it!
    @Stephanie – Welcome, and thanx!
    @Manzanita – Haha! Maybe it doubles up as a training cycle?? And yes, I’ll be stashing a gold pan in the car for future finds!!
    @Mark – Indeed it is! Thanx for dropping by!!

  2. What if you can’t ride a bike? Would the mower be the training wheels?
    Do you ever give Pilchard a jab on the “ex-gold mining” town, alone. I mean sans mower. All the so-called, ex’s in Montana still have some gold that they forgot. Just a thought with the rising price of gold.
    Happy trails ……

  3. Hi there – glad to see that the mower comes with a helmet – would not want the health and safety people getting upset would we!

    Cheers – Stewart M – Melbourne.

  4. @Eva Hamori – Haha, lets go, girlfriend!! That’s the only way to find this kind of stuff!
    @Technosyncratic – You’re jealous, right??!!
    @Debbie – Yeah, I’m thinking of offering to become an agent for them!!!

  5. Not sure it will put it on the tourist trail but I know a few men that would love to own one of those mowers! Ingenious idea 🙂

  6. Australia sound like the Great North West, stopping at quirky sites along the highway!
    I feel a road trip coming on!!
    “Alfonz start the car!!”

  7. @Betty – well, it made ME stop – I wonder how many more will now discover the delights of Homestead …
    @PDP – Yes, it’s a nice touch, isn’t it??!!
    @Diane – Thank you so much! Come back anytime with comments like these, girlfriend!!!

  8. @Windsmoke – somehow I think it’s just a little bit tongue in cheek … but SO cool, nonetheless!
    @Diane – WOW! I’ll have to tell the tourism bureau that this IS a real drawcard!!!
    @Towanda – Yes, the best inventions are those which turn everyday objects int works of art!!
    @Jayne – Yeah … you’re right on both counts!! Sadly, I’ve become all too predictable, and that will never do so watch this space!!

  9. @Beach Bum – Only 5 or 6 metres, huh? Lucky you!! Pilchard has to put up with a lot more than that!!! You could always ‘virtually’ move to OZ by building your very own ROLM!!!
    @SFlaGuy – Note that it’s just the support that’s concreted in … which means – wait for it – the mower may WELL BE DETACHABLE!! Will check out yr handiwork soon …
    @Kath – Funny you should say … I had the devil’s own job deciding under which of my blog categories this fitted!! Now I see I should have stuck with the ‘Art’ choice!!!
    @Magda – Welcome, and thanx!! Happily, there’s plenty more where this came from – and WAAAAAY more that I’ve yet to discover!! Come back anytime – you won’t be disappointed!!

  10. @Dianne – The red makes it stand out on the highway, too!!
    @Joan Elizabeth – Despite the inconvenience of turning/stopping, I just HAD to reward such innovation with a place on my blog!!
    @Eccentricess – Well, that mower wouldn’t wake the neighbours on Saturday morning!!
    @Andrew – HHHMMMmmm… does this mean I’m becoming predictable??!! You’re right, of course – maybe I’ll suggest that to the town as a 2nd string to their plan for tourism domination!
    @IWBY – Haha! I’d love to see that …

  11. I agree with Kath and Andrew – it’s definitely art and you would have rhapsodised about the bakery long ago 😉
    Love it lol.

  12. How very utilitarian! I love it.
    Art is always in the eyes of the beholder and like Duchamp’s fountain always cutting edge. Ha.

    1. This is my Nan and Pop’s house in Homestead. My Pop made it for shits and giggles. He’ll be chuffed people have enjoyed it so much

      1. The lawnmower is SO cool, Ashleigh!! I wonder how many people have admired it and photographed it over the years? Your Pop must have a great sense of humour – it sure gave me a good laugh!

  13. Hi Red Nomad Oz,
    I really like your Blog. The Photos and accompanying Stories are truly interesting reading and viewing.
    I enjoy reading and seeing new things about Australia, and here it is definitely an adventure.

    Fabulously innovative idea for the push-mower, I wonder if it worked…
    I keep thinking of those moments one meets with a jar while walking and pushing such mowers… would have been quite challenging on a bike!

    Thanks for the Story, fascinating photo, and connections to discover more.

    And Red Nomad Oz, thank you for your Visit, and liking my Blog enough to Join,
    Felt honoured seeing you there…
    With appreciation from Magda in Queensland Australia

  14. Crikey – the time, the effort, the soul-searching, the creativity involved! It’s ART, RedNomadOz, ART I tell you!

  15. So what does the second riding mower look like? It would seem it might be still in use as it is not concreted to the ground like this one. I hope you had time to track it down for future installments.I finally posted my day on South Beach. See how that stacks up to your adventures.

  16. I gave Pilchard what, in retrospect, must have been a painful jab.

    ‘Stop the car,’ I demanded, no mean feat when towing a camper trailer at high reasonable speed.

    My wife does that too when we are driving. It always occurs about five or six meters after the turn though.

    I love that mower, damn I want to move to Australia!

  17. Wow!! impressive – what more can I say- red is a good colour choice – makes it stand out from the crowd.
    Can I beat it? Never!

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