Australia’s Scenic Public Toilets #17 – White Cliffs, New South Wales

Last Updated on September 24, 2016 by Red Nomad OZ

Fossicking Fields Dunny, White Cliffs, New South Wales
Fossicking Fields Dunny, White Cliffs, New South Wales

The exacting recreational pursuit of opal fossicking demands much of its devotees. Physical strength, mental fortitude, stamina and courage at the absolute minimum.

Oh, and the ability to cross your legs and hold on for grim death when nature calls!

So it was a relief (in more ways than one!) to find that the ability to cross ones legs for hours was not required on the opal fields at White Cliffs!

Spending a day making your fortune on the remote western New South Wales moonscape of the White Cliffs opal fossicking area need not, therefore, result in a nasty urinary tract infection – because these opal fields are CIVILISED!!

Well … almost!

Looking for Opal, White Cliffs Fossicking Fields
Looking for Opal, White Cliffs Fossicking Fields

This loo isn’t quite the Australian Scenic Public Toilet to which regular readers have become accustomed!

White Cliffs Dunny
White Cliffs Dunny

But while its construction from recycled corrugated iron underlines its humble origins, this loo is not without mod cons and comforts.

For example, the can has a hand-carved wooden seat.

Inside the White Cliffs Dunny!
Inside the White Cliffs Dunny!

And the detachable sarlon screen (that’s the green stuff!) ensures ones’ business remains private in the event of a ‘run’ on the amenities!

If that’s not enough, the dunny is only a few small steps away from the opal mine shafts – so taking a ‘break’ need not mean putting your dreams of opal mining riches on hold for long!

Progressive in more ways than one (it’s arguably the most remote OZ location to stock the fabulous ‘Journey Jottings’ products*), White Cliffs leads the way in showing that ‘budget’ doesn’t have to mean ‘spartan’ in this true representation of ‘convenience’ in all its guises.

So maybe this progressive and innovative design is worth patenting, and producing en masse for use around the world?!?!

Am I the only one who’d like to see that??!!

* No, they’re NOT paying me …

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  1. @Linda – You’re part of an exclusive, elite – and minuscule group!! Would LOVE to do a guest post, but I don’t have any photos of myself with your products!!! I’m sure I can work around it, if that’s not a problem for you!

  2. What an auspicious post to be mentioned in Red ~ A dunny post LOL
    Loving the way you keep spotting my map journals on your travels – I wonder whether a guest post collating your sightings could be an option and some fun?

  3. @Friko – well, I aim to please … you want privation? Go to the Outback where men are men, and answering nature’s call isn’t for the fainthearted!!!

  4. That’s better!
    I almost lost faith in the hardiness of the Aussie seeing all those high falutin’ high-tech loos in previous posts.

  5. @Leovi – Welcome! I’m honoured!! Love your work – the difference between yours & mine is that yours is truly artistic, whereas I just photograph weird Aussie stuff and write about it!
    @Bettyl – Yep, and this is as good a spot as any! And the best spot in this remote area!!
    @Cathy – Well, there’s only one Ritz Carlton – but this loo is one of a kind as well!!
    @muminsearch – yep, had to go WAAAAAAY out into the remote outback. Worth every minute!!
    @TGN – Actually, I hope I AM the only one doing a piece on this!! That way y’all (just can’t help myself doing the Texas thang) will keep coming back!! And you’re right about the bathroom wall … watch this space!!

  6. @Stewart M – Haha, very good!! But forget the loo – find some opal! If I can, anyone can …
    @Kath – SSHHhh.. just between you & I, that’s the REAL subject of the photo …
    @Diane – Haha! I hear you, girlfriend!! If you think this is luxury, you’d LOVE the rest of OZ!!
    @LVQ – Welcome, and thanx!! White Cliffs is pretty remote – but no one could accuse the locals of not welcoming travellers!!
    @Tricia – Haha, LOVE your reaction!! Just another day in the office of amazing OZ …

  7. Haha, this is awesome. Only you would do a piece on this, haha, just kidding. I actually love the photos. They would make funny art wall for the bathroom. You come across some of the funnest stuff out there 🙂

  8. How great is that? I can’t imagine digging for opals without the “proper” facilities ;>). (Well, actually I can’t imagine digging for opals — but once upon a time, if we’d lived in Australia, I’m sure we’d have tried it! (We’ve panned for gold and dug for garnets == just for fun.) Sounds like you’re more serious about it though. I need to go back and read more about Australia’s scenic (what we would call outhouses).

  9. How interesting…what is kind of surprising is that out in this wilderness and kind of accomodation is offered at all. Beggers can’t be choosers I guess.(-: Fascinating post.

  10. Speaking as one who has tried, numerous times, the ‘natural’ method and inevitably got one’s shoe, this is sheer luxury! Must make a trip fossicking to . . . umm . . . see the . . . sights.

  11. Hi there – just added the opal fields as another place I need to go – if you see what mean!

    Stewart M – Australia

  12. @Pearl Maple – and when I’m done with OZ, I’ll go looking elsewhere! Thanx for dropping by!
    @Betty – just goes to show you can make anything look good in the right light!! Only trouble with finding a bush on the opal fields is the increased likelihood of falling down a disused mine shaft!!
    @SaucyKodz – OMIGOD!! That out-does any of my loo misadventures FOR SURE!!! Happily no wild bears (other than the koala, which isn’t really a bear) in OZ – much more likely to get redback spiders and snakes in outdoor loos!!
    @Magxx2 – yep, one of the most authentic ones I’ve seen in recent years!!
    @Sallie – we’re not really THAT serious about opal digging, we just couldn’t visit the fields without giving it a go! Yes, we found some – but not quite valuable enough to retire on, sadly!! And plenty more scenic loos to come!!

  13. @Beach Bum – No stranger than I am, my friend!! Seeing as I actually photograph and write about mine … sounds like you’ve got a fine collection! If any photographic evidence exists, I’d love to see it!!!
    @PDP – Actually, I’d prefer the loo to squatting over a mine shaft – but each scenario comes with its dangers!!
    @River – Now if the White Cliffs model adopted the recycled-newspaper-on-hook idea, it’d be a truly modern loo! In terms of clean, green, reduce, reuse, recycle, anyway!!
    @Manzanita – oh, how civilised you are now!! Apart from the obvious comforts, the other advantage to being inside is far less likelihood of a tick attaching itself to your derriere when you squat over bare ground …

  14. Aaah, pee under the green leaf and poo in the bushes, if you do not meet with a bear – that was my case, eh. Yep, stopped to pee and met Mr. Black Bear having a dump on the other side of the bush – thought it was my brother trying to scare me. Anyway, we both took off in a flash. ha,ha
    Another imformative loo story – thanks a bunch Red. 🙂

  15. another awesome post about loos.
    your stories and experiences are so well described.

    now i would most probably prefer to find a bush.

    have a lovely weekend!

    betty xx

  16. Always love your posts about loos. I’m going to divulge a little age definition. Loos are the real reason I don’t travel anymore. Or is it this relationship one has with their colon as age approaches? I used to travel…. a lot… and my tush has seen every loo device imaginable. I even started out life with the graduated 3-holer until I finally grew into the one for long legs.
    Now, my creature comforts include a bathroom with a well-stocked shelf including reading glasses, pen/paper, and kindle.
    I can relate to every single one of your public toilets. Keep em coming. :)Manzanita@Wannabuyaduck

  17. This looks a lot like the one we had ‘down the back” when I was about 5. Except our woodwn seat went from wall to wall and had a front to hide the can which sat a little lower than the seat for easy removal and replacement by the “nightman”,through the back opening. We also had a large old meathook with squares of newspaper to use.

  18. I’m still laughing Red.. that is the best thing ever!! square no less, and definitely no toilet paper, but guessing you would have to be prepared for that situation in the middle of the opal fields. Methinks the bush doesn’t look so bad after all!!

  19. This will sound strange but I’m American and Southern after all, but I have kept a mental list of all the port-a-potties I have visited in my years which includes places in Germany, Holland, Mexico, and St. Martin. Now I admit all these visits were caused by excessive drinking but I feel it would be so cool to visit the one you posted in pictures.

    I could truly call myself a world traveler.

  20. @Wendy – Hahaha! As many before you have done!! See above response to Towanda!!
    @My Journey … – HHHMMMmmm… yes. You can’t ‘rest’ when the smell is bad! At least the hot, dry air means the contents of the dunny don’t smell – AND you’ve got the ashtray! What more could you want?!?!
    @Windsmoke – They’re getting farther and farther between, but the fair dinkum Aussie dunny can still be found if you look hard enough …
    @Jim – Hahaha!!! That’s hilarious!! So everyone uses the nearest bush instead, right?!?! Kinda defeats the purpose …

  21. @Andrew – consider it clicked, my friend!!
    @J&L – Trust me, it’s MORE than welcome!! Although Royal or not, there’ NO flush. But where’s your sense of adventure??!!
    @FruitCake – Yes, correct! I guess this is the ‘Reduce’ part of ‘Reduce, Reuse, Recycle’!!
    @SFlaGuy – Haha! A bit of a dearth of Starbucks – or, as you correctly point out – ANY buildings on the opal fields! And yes, we’re not so backward to never have heard of toilet tents – they just wouldn’t last in the White Cliffs harsh climate!!
    @Towanda – at risk of sounding gross, pouring ANY liquid onto the opal gravel makes the opals much more likely to stand out …

  22. At least you Aussies know how to design a bush toilet that does stand out in the environment to be found.
    Some bright dipstick in Botswana designed these beautiful enviro friendly toilets that were greem set in the bush so they belended in so unobtrusively with the envirinment…and no-one can find them!

  23. Its been many moons since i’ve seen and used a rusty corrugated iron dunny its gotta be an Aussie Icon and with an ashtray no less luxury total luxury :-).

  24. Just last weekend, we went to a Flea Market. I had to go pee really bad…. They had a building that said Restrooms… The closer I got to the building, the more I smelled the stench. There was nothing I could do… I had to go. I could not hold my breath long enough. All their restrooms were was a glorified out house.

  25. What you need Down Under are a few more buildings so you can use the alleys like we do here in South Florida. I think if I were you, I would invest in a toilet tent. Yes there are such things. has about 50 listed. Maybe you could start a fund to have them distributed across the red sands and opal mines in your part of the world. I’ll just use the Starbucks. We have at least two on every corner.

  26. Hi Red,
    They say you can’t see round corners but nonetheless found myself trying to peer in and around [a photo no less] to see if what I suspected was true… definitely BYO

  27. Hello Red:
    Well, what CAN we say!! Royal flush this is not but, we have to agree, when needs must in an Opal Mine Field even this humble offering of a lavatory would, no doubt be welcome.

    Mental note……Australian Opal Mine to be struck from visiting list!!!

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