My 7 Links: Red’s Retrospective!

I’d LOOOOOOVE to take the credit for this idea – but that would be wrong! And I’d soon be found out if I did it anyway, because ‘My 7 Links’ is winging its way through the blogosphere and round the globe!!  So what does it matter if I thought of it or not, when it’s such a great idea?  Thanx to Jim (Holes in my Soles) for nominating me to participate – and also to Katie at Tripbase for getting it started in the first place!!

What am I talking about?  ‘My 7 Links’ encourages bloggers to unearth past posts in 7 categories – then nominate 5 bloggers not already nominated to do the same.

Selecting my posts for each category was WAAAAY more challenging than I thought it would be.  For a start, I hadn’t realised how many posts I’d actually written.  How did I let the hundredth post milestone pass unnoticed?!?!

But … after much deliberation, here’s the final cut with teaser pix!  Disagree?  Let me know below!

My Most Beautiful Post:
Windmill at Thargomindah

Windmill at Thargomindah

While I’m not a photographer, my first photo-driven post received such positive feedback, I’m making them a regular (albeit infrequent!) feature!  Discovering my more creative side has been an unintended consequence of blogging – and it all started with Toni (of the delectable blog Chickchat) and her ‘Thursday Theme Day’ challenge.

One of my old posts formed part of her ‘Texture’ themed link-up – so I’ve got her to thank (or blame!) for inspiring this new direction.

My Most Popular Post:

What does ‘most popular’ mean anyway?  Is it the post with the most page views?  The most comments??  The one that inspired most readers to become followers???

Scenic Loo, Richmond Fossil Fields, Queensland

Scenic Loo, Richmond Fossil Fields, Queensland

My most viewed post is the most recent of my ‘Australia’s Scenic Public Toilets’ series.  After a few days in the Aussie Outback without internet access, I logged on to find that Australia’s Scenic Public Toilet #16 – Richmond, QLD had been stumbled – subsequently outstripping the next closest ‘most popular’ contender (Scenic Public Toilet #4 – The Little Public Toilet at the End of the Universe)!

What is it with the Public Toilet series?  It’s popular – but I’m not sure why, exactly.  But hey!  I’ll take the pageviews anyway!!!

Missile Park, Woomera, South Australia

Missile Park, Woomera, South Australia

My Most Controversial Post:

Controversy isn’t really a feature of Red’s Australian Round-up.  Either that, or my readers are so closely attuned to my content, there’s nothing with which to disagree!!

But this started me thinking – is a non-controversisal blog a boring blog?  Maybe, maybe not.  But controversy isn’t always about being overtly challenging …

The South Australian town of Woomera received so much bad press in its onetime role as site of a notorious asylum seeker detention centre that the negative associations o the town’s function defined its existence.

But that’s not all there is to Woomera – its previous life as an international pioneering space exploration centre and experimental rocket range location gives it a rich and fascinating heritage – well documented in visual displays, museums and memorabilia.

Space Junk from Woomera at Boulia!

Space Junk from Woomera at Boulia!

My post about my first visit to Woomera focussed on its past history showed it in a different light to how it was portrayed in the media.  And maybe even removed some negative associations.  Is that controversial?  You decide!!

My Most Helpful Post:

My blog isn’t always about travel and adventure downunder here in OZ.  I sometimes write about personal events and my life when I’m not travelling.

A few months after my first post, a close friend died of breast cancer.  I found an outlet for my grief in writing about her life – and the link to Farewell My Friend was forwarded to many people who knew her.

I don’t know whether or not it helped them, but its assistance to me was immeasurable.  I hadn’t realised the power of blogging as a therapeutic tool until this post – and now I don’t know what I’d do without my blog!

A Post whose success surprised me!

Red with the World's Biggest Crocodile!

Red with the World’s Biggest Crocodile!

I started my Aussie ABC series as a way to post about quintessential OZ things that didn’t really fit into any of my other ongoing categories.  So I continue to be surprised by its popularity – even though I’ve only got up to ‘E’ so far …

C is for Crocodile continues to get multiple hits even though it was posted WAAAAY back in April!  Maybe I underestimated that fascination we have with the world’s purest predator …

Troubridge Island Lighthouse, South Australia

Troubridge Island Lighthouse, South Australia

A Post that didn’t get the attention it deserved:

Way back when my readers were few and far between, and readers who left comments were even more scarce, I posted about my Favourite Place #4 – Troubridge Island.

I’ve since written many posts about South Australia’s unsung, beautiful and fascinating Yorke Peninsula – with possibly the highest concentration of Scenic Public Toilets and excellent Bakeries in Australia – but Troubridge Island still remains a mystery to many.

This magnificent spot is a truly unique travel experience – and only an increase in popularity will save it from the oblivion to which the SA State Government has left it …

The Post I’m Most Proud of:

Reds-ButtonAfter I’d been blogging for a few months, I discovered blog hops!  You know – there’s a ‘linky’ list to which you add a link to either your blog or a post that fits the linky theme, then you visit others on the list and they visit you!  I’ve found some great blogs this way – and some of my readers have found me!

BUT … I didn’t ever find a blog hop specific to travel bloggers, so I developed my own – Red’s Round the World Extravaganza!

During my free 30 day trial of the linky tool, I hosted two ‘Round the World’ blog hops – a HUGE learning curve for this utter and complete technophobe …

And look out!  Coming to a blog near you SOON, will be Round the World #3.  Just as soon as my internet access is more stable and I work out how to pay for continued use of the linky tool …  I hope you’ll all join me then!!

Who’s Next??
And now … my 5 Blogger nominations (in no particular order) to post their own ‘My 7 Posts’ post (if they’re up for it):

Wanna Buy a Duck – at

South Florida Guy – at

Saucy Kodz Blog – at

Perth Daily Photo – at

Haunt Jaunts – at

Thanx for coming, back to normal posting soon!!

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  • I did this 7 links post recently and it was so fun to look back over all my old posts (six years of them, took some doing) – and on all the blogs I’ve seen do it, every single post has been interesting – so now I’ll just have to browse through yours.
    I didn’t know you’d been using the same linky tool as me, but now I’m looking forward to your RTW#3 so I can play along!

  • @Ciccia – Thanx! It’s one of my favourites too!!

  • I like the controversial one.

  • @Annabel – thanx so much for nominating me anyway!! You’ve been instrumental in any small improvements my blog has shown, and your encouragement and support much appreciated. Who knows? One day we just might meet for coffee – Noosa SO deserves a return visit, and the Big Pineapple is just down the road, right?!?!

  • Hi Red, had to come check this out and love the way blogging helped you come to terms with and provide a beautiful tribute to your friend who passed away.

    Lots of love from me in Noosa:) Annabel

  • @Saucy Kodz – Oh, just can’t WAIT to talk about my salary … so glad I can make OZ real for you! Your ‘7 posts’ version was pretty cool too!!
    @diane b – thanx! It’s a great way to review your own work – it was pretty hard to make the selections!

  • You have some very interesting posts, especially the seven above.

  • Morning Red: You know what is really great about this bloggy land – I cannot afford to go to Australia and you are like my “Guide and Commentary” – you word everything you post so well, it feels like I am there and I just love that – we will talk about your salary later. ha,ha
    Have a great day and thanks for the idea of the 7 links – it was great, your post.
    Cheers, Lilly

  • @Betty – and it’s been my pleasure to have you drop in!! Thanx for your kind and encouraging comments!!
    @Renevic – Welcome! Hope you got as much out of it as I did!! Come back anytime …

  • I was amazed. This project is working. I just post my 7 links few hours ago.. 🙂 nice post!

  • Betty Manousos@ Cut and Dry

    that is a great idea!

    awesome post! it’s always been my pleasure to visit your lovely and informative blog.

    happy weekend!

    hugs to you!

  • @Linnea – Thanx for dropping by!
    @Carol – Can’t wait for the party – congrats on your book! And thanx for supporting my blog!!
    @River – Thanx so much for reading and supporting my blog – it’s been wonderful to have your kind comments and know that someone out there is reading my blog … The SA Government has too many things like sports stadia to pay for so I fear for the lighthouse too …
    @PDP – don’t fret, girlfriend! Do it in your own good time … read the guidelines and you’ll see it doesn’t much matter! The only reason to get a wriggle on is so that I can see what you’ve chosen!! Enjoy the challenge – I got a lot out of it, hope you do too!!

  • PerthDailyPhoto

    I love this post Red and I agree with all the posts you picked and the reasons for them. How long did it take you to decide on each of them, I can only imagine. As I mentioned in my post yesterday I am a Libra and find it EXTREMELY difficult to make some decisions, I thank you so much for your nomination and must ask what is the time limit on having it ready?

  • I don’t even try to keep up with blog hops these days. There are always so many many links, I don’t see how anyone can view them all on just one post, let alone many posts. There just aren’t enough hours for a slow reader like me.
    I love that lighthouse and hope it gets saved. But I live in SA and the government’s track record here isn’t good.

  • Oh what a fab idea. It gave me the chance to really catch up with you. Very sad about your friend but super post on it.
    I’m definitely up for ‘Round the World 3’ – now that sounds a fun hop. Lik eyou I was blogging to no one for ages until I discovered hops.
    By the way you should have a private inviatation to a party – Should be good- we have jelly, ice cream and musical chairs! LOL
    Carol XOXO

  • Delightful! Have a good weekend and thank you for your comment!!

  • @Magsx2 – well, if I’ve achieved that, then my work is done!! Thank you so much for following and commenting on my blog – your positive reinforcement has been so inspiring!
    @Alessandra – I’m so privileged that you follow, read and comment on my blog! Your cheerful and encouraging feedback is very much appreciated!!
    @Sailor – I’m so glad you follow my blog and take the time to comment! Have a great weekend!!
    @Jayne – stop, I’m blushing!! As one of my earliest followers, that you still actually read and take the time to comment speaks louder than the words you say. Although they’re generally pretty good too! Thanx so much for your encouragement and support.

  • @Courtney – be careful what you wish for, my friend! I may have handed you a poisoned chalice – it took a long time to filter through all my posts, and even longer to select and write them up … SO I look forward to reading your selections real soon!!
    @Manzanita – the above applies to you too, my friend! Your blog has meant so much to me, I’d love it to get an even broader following than it already has – I look forward to seeing your write up too!!

  • @Dina – I’m privileged that even an Australiophile like yourself finds elements of interest in my blog! This whole ‘7 posts’ thing is so inspiring – and I’m blown away by the response it’s received already. Thanx so much for taking the time to comment!
    @TGN – it’s always a pleasure to hear from you! And an honour – so weird we find much of interest on each other’s blogs when our lives and travels are so different!! And if you play your cards right, I just MIGHT do another Aussie slang snippet for you …

  • @Cathy – I’m honoured that despite being one of my first international followers, you still drop in to visit! It IS so fun to think about your 7 posts – but SOOOOO hard to do (for me, anyway!!!)
    @Jane & Lance – You do me great honour by following. I hope you don’t stop now you’ve discovered a little more about me …!!!
    @Valerie – so great to hear from you – especially as a valued participant in my ‘Round the World’ … I look forward to hearing from you again once I reinstate it!
    @SFlaGuy – Well, what can I say?! Your comment on my previous post gave me the impetus to get over my writers block (the unkind would call it ‘laziness’) and actually finish this post. That kinda makes it all your fault, right??!!

  • Red, I love all of your posts so it would be difficult to pic any in particular 🙂

  • This is pretty impressive stuff. Lots of traffic and links back and forth.

    Hey thanks for visiting me and the lovely comments. I was bit busy with my regular job and could not visit all my lovely followers. I hope I will be a better followers in the future.

    Cruise Pictures

  • Well, that was a cool idea, I went straight to Troubridge Island :-).

    Have a good weekend


  • Hi,
    You certainly have put in some fantastic posts, and also some great pictures, keep up the good work, it’s nice to see so many people interested in OZ, and of course for us Aussies that haven’t as yet had the time to properly explore OZ we are also learning.

  • You “do” honor me when you mention my blog. I remember most of your 7 blogs and that too, makes me feel special because you are. We can joke and tease and laugh or cry or even run amuck (amok) if we so desire and I love that about you. Perhaps that is why people love blogging, it allows us to be ourselves. Ha

    Thank you, my dear Red. I shall get busy and scrounge my posts, with my only bug-a-boo my limited computer knowledge.
    Thank you again.

  • OH THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!!!!!!!! I had seen this my 7 links on another travel blog and was like, “ooo! That’s one nomination I wish I could get.” I thought theirs was such a neat post. Then I saw you had been nominated and was enjoying reading your 7 links. I was SO happy to see your Public Toilet series is among your most popular, because those posts are often my faves. And I learned something from you via your most proud link about the hops. (I’ve seen them on my other blog I write, but not too much in paranormal OR travel. I’m going to have to participate in your next one, and go check all that out.)

    But THEN I got to your nominees and did not expect to see my blog, but about jumped out of my skin with glee when I saw it listed. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU so much!!!! I’m excited to write this one.

  • TexaGermaNadian

    What a great idea! I have red a number of those posts that you listed, but not all. I need to catch myself up!

  • I love this post. It’s such a great idea. I’m going to follow some of your links. I especially want to see the post that didn’t get the attention it deserved. And I’m interested in your Woomera post.

  • I feel so honored to be mentioned in your blog!!! Actually you were the first international blogger to comment on my site. After looking at yours, I decided to do a major revision to my blog. I went from about 15 viewers a month to 1,500 last month. Wahoo!! The most comments I have received has been 7 on any posting. I am not quite in your league just yet. I will be by next year, I hope, then I will see about this little challenge of yours. You certainly have the most enjoyable blog on my reader list and as you know, I can hardly wait a whole week between postings.

  • Even though I haven’t been posting (or reading) through the many blogs I follow recently, I was thinking about this one the other day – thank you for the 7 links – it will be nice to read through some of your favorite past posts. What a great way to get to know your blogger friends better. And the Round-the-World Extravaganza? That was genius, lady! Cheers and enjoy your time away from the computer – it’s blissful!

  • Jane and Lance Hattatt

    As we have only discovered you recently, this post made very interesting reading and highlighted so much more about you than we had known previously. This is, as you say, a wonderful way to reveal more of the person behind the blog!

  • Cathy at Wives with Knives

    Great post, OZ. I’ve learned so much about Australia’s personality since I started coming by to visit. “My 7 Links” is a terrific idea and it got me thinking about my posts and which ones would fit into each category. Fun to think about.

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