Red’s Aussie Rainbow OR Colours of OZ!

Having trouble staying damp? Rivers running dry?? Rain dances not working???

Who’re you going to call????

Droughtbusters! That’s us!! Not sure how it works, but the drought often breaks in places having a bit of a dry spell not long after our arrival. I guess it’s a gift …

But it’s not all sunshine and Starbucks on the road – days of damp, gloom and drizzle can be depressing … so to cheer myself up here at Bowra Sanctuary, where we seem to have rained ourselves in, I’ve made myself (and you!) an Aussie Rainbow.

My computer skill level, best described as ‘technophobic’, means it’s not curved like a real rainbow but each colour reminds me of an aspect of Australia – and that good times will come again.

Can you guess what each colour shows??

Having trouble? The photos from which each colour is taken are below for your reference!!

No peeking!!

You’re not cheating, are you??!!

OK then ….

Lake Pamamaroo, Menindee Lakes, NSW

Red: Sunset at Lake Pamamaroo* (western NSW) a couple of weeks ago. But what’s redder – this or my banner photo (dunes near Cooper’s Creek)?? I chose this one – but it could have gone either way!!

Big Orange, Berri SA in happier times!

 Orange: Berri’s Big Orange (Riverland, SA)* is no longer open to the public, meaning you’ll save those dollars you’d otherwise have spent on such ephemera as big orange pens, riverland rulers and the like. No, it’s not one of Australia’s natural wonders – but Big Things ARE a part of our national psyche!!

Wattles, York Peninsula, SA

Yellow: This wattle lining the side of a Yorke Peninsula road in South Australia is one of many examples of this iconic Aussie flower! Golden wattle is the official Australian floral emblem – but other varieties can be just as spectacular!

Tyto Wetlands, Ingham, QLD

Green: The Tyto wetlands, Ingham, QLD were so green they hurt my eyes. This pre-cyclone Yasi shot shows them at their peak – I’m not sure how much storm damage they suffered.

Offshore, Troubridge Island

Blue: Troubridge Island is one of my favourite places – the glorious autumn day we arrived for a 2 night stay showed the island at its best, with water clarity to rival anything in the more tropical north.

Stormy Sky, Thargomindah, QLD

Indigo: Amazingly, these storm clouds at Thargomindah (western QLD) didn’t result in any rain – well, not at Thargomindah, anyway!!! Click HERE to see why the Thargomindans fly the Aussie, British and French flags!

Salvation Jane, Dutchman’s Stern, Flinders Ranges SA

Violet: Yes, Salvation Jane (aka Paterson’s Curse) is a weed and a pest. But almost nothing beats the spectacle of a field in full flower. Agree??
And … to top it off, the rainbow’s magic worked – because this morning I awoke to this!!

Bowra Sanctuary Sunrise

*Pix by Pilchard
PS  Apologies to all my followers – indifferent internet access means I haven’t visited many of your blogs in recent times.  I hope to catch up real soon!!

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  1. @AJ – Being there was even MORE spectacular!! Thanx for dropping by!!
    @Mari – Welcome, and thanx!! I’m now following you too – my pix need all the help they can get!
    @Jan – Come back anytime with comments like those!!

  2. @Amanda – Thanx! I enjoyed preparing this post – it’s not what I normally do, but I’m already planning a follow up!!

  3. What a clever idea, I adore the rainbow! And it really does explain (for me, too) what Australia is really like. Gorgeous.

    Thanks for taking part in Not A Ballerina’s Weekend Wanderings!

  4. @Kalpana S – Welcome, and hope you enjoy the ride!
    @Lola – Welcome to you too! I enjoyed doing the rainbow so much I may well do it again – but with different photos, of course! It’ll sure take less time next time!
    @Katie – so glad to hear that! Drop in any time for an escapism fix! Was going to enter your comp, but went incommunicado by spending the weekend on top of a rock heap! Maybe next time…
    @bettyl – welcome, and thanx!! One day I’ll get used to it …

  5. Wow. The rainbow is just amazing. I’m not sure if this is a regular feature on your blog because I’ve only found you for the first time through Best Posts of the Week, but if this is not a regular feature, it should be. The photos are just amazing, and your computer skills aren’t that bad. 🙂 -Lola at

  6. thanks for sharing a creative and colourful blog about Australia – I love reading about other places – a virtual trip!

  7. @Manzanita – I’ve taken the word verification off, it’s too much hassle. Will put it back on if there’s any problem! Thanx for the comment – hopefully back on line well & truly for the next few days!!

  8. I know I commented on this but where did it go? Often I don’t pay attention if the word verification wants another go at it and I leave. Your photos are lovely, my dear. Always a delight to feast the eyes on.
    You didn’t miss much by not seeing my blog the past week. I again wrote a small challenge on dance (it’s all I know) and I know it’s not your cuppa.
    See ya later.

  9. @Betty – thanx, and especially for the hugs!
    @Magsx2 – Well, my work is done! I was TRYING to fool you!!! Rain gone now … for the moment
    @Windsmoke – Ditto! It’s strange how the colours look when you break them down into strips and separate them from the broader context!
    @Eccentricess – I’m told a salvation jane field in full flower is as good as a lavender field!!

  10. @Lilly – yeah, blogger is full of weird stuff at the moment … thanx for persevering! I SO enjoyed doing this post, I may yet do it all over again down the track!! Cheers!!
    @Andrew – Salvation Jane actually kept a lot of early farmers going during drought as it grows where other fodder does not! Only problem is, those same qualities make it more competitive than other plants in good times too!!
    @TriGirl – thanx! And you wouldn’t laugh so much at the technophobia if you could see me in action …!!
    @TGN – Thanx! Always a pleasure to hear from you – bet you won’t be seeing this kinda thing in Finland!!

  11. @jimshu – it’s all done via the ‘paint’ application – select the strips, then cut & paste into a new pic! Amazing I could do it, huh?!!
    @Joan E – Thought the orange would be tricky!! Indigo was the most difficult colour to find + I’m not convinced mine is a true indigo!!
    @Alessandra – haha, sorry to disappoint you!!!
    @River – glad you liked it! I came up with several options for each colour (except indigo!!!) so might do another one down the track!!
    @PDP – thanx! I had fun making it!!

  12. Fantastic Rainbow, I love the concept!
    I guessed a few, but could not get the violet, I love that it was a field of purple flowers. 🙂

  13. Oh Red – this was a most delightful post. Really enjoyed reading it, loved the photos and especially your rainbow. I do know how to create a photo like that and might use that sometime – really nice idea. Having read your past blogs, I tried to associate the colours with what I have read thus far and I was doing pretty good till the “Weeds” came in view. That one stumped me. Great blog, really great – thanks for making my day brighter with your rainbow.
    Cheers, Lilly
    p.s. for some reason I cannot send you this post via google account, so am picking anonymous??

  14. Hi,
    I was so sure that the red was Ayres Rock, Oh well wrong again. 🙂
    It is funny how the rain seems to follow you at times, this used to happen to me when I was working and only had a short holiday.

  15. i’m with joan elizabeth. th orange fooled me…

    stunning photos!!! love all of them.

    nicely done. 🙂

    betty xx

  16. Menindee Lake photo was vivid. I checked the links and remembered the posts. Salvation Jane might be a saviour, but what has it replaced? Something a little less nutritious for cattle, but not much so than native veg.

  17. I knew the red was a sunset and the blue was ocean, but I thought the orange was Ayers Rock, the yellow I thought was wild flowers, green – someone’s lawn or young wheat, the others had me stumped. I love this colour theme.

  18. I thought that this was going to be a gay Mardi gras post :-).
    Great photos, especially dramatic with the black background!


  19. The orange fooled me … I thought it would be desert sand. And I could not guess the Indigo sky at all.

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