Signs #15 – BYO Waterproof Matches …

Last Updated on September 15, 2014 by Red Nomad OZ

Maybe South Australia’s Yorke Peninsula is riddled with pyromaniacs.  Or maybe a fire-bug convention is headed for town.  Just maybe the local school hasn’t got to the bit about fire and water yet.  Perhaps it’s a popular site for shipwreck survivor re-enactments.  Then again, maybe fisherfolk can’t wait to cook up the catch of the day.  Maybe there’s an overabundance of tempting driftwood not visible in this shot. Or it’s a rumoured trial site for a fabulous new ‘floating campfire’ product.

Or maybe not.

But I can’t think of any other reasons why the local council felt it necessary to erect a sign that prohibits lighting fires in the sea!

How about you??

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  1. @Magsx2 – Although it could be a pre-emptive strike on the council’s part!
    @Dianne – yep, it’ll be tough, but I’ll try to remember that too!
    @Aleah – Will that put you off coming to OZ?
    @diane b – Hee Hee indeed! I found the whole concept hilarious!!
    @Cathy – yes, but it’s a LOOOOONG list of what makes us worry/wonder about who’s in charge!!
    @Mary – That’s what I thought! But maybe in this litigation-mad age, we need protecting from ourselves!!

  2. Is it possible the sign was moved from its original location? I think the signs are hilarious, but find it difficult to believe that the placement is deliberate. Folks dumb enough to do that couldn’t dress themselves :-). Have a great day. Blessings…Mary

  3. Its all a matter of “making a statement” of portraying a sense of being important and being in control – So… don’t light fires in the sea!!! Must remember not to do that!

  4. Hi,
    It seems these days it only takes 1 person to do something stupid and a law is passed. I bet someone started a fire on the beach at some stage and it may have got out of control or something like that.

    PS I also have been having a heap of problems with blogger, especially when I comment, I think it has something to do with a browser issue as it doesn’t seem to effect everyone, I hope they fix this problem up soon. I have to use Name/URL or anon there the only one’s that work for me.

  5. @SaucyKodz – Nowhere near as big tides at the beach in the pic as you’ve got!! At some times of the year the fire’d mostly be in the water!! As for your comments – have you changed any details recently? Uncheck the ‘leave me logged in’ box and see if that helps!!
    @Sailor – and maybe it will if there’s too much pollution from cruise ships!!!!
    @Wendy – welcome back! Glad I didn’t scare you off!!
    @PDP – well that effort sure emptied my brain … so glad you agree with one of them!
    @Michelle – thanx! Glad you enjoyed it!!
    @River – haha! Yeah, just what the coastal areas need – more F&C shops!!!

  6. @Andrew – yeah it would be, if you could start the fire before the tide came in! When it does, there’s NO beach! And the muck to which you refer is actually pebbles!!
    @Betty – it’s ALL odd downunder here in OZ!!
    @Manzanita – glad you enjoyed it! Don’t know if it’s great or weird that you get my sense of humour!! What do you think??
    @TGN – Haha! Forget the waterproof matches, all I need is some petrol!!
    @Bengts fotoblog – welcome, and thanx! Plenty more where these came from!!
    @LV – you’re right! But remember the old days of ‘Clambake’? All sorts of ‘activities’ on the beach back then …
    @Windsmoke – You’re right! But I’d rather have all that happening on the beach than in the caravan park!!!!

  7. Possibly if people start lighting fires to cook the catch of the day, the foreshore would soon be littered with chip shops, and that would spoil the ambience. Or something.

  8. Haha! I think you covered just about every scenario there Red, I’, going with the bonfire theory!!

  9. The as_h comes in and the as_h goes out. H-m-m, common here abouts to have a fire pit way up from the high tide, although there are some beaches in St. Andrews that do not allow fires at all – kids sneak down at night and have em anyway – looks kinda crappy with ash all over the beach – I have seen it, so I vote for the fire pit (big Iron round one) works for me.
    cheers n have a nice day. Lilly
    p.s. I do not know why I am being posted as anonymous as I have commented with my account?? I have been getting some strange vibes from Blogger, not being able to leave comments on some sights?

    June 1, 2011 8:21 AM

  10. Andrew’s comment is spot on but also when people light bonfires on the beach, get drunk or start fighting they end up falling into the bonfires. As usual a small minority of people spoil it for everyone else :-).

  11. Another nice beach scene. If they allowed them to have a fire, then what else will they try to do. I think it is a nice way of trying to keep the beaches as clean as they can.

  12. Haha, good eye! You know you wanted to be a rebel and set of those waves on fire out there. Pretty funny!

  13. Ha Ha Ha….. I don’t think I could top your reasons. I laughed out loud at each one. I can picture a shipwreck survivor re-enactment…. men in beards and tattered clothes. My dog got all excited when she heard me laughing. I think she thought that shipwreck re-enactment was from a Jimmy Dean Sausage boat. LOL

  14. Black ash on the beach would be unsightly. Looking further at the photo, there are other bits and pieces of matter on the beach. The beach needs a sand sweeper to get rid of all that muck and leave some nice pristine sand. My local council has them. They pick up syringes too.

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