Australia’s Scenic Public Toilets #14 – Mallanganee, New South Wales

Last Updated on August 18, 2019 by Red Nomad OZ

Along with most of the rest of Australia, we’ve never been to Mallanganee.  Or at least not the actual township.

The Bruxner highway, linking the New England Ranges Region with the Northern Rivers Region through the Richmond Range bypasses Mallanganee nestled in the valley below.  And, as we’re generally en route to either the coast or the New England ranges, we’ve yet to be lured off the highway.
However, Mallanganee’s attractions aren’t limited to the town.
Pull off the highway at the top of the range for a view encompassing what appears to be most of New South Wales!  But be warned – the dirt track to the lookout, picnic area AND … wait for it … public toilet (!!) is on private property, and isn’t really suitable for caravans.


On our first visit to the Mallanganee lookout many years ago, happy, carefree and towing our new camper trailer, we didn’t think about a) the rough track, or b) trailer turnaround point.  And once on the narrow track, there was no turning back!  BUT while it ended happily, we vowed never again when towing – too steep, rough and difficult to negotiate!
But in April 2011, for the first time in many years we were finally returning to Mallanganee – without the camper trailer in tow!!  Woo Hoo!!  Time to check and see if the view AND amenities were as we remembered.


As gateway to the Kyogle rainforest region, Mallanganee overlooks some pretty spectacular mountain ranges, forests – and even Mt Warning (yes, I’ve climbed it), which is of course, the point first reached on mainland Australia by the rising suns rays!!
And of course, all this can be admired from the amenities – if you brave the redbacks, geckos and lizards, that is!!  Once Pilchard had broken this happy news, I decided to cross my legs and carry on …
But wildlife or no, this little known retreat far above the hustle and bustle of the heavy traffic on the highway is SO worth the marvellous view bridging the gap between mountain and coastal regions.  After all, the conveniences aren’t the only reason to visit a place now, are they?
And with any luck, it won’t be another 12 years before we admire that view again!!
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  1. @Trish – yep, Red is me! LOOOOOVE the ‘FART’ concept!!! Sure can suggest great spots – click on ‘South Australia’ for some great SA spots and will suggest some others not yet on my blog. No Facebook yet … but feel free to email via my profile!!

  2. Hi Red (can I call you that) I am so glad I stumbled on your blog because we are heading off on a big F.A.R.T (Family adventure road trip) to WA in Aug/Sep.

    I hope you can point me in all the places not to miss from Sydney to WA …via SA?NT .I am not sure of the route yet. We are hitching up and caravan, tying two 5yrs to the roof rack and leaving the dust of Dubbo behind.

    (PS I hate all cleaning jobs too and I can’t wait to just have the caravan to clean)

  3. @Betty – learning, huh? Yeah, if you ever make it OZ you won’t be caught short! Have a great weekend!

  4. @Betty – yeah, if you ever come to OZ you won’t be caught short!!! Have a great evening!!

  5. fantastic scenery! i always learn something from you…and i love it!!

    big hugs!

    betty xx

  6. @Manzanita – yeah, if you’ve gotta go, you may as well go somewhere GREAT!!! Life’s just too short to go to spend in skanky restrooms!!!

  7. I love your loo breaks. When you write a post about travel, the public toilets are terribly necessary(sometimes). And you do a great job of finding the ones with a view. I’m laughing at what you told Bibi…. “obsessed with the conveniences”LOL

  8. @J Bar – Ain’t seen nothing yet!!
    @Ms Bibi – some people think I’m obsessed with the conveniences – but it’s really the view!! Thanx for dropping by!

  9. @Mrs Tuna – Ah, c’mon! Have a heart – this is the first PT in AGES!!!! Let me have my fun!!
    @Mags118 – Ha! Did not appreciate that irony until you pointed it out!!
    @Dianne – and this is only a hop, skip and jump off the beaten track!!
    @Windsmoke – haha, no! Battling the wildlife was penance enough …
    @Michelle – Want a nature hit? Well, just wait for my upcoming post about paradise …
    @Alessandra – It’s one of the best OZ views we’ve found – and all the better for being so unexpected!

  10. @diane b – No dirt roads? But that’s where all the GOOD STUFF is!!
    @Kath – haha, bad girl! Feel free to share even more amazing results from o/s – if you can find any!!!
    @Divine in Mind – why thank you so much! Will be over to check it out soon …
    @Marie – yes, crossed legs now a way of life … finding and appreciating the bizarre quirks of OZ are words to live by – for me, anyway!
    @The Old Geezer – yes, the conveniences are incidental in this case!!
    @Sailor – sadly, there’s some pretty skanky ones as well, but you won’t be seeing them here!

  11. That place looks amazing! I can really use some more nature in my life right now 🙁

  12. The scenery of the Australian Outback in the last photo is truely breathtaking. A toilet on private property did you have to spend a penny? :-).

  13. Hi,
    Public toilet on private property, that is just hilarious. Wonderful pictures and great scenery.

  14. I enjoy the serendipitous discoveries you can make just turning off the beaten track. I’m afraid that I’m always the one holding the map with the “good idea” that we can turn off and take the more scenic route. Scenic, not always equating to fastest or more comfortable, but absolutely worthwhile in terms of vistas like the one you saw here.

    Like you, I think I’d pass on the dunny. I’ve become an expert at holding on 🙂

  15. Sometimes the ‘stop for drops and plops’ can yield amazing results (that’s meant in all senses of the word)!

  16. Great area down there. lovely scenery. I must check out that spot if I can talk BB into driving on a dirt road.

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