Red’s Round-the-World EXTRAVAGANZA! #1

What could possibly be as good as actually travelling in OZ? Welll … virtual OZ travel via my blog must be NEARLY as good! But sometimes I wonder if my little blog needs to expand. Is there more to life than OZ??

So I started thinking (and, as the unkind would say, thereby breaking the habit of a lifetime). How could I give my readers a break from OZ without losing the integrity of my Aussie travel blog? And how could I possibly top travelling in Australia??

Too easy! With a virtual trip around the world, of course!

So I’ve devised a devilishly simple plan (that means minimal effort from me!!). Here’s how it works!

There are MANY great blogs with posts about travel related stuff. Like what?

  • Travel destinations
  • Attractions
  • Experiences
  • Accomodation
  • Scenery
  • Flora and Fauna
  • Photos
  • Holiday Spots
  • Hints and Tips for travellers
  • your local area


 And no, they’re not all travel blogs either! Nearly every blog I’ve read has a post about the bloggers home area or favourite holiday destination or weekend getaway. Nearly every blog I’ve read has a great photo SOMEWHERE that makes me wonder what it’d be like to visit that spot. And nearly every blog sooner or later describes a great local attraction or experience.


And while it might not be exotic to you – it probably WILL be to most everyone else!

Maybe one of those blogs is yours! And maybe, just MAYBE you’d like to showcase your great post about any of this stuff!!

Well, join Red’s Round-the-World extravaganza with a post from YOUR blog, then sit back and enjoy the virtual tour!!

Who knows?  If you don’t want an Australian adventure or a luxury break, maybe you’ll find

cheap holidays to Goa more to your taste!  I’m sure you’ll discover a whole new world by taking the links below …



Too exciting, isn’t it?? Here’s how to play!!

  1. Pick ONE POST that showcases something travel related from your blog
  2. Submit details in the linky below with
    a) a short description putting the COUNTRY first (eg OZ – UFO Capital of the World)
    b) a link to the POST* (eg
  3. Put my Button somewhere in your post/blog (you’ll need to add a new HTML/Javascript gadget to your blog, then cut & paste code from under the ’round the world’ button under ‘about me’ at left)
  4. Comment me – is this experiment worth continuing?
  5. Spread the word – follow me OR tweet it OR email the link OR facebook it!
  6. Spread the love – visit as many other participants as you can. Follow/leave comments as you wish!!
  7. ENJOY!!


Email Subscribers – I have no idea how this will display in the email. In fact, I have no idea how it will even work!! But join in by clicking the link to my blog post and check out the entries for yourself!


*To get the URL for a specific post, open it and right click on the title. Select ‘Copy Shortcut’ and paste into the URL field

  1. OZ: Dont Miss This! Daintree Dawn Cruise RedNomad
  2. Greece: Sailing through the islands
  3. Chick Chat at the Super Pit
  4. Island Vacations
  5. Scottish Girl in Zurich
  6. 10 Days top of South Is NZ prior to Feb Earthquake
  7. Oz, Melbourne, Yarra River Trail trek
  8. Philippines–Timeless Memories of El Nido
  9. Fundy National Park, New Brunswick, Canada
  10. Canada: A Day in Prince George, British Columbia
  11. Song of the Tui – Kapiti Coast NZ
  12. Typhoon Katrina stikes – 4 days trapped in Hoi An
  1. Italian 101
  2. Sicilian Seduction, Part 1: Luigi and Me
  3. Australia, Tasmania, Cruising the Gordon River
  4. Lake Tekapo, New Zealand
  5. Dubai – walking past the shops and into culture
  6. Oz. Adelaide a day trip to Hahndorf.
  7. Indonesia – Kotagede. . . feel the past
  8. Top 6 Resources for Cheap or Free Travel
  9. Long Distance Runners of the Barranias in Mexico
  10. Snow Monkeys @ Jigokudani Monkey Park (Nagano, JP)
  11. A Digg reserved for Travel Bloggers!
  12. This linky list is now closed.

What is a blog hop?Get the code here…

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  1. @Caravan Parks Perth – I look forward to seeing who you’re going to share it with!! Come back and visit again soon!!

  2. This article was exactly what I’m looking for! found this page bookmarked from a friend. I will also share it. Thanks again!

  3. @River – no re-posting required! I’ve just visited your story via the link above and it worked beautifully! Great pix too! Thanx for joining in!!

  4. Red; followed the directions and hope they worked. Do I have to actually repost the original story or will the link take people to it? Because I’m not sure how to repost a story from months ago.

  5. @Sarah – yeah, monthly sounds good! I wasn’t sure if there’d be enough interest! Still a day or two until the linky closes, so will make a decision then!! LOVED your entry!!

  6. Great Idea – I’ve already hopped around a bit, revisiting home town of Melbourne and brushing up on my Italian 101, because I’m going to be there this summer.

    Can we do this monthly?

  7. @Alessandra – thanx for playing! I picked one of my favourite adventures from 2010 – but completely up to you!
    @Kara – Aw … where’s the fun in not complaining?!?! BUT … look forward to reading about Italy!
    @Christina – Thanx, but I don’t have FB (yeah, amazing huh??)! And thanx for following – I look forward to a long and happy collaboration!!
    @Valerie – Good girl!
    @Jim – It’s also one of my fave posts of yours! Thanx for playing!!
    @Alessandra – NZ is great! Can’t wait to read!!
    @Katie – I’d expect nothing less … but you COULD go mainstream and just link to something nice! Depends how you want to portray the place!!

  8. Would a post about where I complain about all the snow we get here in Northern Michigan be a good addition or shall I write something nice?

  9. Great idea Red, linked to a poem about the area we live in, with an underlying eco-conservation message. My top viewed post by the way, seems people love birds and poetry.

  10. I chose not to add one of my posts about Canada as they all tend to be grips about our snowy winter and wouldn’t be fair to my beautiful country, so instead I added a link to a post about my travels in Italy.

    Thanks for the chance to promote our blogs!

  11. Golly, I have too many places I would like to put, how do I choose!!!

    Any preference??? How old can the post be?


  12. @Jayne – BEWDIFUL! Thanx so much for joining in!
    @Manzanita – look forward to seeing what you can dig up! Anything you’ve posted about where you live now will do just fine!!
    @Elizabeth – LOOOOVED your Scotland pix! Put a few in a post and join my RTW Extravaganza!
    @Aleah – Cool, baby! Yes it IS exciting – look foward to reading all the entries!!

  13. Great idea from a great mind. I have to look through my blog… I never travel or talk about it (I don’t think).
    Until later,

  14. @TGN – thanx so much, and thanx for participating!
    @Kurinji – look forward to it!
    @Emma – thanx for joining in. For the badge, add a new HTML/Javascript gadget to your blog, then paste the code from under the ’round the world’ button on the left under ‘about me’!
    @Gordana – To add your entry, use the ‘click here to enter’ link at the bottom of the post. To add the badge, see above reply!

  15. Hi I tired to put up the badge but did not work, will keep at it. I think it is a great idea. It is always interesting to read about life in other countries.

  16. I think it is a great idea!! You’re so right, there are so many stories to tell about travels 🙂 I am looking forward to finding many more!

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