Don’t Miss This! Barossa Valley Double Delight, South Australia

For a few minutes of the most pleasure you’ll ever have, take a $25 teaser helicopter flight over South Australia’s Barossa Valley!  Arguably Australia’s most famous wine region, the valley was at its green and abundant best when we took the plunge (sorry, bad choice of words) on a fine, calm day in October 2010 – with Barossa Helicopters, (based down the road from Lyndoch) offering joy flights opposite the Lyndoch Bakery. Which, incidentally, is one of the finest German bakeries it’s been my pleasure to encounter! But I digress …

Given these conditions, the flight was so great that despite being a nervous flight-height challenged helicopter flight virgin, we’re already planning to take a longer flight sometime soon!

AND … if you want to prolong your few minutes of pleasure (and who doesn’t?) continue on to nearby Chateau Yaldara!

Current owners McGuigan Wines transformed the old chateau built by Barossa pioneer Hermann Thumm into a tasting room and larder.

But be strong – head towards the creek and to the marvellous Café Y (at right below), take a window seat and let Nick, Mary and Ilias take care of you for lunch!

If you’re lucky, the pizza oven will be fired up – but whether it is or not, the meze platter for two is among the finest meals I’ve had anywhere, despite having to share it with Pilchard! And NO ONE shares the magnificent kataifi for dessert …

Of course if you feel a day in the Barossa is incomplete without visiting a winery or ten, you should be able to find at least one of the 73 cellar doors and 150 wineries in the region …
So why limit yourself to just one day?!?!

PS LATER EDIT – I’ve had a few queries about the low price.  Please note this was a ‘stand-by’ rate deal – the helicopters were on display opposite the bakery (as above), and offered a ‘drop in deal’ quick 3-5 minute flight to either whet your appetite, or scare you rigid!!  Obviously, a ‘real’ flight is going to cost more – with the current website price (click HERE) showing at $69 per person for a 10 minute flight with 2-3 people (and other deals for more time/money).  As both Pilchard & I were commitment phobic heli-virgins, we thought we’d see if we liked it first.  Happily (or sadly, depending on whether or not you are us or our bank manager), we liked it so much we’ll do another, longer flight some sunny day …

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  1. now i do like a bargain – but when said bargain means you get flown around over scenery like that? Well that beats my two for one pizza bargain any day!

  2. @LV – the conditions will have to be perfect to get me up again … not sure that my ‘bravery’ would extend to Alaska though!!

  3. I am not to fond of the copter rides. However, I might have taken this one to see more of this beautiful area. I did get brave once and ride one out on the glaciers in Alaska. They put us out and let us walk around. I was scared but glad I got see such sights.

  4. @Tai Yuni – Welcome! I always wanted to try it too – now I have!! You could be next!!
    @Andrew – I believe the correct pronunciation is ‘Muh-GWIGG-en’! Does that tally with your knowledgeable rellie??
    @Betty – YEAH! You ROCK, girlfriend! I’m so honoured!!
    @Mary – once up there I forgot all about being a nervous flier! Very different to a small plane – the ground kind of drops away in a helicopter and you’re up before you know it!
    @Chris L – a few minutes only ie 3-5! It really IS just a teaser flight REAL flights start at $69 for 10 minutes!
    @Kath – see above, 20 mins = $135. In the 80’s I worked with a chap nicknamed ‘Yaldara’. Why?
    They make a nasty wine!! I leave it to you to work it out …

  5. Wow, twenty five bucks sounds like an amazing deal – I thought such flights were in the hundreds…?

    My best mate had her wedding reception at Chateau Yaldara back in 1995. Fun times…..

  6. What fun. It is hard to beat the view from the air. I hope all is well and that you are having a great day. Blessings…Mary

  7. Thanks for this lovely tour. Barossa Valley sounds like a great place for one to visit.

    I love Australia with all its beauty.

    Gladly I added your great site to my blog roll. Yeah!

    Big hugs!

    B xx

  8. There is a bottle of McGuigan wine in our fridge. I had no idea how to pronounce the name the first time I bought, but my partner’s sister was visiting from the UK and she knew. Meze platter is my favourite ‘meal’.

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