Australia’s Scenic Public Toilets #10 Evans Head, New South Wales

Last Updated on September 15, 2014 by Red Nomad OZ

Strategically located at the Razorback Lookout Picnic Area in Evans Head in Northern New South Wales, the views from these amenities would HAVE to be among Australia’s most spectacular!
From the outside, that is…
Inside the facilities is a VERY different story!  Or at least it was during our November 2009 visit when they appeared to have been used as shelter during a storm.  And what do you need when you’re sheltering from a storm in a public toilet?  Why, fire of course!! 
Some damage had been repaired on our August 2010 visit, but the absence of locks still made for easy exit and ingress.  TOO easy!!  Holding the door shut or standing guard while others go isn’t quite how I envisaged spending our visit…
But, looking north towards Ballina, south towards Bundjalung National Park or west to Evans Head itself makes it all worthwhile.  And east?  Well … you ARE just looking out to sea, but the keen-eyed just MAY spot a whale!  Or two!!
But hell!  What’s a little air, water and fire damage to a seasoned earth-sign Aussie traveller?  Anyhow, who visits a fabulous spot like this to spend all their time in the loo?
No one, I hope!  SO … because doing one’s business is so unappealing in these conveniences, and one therefore spends more time outside enjoying the REAL attractions, we actually owe the vandals our thanx!  Don’t we??
Happy 2011 travels!!
PS  HOT TIP – while you’re there, don’t miss the mighty fine Evans Head Bakery!!
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  1. @Aleah – The loo was nothing special – stuck away in a dark corner – so I focussed on the view!! HNY to you too!

  2. LOL I thought you were talking about the scenery; I didn’t realize till later that you we talking about the loo! Where’re the pics of that? 😉 Happy new year!!!

  3. @River – it’s pretty good, isn’t it? This view is magnificent!!
    @LV – a bit different to your Blue Monday shots, hey?!?!
    @janetnewenham – If you’ve got to go, it may as well be worth going!! I’ll have to look that one up next time I’m in Sydney!
    @Mary – Loos are the punctuation marks in our travels, aren’t they? You stop, rest, relax and actually enjoy the view while you’re there. So this just turns that around to make them the focus of the journey!! I mean, you have to go SOMEWHERE – may as well be in places that become part of the experience!!

  4. I’ve come to think of parts of your journey as the toilet tour. I’m not being snarky. I really get a kick out of them. I hope the new year has many great adventures in store for you. Have a wonderful day. Blessings…Mary

  5. Toilets with a view, an ozzie speciality! I remember when I was an au-pair in Bronte beach in Sydney there were public toilets and a sea water swimming pool overlooking the cliffs and one day while in there we spotted 2 whales out in the distance splashing about in the waves…was the best trip to the toilet ever!

  6. @garlutti – welcome! And thanx for following! How did you read my mind? I’ve been thinking about adding some recipes to my blog – but the numerous bakery references are as close as I’ve got! Glad you’re enjoying them all the same!!

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