Only in OZ #9 – Big Koala, Dadswells Bridge, Victoria

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The Big Koala many years ago, Dadswells Bridge, Victoria
The Big Koala many years ago, Dadswells Bridge, Victoria

Well, now that Oprah-mania has died down we’re left with images of the Uluru sunset thing, the Opera House mega-thon and the koala hugging!

But I bet she didn’t hug THIS koala!

Dadswells Bridge has the dubious honour (conferred by moi) of having one of the most grotesque and unashamedly unattractive ‘attractions’ I’ve encountered in Australia.  Conversely, however, that in itself makes it a FAAAAABULOUS ‘must see’!!
This photo was taken by Pilchard MANY years ago – while I was smaller then, I’d still pale into insignifigance next to this monolith even if I’d grown twice as big (which I haven’t)!  But maybe it proves you can’t see a koala without wanting to hug it?

Or maybe not.  BUT … like the Big Park Bench, it’s nice to find something that makes one feel small!

In Victoria’s wonderful Grampians region, the Big Koala of Dadswells Bridge guarantees a steady stream of visitors – and over the years it’s variously contained a small business (see above – how cool would that be?!), souvenir shop or been closed.  There’s even accomodation in case you want to view it by night – or check out the other attractions of Dadswells Bridge and region.  After all, why hug a real koala when this far superior experience is in the offing?!

Oprah doesn’t know what she’s missed!!

PS … Since this post, Sam the Big Koala’s had a face lift!  Or at least a cool make-up job!  There’s even some REAL koalas in the zoo nearby!  Don’t miss it!!

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  1. @Toni – Hey, thanx! One thing you CAN count on in this changeable world is Pilchard and I hitting the bakeries big time!! Look forward to your blog updates in 2011 too – it’s so great!!

  2. Hi chick — just popping in to say THANKYOU for so many interesting and fun posts this year. I’m glad I found your blog, and I’m really looking forward to more travels around Australia (esp the Bakery Tours!)
    Merry Christmas to you and yours.

  3. @Cathy – speechless is generally the reaction I get when I show the photo …
    @Mary – not quite sure what definition of ‘amazing’ you’re using!! And King Kong Koala works – in a Japanese monster horror movie kind of way!! Let’s pitch it!!
    @Betty – same to you, my friend!
    @Jim – At least you wouldn’t have to worry about mugging then …
    @LV – it’s often a surprise to me as well!!
    @CWW – thank you so much, best wishes to you too!

  4. Not a big fan of that big Koala….but big fan of your blog…. thanks for dropping by mine this year…. here’s wishing you a lovely Christmas and best wishes for the new year….

  5. What an interesting and informative post. I love the Koala bears. I never fail to enjoy seeing what you will feature next.

  6. Omg, that is truly an unattractive sculpture, indeed. But still is such an interesting one.
    And thanks so much for sharing your wonderful posts!!
    Thank you so much for your great comments and continued support. It means the absolute world!

    Hope you and yours have a wonderful Xmas!

    Big hugs!
    B xxX

  7. Koala meets King Kong 🙂 What an amazing attraction. You make me want to see more of Australia. Have a wonderful day. Blessings…Mary

  8. @Alessandra – welcome! Why not make a resolution to cross the ditch and see what Australia has to offer in 2011?!?! Thanx for dropping by and following!!

  9. Ciao, first time here, I am Italian but I live in New Zealand, just across the ditch from you 🙂

    Lovely blog, I need to see more of Australia.

    Follow you 🙂


  10. @RetroRoamers – I’ll see your rain, and raise you some locusts!! Thanx for supporting my blog – look forward to more from yours in 2011!!
    @Andrew – it doesn’t necessarily make it appealing – just adds appeal as a destination! Not many can say they’ve seen Australia’s most grotesque Big Thing now, can they! And it’s a masterclass in turning something cute into something completely unappealing …
    @Kurinji – yes, in a weird kind of way …
    @Ann O’Dyne – Cool! Will have to mark that one down for a visit!! Thanx for your good wishes – same to you!
    @boromax – haha! Couldn’t agree more!!
    @Cheryl – no need to cringe – wear it proudly!! Here’s to lots of reading and good weather in 2011!!

    Thanx all for dropping by and supporting my blog! It’s so great to know you’re out there and my words aren’t yet falling into oblivion … Merry Xmas!!

  11. OMG I do cringe at our need to build BIG things… I still haven’t had a chance to find and A&R Top 100 and blog about it, but well done on having read 56 of the BBC’s Top 100 and thanks for stopping by to comment. Wishing you a wonderful Aussie Christmas – may oyu not see floddos or fires! Here’s to a fantastic 2011 for us all!.

  12. Never heard of Dadswell Bridge. That is truly a grotesque sculpture. But as you say, it kind of makes it appealing. Well, nah, not really. It is horrible.

  13. What a monster.

    Have a great Chrissy Red Nomadz Oz. We will think of you, as we prepare for a huge dumping of rain between now and Chrissy.

    Hope I get some flippers, snorkle and face mask from Santa…I think we will need it.

    Cheers & beers


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