Don’t Miss This! Old Bakery, Stone Hut, SA

The unkind may call us ‘Bakery Sluts’ with some validity – but Pilchard and I prefer the term ‘connoisseurs’! Either way, the Old Bakery Stone Hut took our extensive bakery experience to a new level. From the ‘Best Pies in the Universe’ claim around the side to the value-added local produce (including wine) in the cafe, this bakery has it all. Hell, it’s even got its own accommodation!!

As well it might …

In the southern Flinders Ranges halfway between Laura and Wirrabara, the imaginatively named Stone Hut -actually a collection of stone huts left from its previous life as a Cobb & Co station – is another ‘blink and you’ll miss it’ town. Or it would be if not for the bakery.

Tragically, I’m unable to confirm the BPITU claim as our October 2010 visit was inexpertly timed for morning tea. What I CAN confirm, however, is that if had I been there at lunchtime, selecting a pie would have been a tough job! Morning tea was hard enough – the astounding choice on offer that is the sure sign of a good bakery also slowed down the service for the unfortunates waiting behind us!

Sadly, no pictures of our purchases exist – there being no point photographing empty plates!!  But the expression on the faces of two hapless overseas tourists who came upon us in full mid-morning tea mode at an outside table, and their subsequent retreat into the bakery itself could only mean one thing – that we were a great advertisement for the bakery food. Or … maybe two – our excpetional food-wolfing abilities just MAY have been more than a little bit scary!!

Whatever the explanation, I’ll bet almost anything you like that if (when!) you visit the Old Bakery Stone Hut you’ll leave with more than you planned to!!

Happy eating!!

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  1. Went to the Old Stone Hut Bakery today with three others, found the old baker/owner extremely nasty and the counter staff most unhelpful, we won’t be returning. No wonder part of the business is on the market with a hugely inflated price.
    We lunched at the recently re-opened Georgetown hotel received great service and perfect meals.


  2. Stone Hut is not on my SA map, but I’ve “x”ed the spot halfway between laura and Wirrabara. I’m definitely going to have to visit the Flinders Ranges one day.

  3. @Betty – nothing not to like at this one!
    @Mary – Well, you won’t leave disappointed! Does this mean you’re thinking about considering entertaining the possibility of maybe toying with the idea of visiting OZ?

    Thanx both for your visits!

  4. I love the old bakery. What an interesting post, I would love to visit that place.
    I adore bakery goods and such.

    Hope you have a great day/evening!

    Big hugs!
    B xx

  5. @L’Aussie – Thanx for the tip! Always looking for new bakeries – getting harder to find them!
    @Davo – OMIGOD!! Can I have your autograph??!! Welcome – come back & visit again!!

  6. Oh, I wanna go there! I can taste the bakery goods already! If you’re ever in Queensland the Old Esk Bakery is a popular stop for all kinds of deliciousness!

  7. @Jim – the tin shed’s in front of the stone hut! You kinda had to be there …!!!
    @Andrew – Yep, pig out, drink up then fall into bed. It’s a kind of heaven really, don’t you think??!!
    @LV – Nothing beats an Aussie country bakery!
    @CWW – Bummer! Don’t know what we’d do without a frequent bakery fix!!
    @Kath – and now mine! The bakery used to be based at nearby Wirrabara – not sure why it moved, but who cares?!?!

  8. Ooohhh I love a good bakery but they don’t love me unfortunately…. but sounds very very tempting. 🙂

  9. @Carolyn – yeah, well I’m completely unrepentant – you’ll just have to visit and check it out for yourself!!!
    @Toni – Yep, in this case looks are NOT deceptive!
    @Kurinji – so do I!

  10. Your not forgiven for not taking the a picture of what was available even if you did eat your purchase too quickly for photos 🙂 It looks such a cute shop. Most shops are happy for the exposure, so far I have only been asked once not to take a photo and I had already taken a few so I agreed not to 🙂 🙂 of all places it was in Chinatown Melbourne where the cakes all looked so pretty 🙂 and tased good as well.

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