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Last Updated on March 18, 2019 by Red Nomad OZ

Tambo Teddies Road Sign
Tambo Teddies cross the road HERE!

Note to overseas visitors: DON’T PANIC!  This ISN’T a standard Australian road sign.  In fact, it just MIGHT be the only one of its kind in Australia!  Let me know if I’m wrong …

Other than consistently having the coldest minimum winter temperatures in Queensland, the town of Tambo on the Matilda Way is also on the map as home of Tambo Teddies, a local teddy bear production business!

So what, I hear you ask?  Plenty of places sell teddies.  Why mention this one??

Well, glad you asked!

Tambo Teddies is different.  Plagued by killer drought and plunging wool prices, this predominantly wool-producing area came up with an alternative way to promote and market their product.

From the first outing of 20 bears at the Charleville show in 1993, unique woollen ‘Tambo Teddies’ are now sold around the world, and the business is one of the town’s largest employers.  The company has even branched out into Teddy Bear clothing and other animals!!  And for serious collectors, there’s a limited edition bear every year …

Sadly, space was limited during our June 2010 visit so I couldn’t take on a traveller.  BUT … Good News!  Ponder no longer about my Xmas present – I’m MORE than happy to accept a Tambo Teddy!!  Anything in black will do nicely …

I defy any random focus group of politicians (or public servants) slaving over a hot sheet of butchers paper to come up with a more lateral solution – AND a simpler, more easy to understand ‘mission statement’!

Stay warm & fuzzy!!

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  1. A fascinating post! I’ve never heard of Tambo Teddies but I know lots of people who would love one.

    Love the sign, too!

  2. @Jayne – Woo Hoo! Thanx so much – everyone, meet my new best friend Jayne!!
    @River – Yeah… but sadly I haven’t had any takers on the Xmas present for me yet!!

  3. @Mary – of course the picture would have been more effective with a row of dancing teddies across the road, but you can’t have everything!
    @Marshall-Stacks – Cool! I want one!! The longevity argument has also been made for the Tambo teddies – and isn’t wool virtually fireproof??

  4. 60 years ago, sheepskin Koalas were sold in toystores, and a dear friend still treasures his, which has survived very well.
    It’s a Teddy World!

  5. This is really cute and will make those who take themselves too seriously smile. I hope you are having a great day. Blessings…Mary

  6. @Kath – I don’t ‘do’ cute, but in this case I’ll make an exception!!
    @Jayne – wonder how ‘I got run down by a crossing teddy’ would go as an excuse for not coming to work??!!

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