Exercize, Excellence and Exactitude

One of my friends has signed up for ‘boot camp’ to toughen up and get fit. HHHMMMmmm… I thought. Maybe this is for me. But after recent rigours – firstly of ‘Farm Gym’ then more recently, its intermediate upgrade ‘Shack Attack’, it sounds too much like a doddle.

I discovered the pre-requisite ‘Farm Gym’ comprehensive graded exercise program with added leadership modules earlier this year, and described it in a previous post. But I didn’t realise then that it was just the beginning!

SO … enter ‘Shack Attack’! This package upgrade moves from the farm to the seaside where as we (figuratively) speak the moist, salty air is quietly working its magic on any non-moving metal surface. Happily, ‘Shack Attack’ counteracts this through a comprehensive rust removal and repainting program!

So what new skills does ‘Shack Attack’ bring to the table?

I’m glad you asked!

Also offering a blend of exercise and management skill development, ‘Shack Attack’ fine tunes the skill groups honed by ‘Farm Gym’.

Activity modules include the ladder multiple climb – with added grades of balancing on uneven ground; then a further upgrade to balancing on multiple surfaces ie various combinations of sand/concrete/dirt. Advanced upgrades building on these include ‘reach for the sky’, with a paintbrush in one hand and paint can in the other and ‘remove one foot from the ladder’, allowing a full stretch to reach inaccessible bare spots! A ‘pass’ is only given for this module when all the above are achieved while simultaneously fending off approximately 1,000,000 flies crawling into nearly every orifice …

‘Fun’ game modules hone the valuable situational leadership skills developed during ‘Farm Gym’ participation. These include ‘Coordinate This!’ – where the participant is given the following:

  • a shack with 3 levels and several different surfaces;
  • several preparation products (eg sugar soap, sandpaper, wire brushes)
  • 3 ladders and several other climbing devices;
  • 5 paintbrushes in various sizes;
  • several paint products (eg rust converter, red oxide base, undercoats, top coats) in both water and oil bases.

Your task: using the products above, coordinate 2 participants (one with vertigo, one [anal] Virgo) to correctly prepare and re-paint the shack to prevent further rust damage and enhance street appeal, within a week. Can it be done? You decide!!

AND … if anyone cares, the rigours of this challenge rendered me temporarily incommunicado!!

Was it worth it?

Well … when I wake up in the morning, this is what I see!

AND … now for something completely different!  The spelling police have caught up with me for repeated misspellings of ‘thanks’! You hadn’t noticed? Then stop reading NOW!!

In my defence, I submit that LOOOOONG before Twitter’s arrival tacitly sanctioned use of inappropriate abbreviations, I saw it spelled ‘thanx’!

I admired this spelling’s a) brevity and punchiness; and b) it’s inclusion of the under-used letter ‘x’. I was outraged and appalled to find the relatively small amount of space allocated to the ‘x’ words in the dictionary – a wrong I now seek to redress!! I’ve been encouraged in this goal, most recently by a younger co-worker who, when I shared these thoughts with him, replied ‘Red, you are SO COOL’! Now how can a girl ignore that kind of feedback?

So … apologies in advance if it offends you – but it’s now a habit that I’m likely to continue. I leave it to you to decide if it’s a sentimental affectation, a sign of wilful ignorance or an ingrained blip in the spelling bee of life.

Feel free to call me on any other spelling/grammatical errors you find!!

Till next time!!

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  1. @Jacob – Of COURSE, what am I thinking?? I clearly haven’t been looking at the ‘no pain’ options …
    @River – I humbly apologise and thank you! HHHMMMmmm… that wasn’t TOO hard …

  2. Thank you, Red Nomad OZ, for stopping by and commenting on Colorado in Color…and now I’ve found your blog which is most interesting. But I’m going to pass on Farm Gym and Shark Attack. My idea of a good time is a few nights at an upscale Four Seasons or Marriott or Hilton hotel!

    Have a great week!

  3. @Jayne – it’s a measure of Shack Attack’s rigours that I sometimes wondered if it was all worth it … then I return to rationality and OF COURSE it is! Thanx for the prize – SO look forward to it!!
    @~Cheryl – I hate to think! When I did ‘Farm Gym’, I didn’t think ‘Shack Attack’ was possible!!
    @Carolyn – I’m surprised no one called me on the glaring misspelling in my title this post! Now fixed …
    Thanx all for your visits and comments!!

  4. I will accept your spelling if you forgive my typos and senior moments 🙂

    I also live by the sea and rust is the deadly enemy of all things metal – good luck with the war.

  5. Oh my goodness! What is the third phase of this regime? I don’t think I would make it off the farm. BTW, I enjoyed the teddy bear post, too!

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