Australia’s Scenic Public Toilets #8 – Gunnedah, New South Wales

Last Updated on March 21, 2015 by Red Nomad OZ

At first glance, this public toilet in Gunnedah, Central NSW seems unremarkable, right?

Especially when compared to the wonders and delights of the Australian public toilets already on display in these pages …

BUT … Gunnedah’s offering can hold its head high in the public toilet pantheon, because it offers a complete poetry-themed amenities experience!

At the end of Gunnedah’s ‘Poets Drive’ featuring 16 Aussie poets, the brochures encourage tourists to visit the ‘Lyrical Loos’!  If you think, as I first did, that this is just a cutesy way of describing a convenience block, you’d be wrong!  It’s a literal description – the continuous loop recording of famous Australian poems plays throughout the building to match the external silhouettes of poetic scenes!

But wait!  There’s more!!
Choose a cubicle by your preferred poet and poem – conveniently etched on each door to aid the selection process.
Then, when seated inside doing what comes naturally, take the time for quietly reflecting on your selected poem, against the backdrop of the recorded recitation.
Alas, the rain that had dogged our trip was drumming so loudly I couldn’t hear the recording, but full marks for a unique Australian experience!  Perhpas it was just as well – I’m not quite sure how I’d react to hearing one of my favourites, ‘My Country’, in these circumstances…  Maybe next time!!
And I couldn’t hang about, either!  One is looked upon with deep suspicion when entering such premises with a camera – so a couple of quick snaps and I scuttled out of there before anyone could peg me as a nasty perve …
One day we’ll return to complete the experience.  Gunnedah is not only famous for commemorating Australian poets, but it’s also Australia’s Koala capital!  Perhaps appropriately for this post (!!), the only evidence of koalas on this visit (August 2010) were the droppings around our camper trailer under the eucalypts in the caravan park …
Happy travels!!
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  1. @jersuji – well come on down! There’s plenty more scenic toilets – and the other fantastic scenery will make it even more worthwhile! Thanx for visiting!!

  2. @Betty – Lots more weird stuff where that came from!
    @The Novelist – Welcome! Sadly, the tourist pamplets don’t run to intellectual property credits. Maybe they decided to see how it went first!!!
    Thanx both for visiting!!

  3. I wonder who came up with that idea! Even more I wonder who ok’d it! That is too funny. It takes bathroom literature to a whole new level.

  4. Hi River, welcome back! I’m glad you were wrong too! ANYTHING on the back of the toilet door will get at least some attention!

  5. When you said lyrical loos I immediately thought of the verses usually scratched, inked, lipsticked on the doors and walls of public toilets. I’m so glad I was wrong. Seems like a lovely way to learn a little poetry.

    Years ago when my kids were school age we had the times tables poster up on the back of the loo door along with an alphabet one.

  6. @Cathy – yes, but is it a world first??!!
    @Marshall-Stacks – welcome! I couldn’t believe the tourist brochures actually promote it! Only in Oz …
    @Andrew – QLD has ‘Mango’ and ‘Nomango’ – thats probably the most creative I’ve seen! I’m like you, so no further suggestions!!
    @Chris – welcome, oh virgin commenter!! Sadly, lesser known poets/poems only, I believe! But one of the silhouettes depicts a scene from TMFSR!
    @KAth – yep, there’s a whole ‘nother series of blog posts on PT graffiti just waiting to see the light of day! Not me, though, this is scatalogical enough for me …
    @Toni – I get some odd looks when I ask around for the most scenic PTs! But look at the pix – it’s SO worth it …

  7. Public toilets are usually something I avoid till avoidance is no longer possible, but I think I could almost enjoy this one!

  8. What a great idea – every public toilet needs to have something that isn’t ‘F**K you’ scrawled on their doors!

  9. Brilliant! Did Snowy River get a guernsey? I’ve just (finally) finished learning it by <3

    BTW told you I might, erm, drop a comment one of these days… and the lyrical loos seemed like the perfect place. 😀

  10. Pretty good. Pity they did not come up with some imaginative names instead of males and females. I am not imaginative and so I can think of none.

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