Tambo Teddies Road Sign

Signs #7 – Today’s the Day!

Note to overseas visitors: DON’T PANIC!  This ISN’T a standard Australian road sign.  In fact, it just MIGHT be the only one of its kind in Australia!  Let me know if I’m wrong … Other than consistently having the coldest minimum winter temperatures in Queensland, the town of Tambo on the Matilda Way is also on the map as home of Tambo Teddies, a[…]

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Don’t Miss This! The Plane in the Paddock, Longreach QLD

Well OK, it’s not actually a ‘paddock’ as such. And it’s certainly NOT just a plane! It’s a fully operational Qantas 747 Jumbo Jet (aka 747-200 VH-EBQ for those who care about such things!), the centrepiece of the Qantas Founders Museum – today celebrating 90 years of Qantas. It’s parked on a fenced off section of of the Longreach Airport grounds,[…]

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Traveller SHAME Files #4 – The Hills are Alive!!

I can’t wait to see the most recent addition to South Australia’s ‘anti-hoon’ laws enacted! For those unfamiliar with laws peculiar to this sometimes draconian state, legislation penalising certain automobile related behaviours – such as drag racing, laying rubber and doing burn-outs – can result in the offender’s vehicle being impounded or confiscated. That’s the simplified version, anyway. And while[…]

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Signs #6 – Dune!

If not for my mate pointing it out, I would never have noticed this sign on the dunes near the Largs Bay Jetty, South Australia. It’s pretty small, and doesn’t have any of the visual cues that indicate warning.  If I noticed it at all, it would have been to subconsciously dismiss it as a kind of yin/yang sign, and therefore pretty[…]

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Australia’s Scenic Public Toilets #8 – Gunnedah, New South Wales

At first glance, this public toilet in Gunnedah, Central NSW seems unremarkable, right? Especially when compared to the wonders and delights of the Australian public toilets already on display in these pages … BUT … Gunnedah’s offering can hold its head high in the public toilet pantheon, because it offers a complete poetry-themed amenities experience! At the end of Gunnedah’s ‘Poets Drive’ featuring[…]

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Skennars Head Beach, Ballina, New South Wales

7 Days in … Ballina, NSW

Thank goddess for Byron Bay! The Byron tourist magnet sucks a conglomerate of backpackers, yuppies, new age-ists, surfers, whale watchers and regular local and overseas tourists into its vortex, leaving the fabulous, diverse and bakery-filled Ballina region relatively uncrowded. This is good. This 7 day teaser is only an introduction – complete with ‘bakery alerts’ – as a week isn’t[…]

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