Signs #5 – Well, THAT clears THAT up then!

Last Updated on September 15, 2014 by Red Nomad OZ

Readers who enjoyed ‘Signs #2 – Huh???’ will appreciate these photos from the Cowley Beach Army base, sent to me by reader Russell Constable.  Russell is a keen conservationist, and his blog ‘Ella Bay Forever!’, details some of the issues this wonderful area faces.

The more observant will note that Russell and I also share a passion for exclamation marks (so I dare not put any at the end of this sentence).

‘Signs #2 – Huh???’ was notable for its lack of clarity both in rationale and explanation – the instruction is clear enough, but the reasons for it, or the consequences of failing to comply with it are not. 

Russells photos show no such reticence AND they have the graphics sadly lacking in Signs #2!

See what I mean?  No ambiguity there!!  Although I’d have liked to see a graphic showing the ‘after’ picture of someone touching something … why be inconsistent with other Australian signs?  Travellers might get confused!!

Cool, huh?!?!  Thanx Russell!!

Check out Russ’ fine blog at Ella Bay Forever!– if I follow it, and you like MY blog … well, I’ll leave you to make the connection …!!!

Stay laughing!!

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  1. They put sings up for a reason. We just need to read and do as suggested. Nice post. Always happy to see where you have dropped by.

  2. CRIKEY! Apparently my daughter says I say that every single time I’m surprised, amused or bemused. In this case, I’m all three 🙂

  3. @Andrew – yes, but they may well be counterracted by the crocodile signage …
    @Russell – you’re very welcome and thanx again for both the pix and your kind words!!

  4. Thanks for the link nomadic one. I really must put some fresh stories on the Ella Bay Forever blog soon but my spare non working moments are being burnt up with local conservation issues! You can always trust the military to come up with a pretty straight shootin sign (I say that as an ex soldier)!
    You have a great blog and its good to see someone blogging about this amazing and diverse island we live on!
    cheers Russ

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