Only in OZ #4 – The Big Park Bench, Broken Hill, New South Wales

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The Big Park Bench, Broken Hill, New South Wales
The Big Park Bench, Broken Hill, New South Wales

So you’re in a mining city, on top of the slag heap.  What’s up there?

No, it’s not a trick question – but it MAY be a trick answer!!   Unless mining towns are different where you come from …

Broken Hill, half an hour over the South Australian border into New South Wales, boasts a killer slag heap with a stupendous view over the ‘Silver City’ (yep, that gives a bit of a clue!) to the desert beyond.

So what else can you find up there?  The ‘Broken Earth’ restaurant, Line of Lode Miners Memorial AND … wait for it …

…wait for it …

The Big Park Bench can all be visited from this convenient location!!

In this idle photo I’m sitting on the big park bench waiting for sunset!!   I’m around 175 cm (5’9″) and the tactful would describe my build as ‘big’, so I appreciate ANYTHING that makes me look small!

Regular readers may recall a previous description of other Broken Hill delights – and there are many more!

Oops!  Nearly missed this historic blog moment!  Unless I’m much mistaken, this is the first photo I’ve posted on this blog that actually has ME in it!!  Prove me wrong by checking photos on previous posts if you dare!!

Stay focussed!

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  1. I’ve just come back from my first visit to Broken Hill.
    We went on the weekly Outback Xplorer train service and, being on the pension, it was free (we did pay a small amount to upgrade to first class). The train ride is a long one at 12 hours but VERY comfortable. Food on board is a little expensive, but not overly so.
    We pre-booked a hire car (Thrifty seemed to be the best price/deal). Because train gets in quite late we had to get taxi, after a short wait, from train to accom and then back again next morning to pick up car, then same again at end of our stay. Total cost was only $12-$15 each trip which isn’t too bad. We’d already had dinner on the train but taxi driver was OK with visiting bottle-o on way from train to accom.
    We stayed in a 2BR cabin at Broken Hill Tourist Park. They’re a good size, fully self-contained, air conditioned, clean and comfortable. The Park also put on a couple of “meet n greets” per week which were great.
    Cost of Hire Car (we added the excess reducing options) and Accommodation for the week was less than $2,000 which we thought was reasonable. Plus cost of food, petrol and touristy stuff.
    Overall a very enjoyable holiday.
    Big Park Bench was great. Even though there are signs saying not to to climb on it as it is “a piece of art”, everyone does and so did we.

    1. I’m glad you enjoyed your Broken Hill visit, Paul – it sounds like a great deal with the train!! I’m jealous!! There were no signs about sitting on the ‘piece of art’ when this photo of me was taken, but in a very recent visit to Broken Hill I noticed the bench is now surrounded by a double chain fence. Which won’t keep anyone off, haha!!! Look out for more on Broken Hill on my blog soon 😀

  2. Hi, thanks for visiting my blog. Would you believe I missed this seat when I was in Broken Hill … as shame, I could do with something that “shrinks” me to a better size

  3. @Pam – thanx for your kind comment!
    @ Fernando – yes, it’s the first time I’ve felt small in YEARS!! Probably since I WAS a baby …
    @River – what a great ambition! Stay tuned – there’s plenty more for your list here at Red Nomad OZ world!!

  4. I’m going to add that to my list of things to go and see when I retire and start bussing around the country like my mum did in her sixties.

  5. @Mary – thanx as always for your encouraging comments! I do indeed have a grand time travelling!! @Miss Eagle – hi there, and welcome! Hope you realise your dream of spending more time in Broken Hill soon! In the meantime, look out for a post about it!! @Siromade – thanx for visiting, and for your kind comments!

  6. Thx for visiting my blog, Red Nomad OZ. A couple of years ago a small group of us did a retreat for a week at a sheep station on the immediate outskirts of Broken Hill – and had to make a couple of trips to town. Loved the place and want to go back and have a deeper look. When the weather gets tough in Melbourne and all is wet and gloom, Broken Hill is a place I dream about!

  7. What a wonderful photograph! You have a great sense of humor and seem to have a grand time wherever you go. I hope you are having a wonderful day. Blessings…Mary

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